Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 24: Jeannie Attends A Party At Wolf's MC

I heard a knock on my front door. I walked over and answered it. I was surprised to see Brandy standing there.

"Come in I said. Can I get you something to drink?"

" Do you have coffee?"

" Sure let’s go to the kitchen."

" Have a seat" I said as I poured her and myself a cup.


" No, just cream."

I put the creamer on the table and handed her a spoon.

"So, how did you know where I lived?"

" I am Wolf’s, VP’s woman. I live across the street. I saw you planting your flowers."

" Oh," I said.

"So, how is your tattoo?"

I showed her my arm. "It is healed."

" Looks really good."

" So, why are you here?"

" We are having a party and I wanted to invite you. Wolf said he has met you a few times."

" Why not" I said. "I have nothing better to do. So sure I will come over."

" Well, then what are we waiting for?"

I followed her out the door locking it behind me. We walked across the street and into the clubhouse. I followed her over to the VIP table.

"Hello, again Jeannie."

" Hello, Wolf."

" Jeannie, will you take a walk with me? I want to tell you something I found out."

" Sure why not."

I followed him out of the clubhouse and we walked to the swing in the back yard and sat down.

"I don’t want you to hate me. I found out that my brother is the VP of your best friend’s MC."

I slowly looked at him. "You are Rage’s brother?"

" Listen, Jeannie. I am not like him."

" I just found out that you are the girl he that he fucked over. I could not believe it. I could not believe what he did or that he cheated on you."

"I don’t want you to hate me because of what he did."

" Why would I hate you, Wolf? You didn’t cheat on me."

" No," laughing he said. "I didn’t. And If you would have been mine you would still be mine."

" I don’t know what he saw in that girl."

" I need to tell you. When he showed me your picture I told him something that really pissed him off. And that was when I found you. I would get to know you and make you mine one day."

" Wolf, you are a good man. A handsome man. But, he broke my heart."

" I just am letting you know who I am. If you don’t want to get to know me and my club I will understand."

I looked at Wolf and said. "I am not ready to date again but, I would like to get to know you and your club. After all, we do live across the street from one another" I said smiling.

"Good. Lets go party then."

We walked back into the club and sat down at the VIP table. Just then Jake walked in with Kathy. I stiffened as they walked over to the table.

Wolf saw I stiffened and looked over at what I was looking at.

"What the hell is she doing here" I asked?

Jake looked from me to Kathy and Wolf to Kathy. I saw the way she was looking at me with lust in her eyes. I said to her.

"I am not Rage so take your skank ass away from the VIP table."

" Whores set over there at the far end of the bar."

" Jake looked at Kathy and told her to go sit with the whores."

She then looked at me and started to say something but I said:

“don’t talk to me, you have nothing to say I want to hear.”

"Jake, what the hell is she doing here with you I asked?"

" It’s a party."

" You brought a whore to Wolf’s clubhouse when he has enough whores to go around."

" Why did you really bring her here?"

I looked at Wolf and said.

"If she is coming to stay at your club don’t ask me to come over again I said getting up and walking out the door."

I walked home where I slammed my door shut locking it.

Wolf looked at Jake and said.

“Have her taken back to your club, I don’t want her here either.”

Brandy watched as Jake told a prospect to take Kathy back to their clubhouse. As Kathy walked over she said.

“Too bad, I wonder if you are as good as your brother”

"You will never find out. I am nothing like my brother. Do not ever come back here."

The prospect to her Kathy back to their own clubhouse before returning to Wolfs. I was furious that he would bring that bitch here.

"Jake, do not ever bring one of your whores to my club without asking me again."

" Wolf," Brandy said. "I am going over to check on Jeannie."

I watched as she walked out of the club.

"So, you and Jeannie togeather?"

"No, we are not. We are friends. I didn’t even know who she was until Rage showed me her picture."

" Before that, I ran into her a few times. She knows who I am now. I told him."

"Are you going to play matchmaker for Jeannie and Rage?"

" Fuck no I’m not. My brother is a big boy. He knew what he was doing and he made the wrong decision. I will not help him break that girl any more than he has."

" He made his bed, let him lay in it. He lost Jeannie over his own stupidity. He doesn’t deserve a woman like her. Dumb fucker. When I heard his excuse for having sex with Kathy I chocked on my beer."

" Stupidest reason for what he did. You have to wait for a woman like Jeannie. She has to trust and he didn’t want to wait until she was ready. So be it. He won’t get her back."

I know I heard Jake say.

"If you are interested in her don’t make the same mistake he did."

" Don’t worry. I am not like my brother. I would not cheat on my chosen woman."

" So why are you here?"

" Kathy is pregnant."

" Now isn’t that just perfect" I said?

"Another thing to rip Jeannie’s heart out what is left of it. Her man got a whore pregnant."

" What do you want me to do about it?"

" You know the rules, Jake. Why tell me?"

" Thing is does Rage want his child or not?"

" I don’t know and I don’t care. Ask him."

" Steve won’t have her at his club until she delivers."

" She knows the rule if Rage does want the child. She gives birth, he takes it and raises it. She never sees him or her."

" She knows. I will be back" I said walking to my office.

I called Rage and waited for him to answer.

"What do you want Wolf?"

" Jake is sitting in my club right now. Daddy," I said.

"What the hell are you talking about Wolf?"

Jake said "that Kathy is pregnant."

" Do you want your child or not?"

" Yes, I want my child but Jake can bring him or her to me after it is born."

" Another fucking reason for you to break Jeannie even more. You have a child by a club whore."

" I will let him know."

I walked out and sat down.

"Jake, he wants the child. After she gives birth you take the child to him immediately. She does not hold it, or see it ever."

" She won’t like it."

" Too bad. She is a club whore, she knows how it goes. He does not want her either. He doesn’t want to see her or talk to her."

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