Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 21: Back At The Wild Rider MC

Pam walked in along with the girls and was about to sit down when they heard Kathy arguing with one of the whores. She was telling Kathy to stop lying about sleeping with Rage.

"You broke them up you lying bitch."

It got quiet when she screamed "I did not have sex with Rage."

I looked at her and Rage and said. "Why don’t you both stop lying?"

" We followed Rage to your cabin before he even realized that Jeannie was gone. We saw you in the bedroom through the window."

" You and Rage were fucking like you couldn’t get enough of each other."

" With a friend like you, who needs enemies."

" So what, I fucked Rage. What is the big deal?"

" she was your friend and Rage was going to claim her that’s what the big deal is."

" Just so you know Rage. We couldn’t take you lying to Jeannie anymore. She knows. We told her."

" So give up trying to get her back. She doesn’t do cheaters. She also wants you to walk the other way if you see each other in town."

" You lost the best thing that could have happened to you. No woman wants a man who cheats."

"You had no right to tell her".

" We had every right. You keep lying about fucking her. Stop lying and just admit it."

" Alright, I did fuck Kathy but Jeannie was not giving it up."

" What do you expect Rage? she was running from an abusive ex-boyfriend, her apartment gets bombed she almost dies and you expect her to just fuck you when she didn’t really know you?"

" Fucking get real Rage. You wanted her to act like a whore?"

" She is not a whore. Jeannie is a lady. A fucking lady. you want a whore for your woman Kathy is standing right over there."

" I take it you know where Jeannie is staying."

" And if we do we aren’t telling you. Just understand she meant what she said."

" She is not coming back. She doesn’t want to hear from you, see you, or talk to you ever again. She has wiped you from her life."

I looked at Rage and said. "Well dam. Brother, you really screwed up. And you did something I never thought you were prepared to do. Lie to your ex-woman."

" That would have really gone over well. And what made you think this was not going to come out?"

" Have you forgotten how lies will catch up with you?"

" Not only did you fuck the whore, but you were also going to lie to Jeannie about it."

I grinned and said. "I hope that I meet this Jeanne because I will be chasing her and when I catch her. I will get her to trust me and I will claim her and marry her legally."

" Stay away from her Wolf."

" I don’t think so."

" Steve, just wanted you to know we are moving our club here. We will be about on the other side of town in the country. We bought the old warehouse that’s fenced in with a motel and house and two garages."

" We will see you later. Let’s go boys."

We walked out the door and heard the club members talking about how can they trust there VP if he is going to lie about fucking a whore to the woman he wanted to claim.

I looked over at the Kathy and said: “you just couldn’t keep that big mouth shut could you?”

"I think it’s time you got back to where you came from."

" So do I," I said standing up and going to my room to pack. I lost my best friend and slept with her boyfriend.

I broke a biker rule and I don’t know what Jake is going to say about it. Jake can be a bastard at times. I fell for my best friends man.

Even though I knew he could never claim me. I just had to have a taste of him. I just never thought we would get caught. Now I will always want more of him but he told me to leave.

I packed my clothes and left the room and got into my car driving out of the compound with tears flowing down my face. I would rather stay and fuck Rage but he doesn’t want me.

I arrived back at Jakes MC and when I walked in he looked at me with fury in his eyes.

"My office now."

I walked into his office and slammed the door behind me. As I turned around he backhanded me across the mouth.

"I know you are a fucking whore but you just had to fuck your best friends man."

" What the fuck is wrong with you. You have stirred up so much trouble in that club that Steve asked for you to be punished."

" I just don’t know what punishment to give you right now. You broke up his VP’s relationship with his woman. How many times do I have to say it to you fucking whores? Do not sleep with a married man or one who has a girlfriend."

"You know that the law says a whore that does this receives five lashes."

" I know" I said.

"Go to your room. I never wanted to give you any scars but I don’t have a choice in the matter. Steve asked to be here to watch your punishment."

" It will take place tomorrow."

I watched as she left the room. Steve be here tomorrow at 1 pm for her punishment. I hung the phone up. I got up and said "there will be a punishment tomorrow."

" Kathy is to receive 5 lashes for breaking up the VP of the Wild Rider MC’s relationship with his girlfriend. His president insisted on the punishment."

" The women of Rage was also a friend of Kathy but no longer. If I know how to reach her I would have her here to watch the punishment as well."

" So it is mandatory that all of you be here at 1:00 pm tomorrow. That is all."

I turned and walked into my office and poured a glass of whiskey. Fuck, I said throwing the glass against the wall. I don’t need trouble with the Wild Rider MC. I got up and went to my room and went to sleep.

The next morning as everyone gathered in the back yard I saw Steve walk in. Follow me to the back yard. I had two prospects go to Kathy’s room and bring her outside.

"Tie her to the post."

I then instructed my VP to give the punishment. We watched as he walked to her and ripped her shirt. He then walked to the table and picked up the whip. I nodded my head. After the second hit, Kathy jerked against the post and screamed. When the punishment was completed Steve nodded his head and left my MC.

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