Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 22: Freedom Riders New Property

I heard motorcycles, cars, and loud trucks coming down the road. One stopped before they unlocked the fence pushing it open and they all drove through.

What the hell I thought. I watched as big trucks pulled in and unloaded huge dumpsters at different areas on the property and leave. I watched construction workers driving onto the property at least 20 different trucks.

Then I saw about 20 big RV’s driving in and parking side by side right across from my house. The next thing I heard was you women set up the RV’s and start making sandwiches and drinks for everyone.

I heard someone say, the rest of us men start cleaning this place up. Everything goes in the dumpster that is not tied down. Let’s get busy. I watched them work for about five hours without taking a break.

Around 6 pm, I heard the women yelling lunchtime. Everyone washed their hands and then walked over and sat down in chairs set around the RV’s and the women handed them ice-cold drinks, sandwiches and chips I would assume.

After another three hours, they called it a day. I went to bed and was up and pulling out of my garage at 6:00 am headed to work. I pulled into my driveway and parked in the garage around 4 pm.

I let the little wolf out in the back yard and then walked up to my bedroom where I took a shower and put on shorts and a Tee-shirt.

I next went to the kitchen and made me a sandwich and coffee and walked in and sat on the couch where I looked out the window and watched the men work.

I walked out on my front porch and sat down reading a letter. I looked up and then I saw him. It was the biker from the hotel. I looked at his abs and felt my body heating up. Then I looked at his face. Fuck he was looking at me.

I stopped working and opened the cold bottle of water and was drinking it when I saw her. I saw her looking at me and then she looked at my face and our eyes met.

I found her. Jeannie and she live’s in the house right across the street from my clubhouse. How that would just kill Rage. But it is our little secret. I smiled and said in a low voice. Soon, soon you will learn to trust me and I will make you mine.

I watched as she stood up and walked into her house shutting her screen door. I walked over and sat in the chair and looked out the window.

He put the drink down and started working again. The place was looking better. They had cleared out a lot of the junk. The house and motel had new shingles, windows, and doors. They were now scraping the old paint off to prepare to paint them.

I saw a huge hole being dug off to the side of the house. I wonder if they are putting a pool in? I got up and decided to take little wolf for a walk.

I put on my tennis shoes and put the leash on him. He was not so little anymore. He was up to my knees already. I put my earphones in and put my music on and we walked off the porch and turned right walking away from his property.

We walked for about a mile before turning and heading back. Halfway home a car full of guys rode by pretty fast. I was almost to the club property when I saw the car come back my way.

I heard "hey beautiful what are you doing out here alone?"

" Come on sweetheart talk to us."

I kept walking then they said "bitch we are talking to you."

I was near the opened fence when I saw them open the car to get out and surround me. "Come on pretty girl we just want to have a little fun."

" Please leave me alone."

Then I was grabbed and thrown on the ground. "Hold her down."

I let out a scream as one of them ripped my shirt. I screamed again and then I felt a sting on my face. He had punched me.

" Shut the fuck up."

Then I felt his weight on me and I screamed again. The next thing I know he was ripped off me I heard her screaming and saw men holding her against the ground. I started out the gate joined my VP and enforcer.

When I saw that son of a bitch strike her I was instantly angry. I ripped him off her and proceeded to start beating the fuck out of him.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? How dare you put your hands on my woman."

I was unconscious and did not hear or see what was happening. "Carry her dog I told my VP."

I looked at my enforcer and said. "Make sure they learn their lesson and lifted her and carried her to the RV I was using until the house was finished."

" I yelled someone get the doctor."

I laid her down on my bed and heard the doctor walk in. "Who is she I asked?"

" Our neighbor. Five guys just attacked her."

I waited in the living room for the doctor to finish examine her.

"She has four bruised ribs, a sprained wrist and will have one hell of a bruise on her cheek. Other then that she will be fine."

" Thanks, doc" I said as he walked out the door.

I heard her moaning and walked into the bedroom.

"Where am I?"

" My RV. You were attacked."

" They didn’t"

". No, we got there in time."

" You have some bruised ribs, sprained wrist and one hell of a bruise on your face."

" My wolf where is he?"

" Outside playing with the kids."

I tried to sit up and gasped.

"Let me help you. I put my arm around her and helped her to sit upon the bed."

" I needed to go home."

" Who saved me?"

" Me, my VP and my enforcer."

" Thanks. I am surprised to see you again."

" I was just as surprised. We must have bought our property around the same time."

" Must have."

I didn’t want her to leave.

"Let me help you to your house."

" Thank you. My name is Jeannie."

" Well nice to meet you again Jeannie."

" My name is Wolf. I am the president of the Freedom Rider MC. Come over and visit us sometime."

I walked slowly down the steps of the RV holding my ribs. "Let me get your little wolf."

I walked over and picked him up and the kids cried.

"We want to play some more."

" He has to go home right now. Maybe if you ask Jeannie nicely she will bring him back to visit when she feels better."

" Will you Ms. Jeannie. Will you come and visit so we can play with Little Wolf again?"

I grinned and said "sure I will. I know that he will like that."

Wolf carried him across the street and helped me up the steps to my porch.

"Thank you Wolf."

" No problem. I meant what I said. Come and visit us when you want."

" I will I promise."

I walked into the house and shut the door and locked it. I called my boss and told her that I was attacked and that I can’t work for a few weeks. I promised to let her know when I was permitted to return to work.

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