Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 19: Wolf President Of The Freedom Rider MC

I was sitting in Bob Evens with my club members when I saw this tiny little woman walk in. She was wearing purple glasses and had short purple hair.

Her waist was so small I could put my hand around her. I saw that she was carrying a notebook with her. I continued to watch her as the waitress walked her past our table over to the corner table in front of us.

I noticed she had a sad look on her face and no sparkle in her eyes. I heard her place her order and liked that she knew what she wanted. Then her phone rang.

I tried not to listen but I heard her ask “Rage how the hell did you get my new phone number?”

I really started to listen when I heard my brother’s name. "Fuck you Rage."

I spit my coffee out when I heard her say “what fucking man looks at a club whore and says how sexy that club whore is and gets a fucking hard-on with the woman he says he wants is sitting next to him.”

"Rage you fucking couldn’t take your eyes off of her."

"No, Rage. I don’t want to see or talk to you. I know that she is beautiful and a whore. I know that she likes to fuck."

" But you know as well as I do that you had in mind fucking her. Well, now you are free to do so. I am just sorry I let my barriers down and started to trust a man again. I won’t make that mistake again."

" No, I am not going to come back to your club. Find someone else to rent the apartment to. No, I am not going to tell you where I live now."

" Tell Wizard that I am getting a new phone number and I will come there and cut his balls off and shove them down his throat if he so much as does his shit and finds it and gives it to you again."

I watched the hurt and pain go across her face. "No, Rage just forget I exist."

I saw her hang up the phone take the battery out of it and put the phone in her purse. My brother knew this woman and he hurt her. I watched as she wiped her hands down her face. Then she took a sip of her coffee before opening her calendar and writing something down.

This woman who apparently my brother looked at was once a friend of hers, and he was stupid enough to call her sexy and get a hard-on with her sitting next to him.

What the hell. I could see why she doesn’t have a sparkle in her eyes. We were staying at a hotel five minutes down the road. We were going to my brother’s clubhouse for a meeting. This woman makes me curious.

I watched as she finished her meal and stood up leaving a tip before walking over to pay her bill. I noticed she got into a red Kia Sport age and I wrote her license plate down as she drove away.

We left after she did. As we pulled into the Hotel I saw her Kia parked there. As we walked in I saw the man hand her a key and say “Ms. Jeannie, your cousin called again.”

"When are you going to talk to Mr. Brown?"

I sighed and said. "I will call him and let him know I have not disappeared again."

" As he should know. I still work at the same place as his President’s woman and his enforcer’s woman. Thanks, Randy."

I turned around ran into a wall.

"When did they put a wall here," I asked.

I then looked up and saw the most handsome man who so happens to be a biker. "Excuse me, I didn’t mean to run into you."

" Sweetheart, you can run into me any time you want."

My face turning red I walked away from him opened the elevator and put my key in to go to the top floor. Man, she is not only tiny but she is a head shorter than I am. And she felt so soft against my chest.

My brother is so stupid to let her slip away from him. We were giving the keys to our rooms and we entered the elevator to go to the third floor.

"Wolf isn’t that the woman who was talking to your brother on the phone?"

" It was."

" She is beautiful. I wonder what the woman looks like that caused him to lose this one."

" We will find out I said. I don’t want any of you to mention her to Rage or anyone at this club. Just listen and get any information you can on her."

" Will do boss," we all said.

At Steve’s Wild Rider MC. When we arrived for the meeting and walked in you would have thought someone had died.

"Rage why is everyone here so upset? You would think someone died."

" She might as well have. I lost the woman I thought I would make mine."

" How the fuck did you do that," I asked.

"See that whore sitting over there with black hair?"

" What about her?"

" I was looking at her and said how sexy she looked in a bikini and got a hard-on with Jeannie sitting next to me. I then said she has every fucking one of us men wanting to fuck her."

I looked at the whore and said. "Granted she is beautiful but not beautiful enough for me to even say something like that let alone get a hard-on over to lose the woman I want."

" What does the woman look like that you lost?"

" I knew what she looked like but not in a bikini."

" This was taken at the campground one month ago."

" Fuck I said looking at her picture and the whore. Are you crazy Rage?"

" That whore doesn’t even compare to beat her."

Just looking at Jeannie in a swimsuit and she had long hair hanging down her back. I was getting a hard-on.

"It took me weeks to get her to trust me and I ended that trust in less than one minute."

" We don’t know where she is, where she lives or if she is safe."

Oh, brother, I know where she is and I am going to make her mine I thought to myself.

"I will not make the same mistake you did. If only I could get to know her."

We were planning on moving our MC to this town. We have looked at two places. One has a house right across the street. The only house on the same country road. The other was too close to town.

In the meantime, Jeannie was house hunting. I was taken to a county road where this small two-bedroom house sat on two acres. It had a two-car garage. Right across the street was a fenced-in property with about 15 acres fenced in with two garages and a small hotel and a large house.

No one has bought it yet.

"How much for this property I asked?"

The house was in perfect condition as were the garages. "The buyer said no matter what."

" Will they take $20,000."

" Let me ask."

I called the owners and they said if she signs the document right now. Alright, I said.

"They are willing to sell if you sign the documentation right now."

" Done I said."

We went back to the bank where I got the check for $20,000 then we went to her office. Once there I signed the paperwork handed her the check and received the keys to my new home.

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