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Chapter 20: Jeannie's New House

I called the moving storage asked them to meet me at the storage unite. Once they arrived and loaded everything into the truck I closed and locked the door.

On the way out I dropped off the keys then go into my car and headed to my new home with the van following me. I pulled into the driveway got out of my car and walked up the porch and unlocked the door.

I latched the screen door open so they could go in and out without problems. Once they put the bed in the bedroom I chose to use as mine, and the furniture where I wanted it I paid the driver took my receipt and thanked them.

I closed and locked the screen door and went around and opened the window to let fresh air in. I then started in the living room unpacking boxes and placing my lamps on the end tables and moved the TV where I wanted it.

I then threw the throw rugs down and sighed. It took me two hours to finish the living room. I decided to go to town to get food and cleaning supplies. When I finished shopping and put my things in the Kia I saw a pet store.

I walked in looking around. I saw some baby wolves and was shocked. I didn’t know they could sell them. I walked over to them petting them and saw this one male who sat in the corner just laying there.

Hello boy, It looked up at me staring. Come here I won’t hurt you. He slowly walked over to me and I picked him up. I looked at the store clerk and said I want him.

Now if you can help me with the collar and toys and a bed as well as the food I would be so thankful. I arrived back home and took my little wolf and put him in the downstairs bathroom and shut the door while I carried everything in from the car.

I put his food in the garage. Next, I let him out and took him outside to the edge of the property to do his business. I then took him back into the house and put him in his bed in the living room with toys to chew on.

I started to clean the kitchen and put the dishes away. I put a table cloth on the table and a plant in the middle. Finished with that I made a pot of coffee and made a cup taking it out and sitting it on the small table beside a chair with my cigarettes.

I chained little wolf up and walked back up and sat down on my chair. I picked up the phone and called a fencing company. I had them come out to measure my backyard to fence it in so that my little wolf would be able to run free. I ordered a 7-foot high wire fence.

They stated they could come this weekend and put it in for me. It would cost me $1,000. I was fine with that. I just increased the value of my property.

I had to work in the morning so I had made a bed for the little wolf in the garage for when I was not home since he is not housebroken.

Once he is he can stay in the house. I was sitting thinking when my phone rang. It was Elizabeth. "Hey, Jeannie can we talk?"

" As long as Rage does not know where I live."

" No problem."

The girls and I will be there in 15 minutes. They arrived at my house and said "nice house."

" Thanks, come in."

They went crazy over the little wolf. "So you bought this place."

" I did."

Donna looked at me and said. "We do not blame you for what happened."

" We blame Rage."

" Well to me that was cheating. Because you know as well as I do that sooner or later he will fuck her."

Roxie, Sherry, and Pam looked at Elizabeth.

"We should tell her."

" Tell me what? That he fucked her that night?"

" That my friend lied to me telling me she wouldn’t do that to me?"

"We thought you should know."

" We watched her walk back to her cabin and then he followed her five minutes later. So we walked to her cabin and heard them."

" We looked in the window and yes, he fucked her. Don’t let him or her lie and say they didn’t."

" Don’t take him back Jeannie. He is going to tell you he didn’t touch her. "

"I knew he would cheat. Thanks for telling me."

" Can we switch to the first shift with you? They have the openings."

" Sure, it will be nice working together again. I miss all of you."

" We miss you too. We have to get back to the club."

" Come see me again," I said watching them drive down the road. I sat down and cried my heart out. Never again will I let another man get close to me. Never I swore.

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