Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 18: Pam Gives Rage Hell

I heard from Elizabeth and Donna what Rage had said and done. I walked over to Rage and said. "You are one stupid fucker."

" Do you want to fuck Kathy?"

" I couldn’t help getting a hard-on," I said.

"Just like you couldn’t help calling her one sexy woman in front of Jeannie?"

" I wondered why she was carrying her suitcase to her car and driving out of the campground. She started to trust you. Now she will do another disappearing act."

" What are you talking about?"

" She will leave."

" God, what have I done?"

I didn’t go back to my apartment. Instead, I went to Williams hotel where I have my own suit.

"Ms. Jeannie, it is good to see you again. It has been over a year since we last saw you."

" Welcome home," he said handing me the key to my suite.

I said "thank you and if any calls asking for me you have not seen me. The same if anyone comes here."

" I got your back, Ms. Jeannie."

" Thank you."

I turned and walked to the elevator and put the key in for the top floor. My cousin has given me my own suite when he first built this motel. It is the third one he has built. I have a suite in every one of his hotels.

I walked in the door shut and locked it. I then walked over to the bedroom and put my suitcase on the bed. I had clothes here and did not need to buy any. I even had uniforms here. I didn’t have to work for the next four days.

I stripped my clothes and got in the tub. When I was finished I pulled on shorts and a tee-shirt before walking barefoot to the kitchen and making a pot of coffee. Next, I turned on the television and walked back to grab cookies and my coffee before sitting on the couch to watch the news.

The next thing I saw was my phone vibrating. I looked at the caller ID it was Elizabeth. I pushed the decline button. It vibrated again, It was Kathy I did the same thing, five minutes later Pam called, five minutes after that Donna, five minutes after that Steve, five minutes after him Rage, and finally William. I turned off the phone and took the battery out of it.

"She is not answering any of our calls."

" What if Jake calls her we can try."

Kathy called Jake and asked him to call Jeannie. Five minutes later Jake called her back. Kathy, it goes to voice mail.

"Just what the hell happened to make her not want to talk to any of you?"

" Bastard," I said after Kathy told me what Jeannie told her.

"I don’t care what he says. A fucking grown-ass man can stop his cock from getting hard that way."

" But to say what he did in front of her. What the hell did he think was going to happen?"

" If you get in contact with Jeannie tell her to come here."

I sighed and said "I don’t think she would go to you Jake, you know how she is. She will disappear and be around strangers so she doesn’t have to let them get close to her."

" I know what she is thinking right now. That she made a mistake and let them in. She is going to withdraw you know how she can get."

On the third day, I had ordered a new phone to be delivered to the Motel. I got it turned on and activated with a new phone number. I put all the numbers on my new phone. When I was ready, if I ever was I would contact those I wanted to talk to.

I had one more day off work and decided to get my hair cut really short and dyed purple. I took my contacts out and started wearing purple glasses. Next, I went and traded my car in for a Kia Journey. I drove it back to the Hotel.

When I walked in Randy said. “Ms. Jeannie, your cousin called looking for you.”

"I told him we had not seen you. I hate lying to him he is my boss but policy says to protect the rights and privacy of the people staying here he said grinning."

" Randy, can you do me a favor?"

" Sure what is it?"

I handed him the keys to my apartment. "Can you get a moving company to go here and move everything out and put it in a storage unit for me?"

" I will call you with the name of the storage company in five minutes. Have them give the keys to the president of the MC below the apartment. Thank you, Randy."

I contacted Store & Lock and paid them over the phone for a 15X12 Storage Unit. They stated they would hold the key for me. I thanked them and hung the phone up and called Randy letting him know where to take the stuff from my apartment.

William was angry. He was throwing chairs around the bar and looked at Rage telling him he was a stupid fucker. I stayed in my room crying that my best friend would think I would fuck the man she learned to trust and cared for.

Then a prospect walked in and said. "There is a moving truck outside and they are moving Jeannie’s things out of the apartment."

I walked out and said "what are you doing. None of your business."

" That is my cousin’s apartment."

" We were hired to move her things out and put them in a storage unit. That is all we know."

The next thing I did was to call my boss.

"Hellen is the third shift open?"

" Yes, it is why?"

" Can I have it."

" Sure if you want. You sure you don’t want second shift anymore?"

" I’m sure."

" I have the first shift available."

" well, then I will take that one."

" I’m glad to hear it. I will put you down to start on Monday for the first shift."

" Thanks, I appreciate it."

Pam, Donna, and I went to work that night to find out that Jeannie is no longer working the second shift. She took the first shift. She doesn’t even want to talk to us or see us.

That hurt our feelings. We went home and told the men about Jeannie changing shifts they felt bad for us. We missed her so much.

That Monday when we clocked in for work we saw her walking down the hall to clock out. "Jeannie, why don’t you want to work with us?"

" Because I can’t see Rage riding with Steve and William bringing you all to work. I suppose that Rage is seeing Kathy now?"

" No, he isn’t. Kathy has been crying most of the time and upset that you think she would have sex with Rage."

"What is there to think about?"

" He made it clear he wanted to fuck her so now he can. I just won’t be there to see it. I should never have let him get close to me."

" William misses you. Where are you staying?"

" I would rather not say. I clocked out and said see you tomorrow."

I walked out the back door and got in my Kia and started it. I looked around to make sure there were no bikes around before driving out of the parking lot. I pulled into the motel parking lot got out locked my car and went up to my room.

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