Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 2: Jeannie

I had gone home taken a shower and dressed in a nice dress that went to my knees. I decided to leave my hair down. I just finished putting on make-up when I heard a knock on my door.

As I opened the door I saw Pam and Elizabeth. I put the key to my apartment around my neck after locking the door. I followed them to the door around the corner that leads into the clubhouse.

As I entered I heard. "Hi, Jeannie." I waved at Tim the prospect and followed the girls over to a table in the corner that had a sign on the wall VIP table. Pam kissed a big man and said. "

"Bones meet Jeannie, my friend."

"We work together at the nursing home."

"Jeannie this is Bones my husband and enforcer of the club."

" Hello," I said. I then turned and said. "Hello, Steve."

Then Steve said turning to the handsome man sitting next to him. "Jeannie this is my VP, Rage."

" Rage this is Jeannie she moved into the apartment upstairs. She also as you heard works with Pam and Elizabeth."

"Hello," I said sitting next to Pam.

I sat and listened to them talk for a while and then Elizabeth said.

"Steve, is it possible to put a steel door at the top of the stairs so that Jeannie does not have to run up and down the stairs when we go over?"

" I think we can do that. Let me check it out tomorrow."

" Thanks, honey."

Then she said, "Jeannie, Pam let's go get something to eat."

I followed the girls outside to a table full of food. I got some potato salad, and a hamburger and chips on my plate. I grabbed a can of coke and then followed them back inside.

We talked about the changes coming to the nursing home when the door slammed open. I jumped and ran to the wall pushing my back against it shaking. I had not realized that everyone at the table noticed.

Elizabeth and Pam ran to me and asked. "Are you ok?"

Shaking I said, "I’m fine, lying through my teeth."

I said "I have to go. Thank you for inviting me to the BBQ."

Pam handed me my plate and said "take this with you."

I said "thanks" and walked to the door shutting it behind me and walked around the corner to the door of my apartment. Tim was standing outside smoking and I said "good-night" as I walked by.

I made sure the door was securely locked before walking up the stairs. Steve said "growling, What the fuck just happened?"

" She nearly jumped out of her skin."

Pam and Elizabeth looked at each other and said.

" Look all we know is that she is hiding from an ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t like to be touched or be too close to men. I noticed that when a man stands too close to her she will start shaking."

" What is her full name?"

" Jeannie Ann Albright. She is originally from Vanwert, Ohio. She just moved back from Lakeland Florida."

I walked up the stairs and sat the plate on the kitchen table. I walked to the cupboard and got down Reynolds wrap and put it around the plate then put it in the refrigerator.

I then walked into the bedroom and put on sweat pants and a tee-shirt. Then I hung my dress up turned out the lights and walked into the kitchen to make coffee.

I got a cup and walked into the living room where I turned on the tv and sat in my favorite rocking chair by the window. I turned out the lights and watched Law and Order.

I thought back to how I had been enjoying myself until the door slammed open and made me lose it. I have to get control of my emotions. I have to stop being afraid.

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