Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 23: Jeannie's Tattoo

I was walking past a tattoo shop and stopped. I turned around and walked back in.

"Can I help you?"

" Yes, I want a tattoo and pointed to the ripped tattoo with a lock and chain. That one."

" Ok, do you want a woman or man to do your tat?"

" It doesn’t matter" I said.

"Follow me."

I followed the woman to a curtained area. "Please sit down"

" Brandy will be with you in a minute."

I did not know that Wolf was in the area next to me. "Hi, I’m brandy."

" So you want this tattoo with the ripped heart."

" Yes, I do. I want it here on my forearm."

" Some guy must have done you really dirty."

" He did. Now I want to remember to keep what is left of my heart locked up. To remember never trust another man."

I heard what Jeannie was saying to Brandy. She is a member of my club and my VP’s woman.

"You can’t trust a man to tell you the truth and not cheat. So, this will remind me. Don’t believe anything a fucking man has to say again."

"Jeannie, are you sure about this?"

" I’m sure."

" So, who was this man that broke your heart?"

" Rage and my best friend Kathy. So, now I chose my friends just as carefully."

" I don’t get to close to them either. I am better off alone."

" The only ones I can trust are my cousin William and his woman. Steve and his woman Elizabeth, and my two big brothers. But I have not seen them in two years."

" What are their names?"

" My brother Rock is the VP of the Viper MC he is 26. My brother Snake is the president of the Raider MC. He is 27 years old."

" Well, you are familiar with MC’s."

" Sure am. I think I have had enough of them all about now. I tell you," I said sighing.

"I believe that being single is going to be better than having to answer to anyone. At least I can come and go as I please, do what I want when I please and I don’t have to worry about letting anyone know what I am doing or when I come home."

As I finished with her tattoo I looked into her eyes. She had no sparkle in her eyes. They were very sad eyes.

"Well, it’s done."

" They will give you instructions on how to clean it upfront."

" Thanks, it looks really good. I just might come and get another one soon. Maybe a wolf. I like wolfs and bears. So thanks, Brandy."

" Bye," I said walking up to pay for my tattoo. I watched as she walked out the door and looked at Brandy.

"Wolf, that was her. The one Rage hurt?"

" It was her. How could your brother do that to her?"

" I don’t know. Rage and Kathy lied to her. They told her they didn’t have sex and it just came out that they did."

" Wolf. She lives across the street from our club. If you want her you can’t lie to her. She needs to know that Rage is your brother."

"If she finds out from someone else she won’t talk to you. But if you tell her yourself she might be hurt or angry for a while but she will get over it."

" If she asks about your family tell her the truth."

I stopped at Walmart and bought some roses, red, pink, yellow and mixed colored roses to plant in the yard. As I pulled up into my driveway I unloaded them and placed them on the ground by the steps to plant later that night when it cooled off.

I walked in and shut the front door and locked it before opening the kitchen door and letting little wolf out in the backyard. I shut and locked the screen door and made a pot of coffee.

When it was finished I poured a cup and sat down at the table. I looked out the window to see Wolf laying on the porch in front of the door.

I picked up a letter and opened it. It was from my brother Rock. He and Snake are coming to visit me this weekend and staying for a week. Fuck, I don’t need them here.

I don’t need a lecture about how I need to be with Rage. But they can’t really say anything because he never claimed me as his woman.

Therefore he was free to fuck Kathy if he wanted to. My phone rang and it was Elizabeth. Jeannie, Roxie and I are on our way to your house. We will be pulling in right about now.

I stood up and walked to the front door. I opened it as they walked onto the porch. I shut the door after them and locked it. We walked to the kitchen and they got themselves a cup of coffee before sitting at the table.

"So, what’s new I asked?"

" Kathy was sent back to Jakes club. Steve insisted that she be punished."

" For what?"

" A whore is not to have sex with a married man or a man who has a girlfriend."

" And your point?"

" Jeannie, that day at the campground. When Kathy walked to her cabin Rage followed her. They had sex. After you left she wanted to stay at our club and continue to have sex with Rage."

"He told her it was time for her to leave and so did Steve. Steve was pissed off and he called Jake."

" He told Jake about Kathy breaking you and Rage up. That is a punishment of five lashes. Jake was so mad at her he hit her."

" The next day Steve went to watch that the punishment was carried out. So she got whipped."

" Well dam. That was one thing she never thought would happen to her."

"Here listen to this phone call we videotaped."

It was Rage on his phone. Telling Kathy she is nothing but a whore and that he fucked her once and should never have done it, to begin with.

He was telling her to stop calling him he did not want to see her again let alone fuck her again. Them she heard. Kathy, if you call me again I will call Jake and demand that he punish you. Then he said. I will be blocking your phone number. Then he hung up his phone.

"After the phone call, he told Steve to send him on as many runs as he can. He told him he can’t be at the club more than necessary because everywhere he looks he sees you."

"That is a big joke. He made his decision to have sex with Kathy. He just used the excuse that he was not having sex with me to do it."

"If he really loved me wanted me he would not have had sex with her. So he can go to hell. I hope he suffers for what he did."

As I moved Roxie looked at my arm.

"You got a tattoo. What the fuck."

" It is to remind me that my heart was broken and what is left of it is going to remain locked up. I won’t make the same mistake again."

" I don’t want or need a man. If I want sex I will do a one night stand. If I want a baby, I will choose the father of my child and raise him or her alone. I like my life right now. I can go as I please and I don’t have to answer to anyone."

I stood up to let Wolf in and didn’t see the look that Roxie and Elizabeth gave each other.

"So you are thinking about having a child?"

" One of these days."

" And have you chosen who the father will be?"

I looked at them and said. "Not yet but I do know it will not be Rage."

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