Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 27: The Next Day

We were all working in the garage when we watched as Jeannie walked by looking at the ground. She was wearing a long white dress and was barefooted. We watched as she walked to the pond and out on a limb and sat down staring at the water.

Eagle looked at Snake and said, “she is so broken Snake.”

"I know" I said.

" Just keep an eye on her."

Just then we heard the roar of bikes riding down the road toward the club.

"What the hell are they doing here this soon?"

not looking away as Steve and Rage turned off their bikes and got off walking to me. Not looking away I said, "Brick, Eagle go protect my sister."

I heard them turn and walk behind me toward the pond. I watched as Rage looked to where they were walking and he stopped in his tracks.

It can’t be her I said to myself. But when Eagle held out his hand towards her and she took it and walked off the log I saw her turn and look at me. I took a breath, It is Jeannie what is she doing here?

I watched as she walked between Brick and Eagle toward the clubhouse. She did not look my way.

"Why is Jeannie here I asked Snake?"

" Its really none of your business but she happens to be my sister. She is on vacation and has come to stay with us for a few weeks."

" While you are here you will stay away from her Rage."

" I can’t do that" I said.

"You will because Eagle and Brick are her bodyguards and will do what it takes to keep you away from her."

" You have done enough harm to her and I will not allow you to do anymore."

" Steve, keep your VP in line and away from Jeannie. Now, I will show you where you will be sleeping."

I made sure to put them in a room nowhere near Jeannie's.

As we walked into the club I looked over and saw Jeannie sitting at a table between Brick and Eagle. She was drinking her usual cup of coffee. I watched as she laid her head down on Eagle’s lap and placed her legs across Bricks.

I saw the look that Rage gave them and it was one of pure anger. I think Jeannie said something to Eagle as he looked down at her saying something I could not make out.

My sister is letting Rage know that she no longer wants him and to stay away from her. We walked on down the hallway and then Eagle said.

"You can sit up now Jeannie."

Actually, I said. "I am comfortable laying here right now."

" If you want to lay on us like this let’s go sit on the couch. You can watch tv over there."

We got up and walked to the couch where she lay back down with her head in my lap and her legs stretched out across Brick. We were watching Worst Witch and soon she was asleep.

I looked over at Brick and said. "She is asleep. She must be comfortable."

" Or she has not slept well."

" That too."

We continued to watch the show while she slept.

I noticed the looks that Rage continued to give Brick and myself and he was pissed. Fucker should never have done what he did

Brick said. "I for one don’t mind her legs stretched across me. It reminds me of my little sister Diane when she was her age. She was always putting her legs across me."

" Jeannie knows that we won’t let him bother her. Too bad she does not come here and live."

" I know. We would have a new sister."

Brick looked at me and said. "I will be back."

He stood up and Jeannie turned in her sleep and put one hand under her head. She slept for about two hours before she started to stir.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Eagle.

"How long have I been asleep?"

" About two hours" I said looking down at her.

I watched as she slowly sat up and leaned against my shoulder.

"You make a nice pillow."

I laughed and that drew Rage’s attention to us.

God, she is beautiful. How could I have thought that Kathy was worth losing her over? Now I have a daughter with Kathy. A daughter that should have been Jeannie’s and mine. I was a fool.

I have lost her and it is being plainly made clear to me of that fact. She refuses to look at me or even acknowledge me. Not one of Snake’s club members will let me be alone with her. They are also making that clear to me.

Every one of them is watching me. Just then Brick looked at me and said.

“So you are the dumb ass who hurt Jeannie?”

"You just could not keep your dick in your pants. Now you pine for what you can no longer have and for what is never going to be yours."

Just then the door opened and in walked Jake. And he had that fucking whore Kathy with him.

I stiffened and Eagle felt it.

"What is it, Jeannie?"

" Jake brought that bitch with him here. Here to Snake’s club. That is Kathy."

" My ex-best friend and mother of Rage’s child."

I didn’t move but I watched as she looked around the club and then her eyes landed on me and she had lust in them.

"Oh, hell no" I said.

"What Jeannie" asked.

"She is looking at me like I am her next victim. Not going to happen. I don’t fuck the club whores. I am waiting for my woman. And she is not my woman."

" Fuck she is walking this way."

" Help me, Jeannie."

I slowly climbed onto his lap with my back against his chest. He put his arms around me as she walked over to us.

"Well, hello handsome."

" Fuck off" I said.

"You heard him bitch. Fuck off."

" Jeannie, I didn’t see you there."

" I am sure you didn’t" I said.

"I think you took one man that was interested in me. This one you won’t take. He is my brother."

I grinned up at her. "So he knows just what you did."

" My other brothers are Snake the president of this club and Brick right there."

Every club member heard what I said and looked at Kathy with hate.

"You are not welcome here either Kathy. So don’t waste your time trying to get into the men’s pants here. They don’t want you."

" Rage is right over there."

" He doesn’t want me."

" I know" I said. "He wants me back. And he wants me to become your daughter’s legal mother. I won’t do" I said.

I stood up and grabbed Eagle’s hand and walked over to Brick and said. "I want to go to Bob Evans."

" We will take you they" said.

We walked out of the club and to Eagle’s bike where he took a helmet from it and placed it on my head. He then lifted me and sat me on his bike before he climbed on and started it. Eagle and Brick drove out of the club and toward Bob Evans.

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