Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 25: Rage's Child

I heard that Kathy was pregnant. I also heard that Rage wants the child. When he or she is born the baby is to be cleaned and clothed and taken straight to Rage.

Kathy is not to hold the child or see the child. I was just getting off work when Elizabeth’s phone rang seven months later.

"I will tell her. Kathy just gave birth to a baby girl and she is at our club right now."

" So, why tell me?"

" Rage wants you back. He wants you to be her mother."

" Fuck him. Hell, no. He can go straight to hell. I refuse to raise a child that is not mine. Especially Kathy’s."

I walked out got in my car and drove home with tears flowing down my face. Why would he think I would do that? I won’t. I refuse. I drove into my driveway fast.

I slammed on my breaks, slammed my car door shut and ran into my house slamming the door shut. I didn’t see Brandy, Wolf or his VP standing watching me.

"I would say she knows that Kathy gave birth to a girl."

" I think it is more than that."

I said "I will be back guys" and walked over and knocked on Jeannie’s door.

"She opened the door and asked? Coffee?"

" Sure I said following her to the kitchen."

I could tell she had been crying. As she placed the cup in front of me and sat down I asked "her why she is crying."

"That son of a bitch wants me to go back to him and be a mother to Kathy’s child. I have not even had my own child yet. I will not raise Kathy’s like mine."

" I should have been the one that gave birth to his child, not her. He can go straight to hell. I refuse to do it. They can’t make me because he never claimed me."

" He thought by saying he wanted the child I would go back to him."

I started laughing. "He was so wrong about that."

"Why tell me why I would be so stupid to do that? Every time I would like at that baby it would remind me of him cheating on me. That is not going to happen."

"I’m sorry Jeannie. I really am. If my man cheated on me I would be feeling the same way you do. I can’t believe that Rage would ask you to do that."

" Well, he is in for a rude awakening. He will have to find someone else willing to let them claim her and she can raise his child. It won’t be me."

" Just another part of my heart being ripped apart. Brandy will you do me a favor?"

" Sure what is it?"

" I have two weeks of vacation coming. Will you watch my house for me?"

" I think I will go to my brother’s MC and visit Snake."

" Sure, I can do that."

" Thanks," I said.

I walked her to the door and shut it and locked it. I then walked upstairs to my room where I got a suitcase down and packed two weeks of clothes before taking a shower and putting on my sweat pants and a tee-shirt.

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