Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 26: Rider MC

I called my older brother Snake who is the president of the Rider MC. Snake I said after he answered the phone.

"Jeannie are you alright?"

" No, I’m not I" said crying.

"Why are you crying?"

" I told him everything. I want to come and visit for a week or two."

" You do not half to ask. When are you coming?"

" Tonight. I will be there in two hours."

" I will be here honey."

I hung up the phone and shoved a table over "yelling I am going to kill that son of a bitch."

My VP, Revenge asked "why I was so pissed off."

When I told him my other club members growled.

"My baby sister, Jeannie is on her way here for a week or two. If that son of a bitch comes here for club business you keep him away from her. Do you all understand."

" We understand Snake."

" You know that Steve is supposed to be here this weekend. As his VP, Rage will come with him."

" Get the room ready next to mine. Brick, you and Eagle will be her bodyguards while she is here."

"Just so you know while here she will most likely ride the horses. I know that you Eagle ride so you will ride with her."

" Yes, boss," I said.

"And to the rest of you here. She is off-limits. Leave her alone."

Her room was ready by the time her car pulled up. We walked outside to meet her and when we saw the wolf our mouths hung open.

Wolf come we heard. I ran and jumped into Snake’s arms.

"I missed you, big brother."

" I missed you to honey. Jeannie, where did you get that wolf?"

" At a store when he was a little pup."

The wolf followed Jeannie into the clubhouse. I took her to the room she would be using and sat her suitcase on her bed. We then walked out to the bar where she sat at the VIP table with me.

I introduced her to Brick, Eagle, and my VP Revenge. The wolf lay on the floor at her feet. I told a prospect to make her a hamburger with lots of mayo and bring her coffee with regular cream.

I noticed a lot of my club members looking at her with lust. She is beautiful. I also noticed she lost the sparkle in her eyes and she did not smile much.

When she did it did not meet her eyes. "You can stay as long as you like Jeannie."

" I only have two weeks vacation. I had to get away Snake. Rage wants to claim me and have me raise that baby. I can’t do it. I won’t do it."

" Every time I would look at her it would remind me that he cheated on me."

" It should be my child but it isn’t. He made his decision and I refuse to help him raise a child that is not mine. I refuse to let him claim me."

" That is your right Jeannie."

I finished my sandwich and said. "I know that your club and Steve’s are allies. But if he comes here I don’t want to talk to him or see him."

"That is one reason why I assigned Brick and Eagle as your bodyguards."

" They will make sure that he does not bother you."

" I’m sorry you guys have to protect me from him. But, I thank you for doing it. He will try to get to me so be warned."

They grinned and said. "We are good at our job so don’t you worry."

I looked at Snake and said. "I am going to walk outside with wolf before going to bed."

Eagle said "I will walk with you."

He followed Wolf and me out the door. As we walked Eagle said.

"Can I ask you something?"

" Sure what do you want to know?"

" How can Rage do what he did when he had someone as beautiful and sweet as you?"

" Kathy is a club whore and she was my best friend."

" How could they both do what they did?"

" His excuse was that he was not having sex with me. Even though he knew what happened to me. I wasn’t ready. Hell, my apartment above the clubhouse was on fire started by an ex-boyfriend and I almost died. It is what it is I said."

I called wolf and we walked back inside the club and I went to my room, took a shower and went to bed. As Eagle sat down at the table Snake asked? "Did you learn anything new?"

" Did you know someone started a fire in her apartment of Rage’s club and she almost died."

" No, I didn’t."

" Something else happened to her but she didn’t say what. It happened two years ago."

" We will have to fine out what that was."

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