Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 17: Party At The Lake

I watched as Steve walked to the front of the bar and said. "Listen up, everyone. We are going to the campground tomorrow."

" We are spending the day as a family. We are going to have some fun because in the next few weeks the kids will be out of school and I want them to have some fun."

" Of course, we adults will be swimming, drinking, and enjoying ourselves as well. Lots of booze and sitting by the campfire. So be prepared to leave early in the morning."

" Wow, something must be coming up. If we are going to the campground that means most of these men are going to be pretty drunk. Good time to get more information for Richard. It can’t get any better than that."

The next morning we all rode to the campground which was 25 miles away. It was my favorite place to go. As we got to the campground I told four prospects to keep an eye on Diane and to watch where she puts her neckless and let me know.

I said "after we all get settled I want us all at the beach. We, adults, are going to have just as much fun as the kids. I had just finished putting on my trunks when my cell rang."

" What you have for me?"

" She just left the cabin and is headed to the lake. She left the neck hanging on the rail of the headboard of her bed."

" Thanks now go keep her busy."

" Wizard," I said as he answered his phone.

"The neckless is hanging from the headboard of her bed do it now."

" On my way" I said. I walked into Diane’s cabin and straight to her bedroom. There was her neckless just where I was told it would be. I put the tracker in it and hung her neckless back on the bed turned and walked out of her cabin.

I walked to the lake after changing my clothes and walked over to Steve and sat down.

"It’s done."

"Good. She doesn’t even suspect a thing."

We watched our women swimming and after about an hour they walked over grabbed a beer and sat down. I watched Diane and laughed at the looks she continued to give to Kathy.

Kathy looked sexy as hell in her black bikini. The single men have continued to swim around her and would lift her on their shoulders.

Then Diane got one prospect to put her on his shoulders and play trying to shove Kathy into the water. With the arm strength, Kathy had she shoved Diane off the prospect's shoulders making her the winner.

Man, was Diane pissed. Because everyone was congratulating Kathy for being the winner. I watched as Kathy walked out of the water and every man’s head turned and watched her.

Rage looked at Kathy and said to Jeannie.

"She is very confident and she knows she has the attention of every man here."

I stiffened at that. I knew that Kathy would not go after Rage but what he said just hurt me. Knowing he was looking at her. I looked down and saw he had a hard-on.

I said, “excuse me, and got up and walked away.”

I couldn’t help it. Elizabeth and Donna saw what I did. Elizabeth was looking at Rage with anger.

"What did I do he asked?"

" That," I said pointing to his cock.

"And you get it while looking at Kathy. You are one prick Rage and with Jeannie the girl you said you wanted sitting right next to you."

" Why do you think she left?"

" She saw you watching Kathy and knew you want to fuck her."

" Fuck" I said. I was looking at another woman getting a hard-on when she was sitting here.

"You sure fucked that one up Rage."

" Where did she go?"

" I don’t know."

I looked over and saw Jeannie walking away and it looked like she was crying.

"I am going to hurt whoever hurt her."

I grabbed a towel and ran after her. She was walking through the club members down the beach. I caught up with her and yelled for her.

"Jeannie, why are you crying?"

" Because the man who I thought was going to be mine got a hard-on looking at you and I saw that he wants to fuck you."

" I have to go. I’m going back to my apartment. I will see you when you all come back to the clubhouse I said walking away."

" I would not do that to you, Jeannie, you know that."

" Do I," I asked looking at her.

"After all, you do love to fuck."

I turned and walked to the cabin packing my bag then I put it in my car and drove out of the campground and back to my apartment.

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