Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 28: Back At The Club

We returned to the club around 8:00. As Eagle lifted me from the bike I walked into the club between him and Brick. We had a good time at Bob Evans and I was getting tired.

As we walked through the door I saw Rage look at me. We walked past the VIP table and sat in a table in the back of the room. A prospect saw us walk in and was walking over to the table and placed a cup of coffee in front of me.

He said. "That whore is going to be a problem."

he said. "She has all the whores pissed and most of the single men are running from her."

I laughed and said. "I hope they keep running or they could be the next daddy of her child."

" Word is out that she thinks that Eagle is your new man and she wants to bed him."

I looked at Eagle and said. "You poor thing. Don’t trust her. She wants what she can’t have."

" I can’t figure out why she thinks that when we told her you two were my brothers."

"She is in for one hell of a rude awaking. Brick has a woman and she will be here tonight. And I have a woman I am interested in."

" I have been dating her for a few months now. She will be here tonight as well. They both can’t wait to meet you."

" I sure hope they can fight. Kathy is a kickboxer and a black belt."

" Oh, they can fight alright. They are underground fighters and black belts in Karata, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, and Jiu-Jitsu."

" I would love to see them kick her ass. Maybe they will teach me."

" I am sure they would."

Just then the door open and two beautiful women walked in and over to our table. One walked over and kissed Brick and sat down, the other kissed Eagle and sat down.

"Hello, you must be Jeannie, Snake’s baby sister."

" I am."

" Well, I am Laura, Brick’s woman, and I am Kelly, Eagle’s woman."

" I am pleased to meet you both."

"Who’s the bitch that keeps giving you dirty looks they asked?"

Eagle said. "That is Kathy. The one who was your best friend and had sex with your boyfriend and got pregnant. The very one."

" And the VP sitting over there with Snake."

" The one with long black hair."

" That is Rage her ex-boyfriend."

" He had you but had sex with her?"

" What a jerk."

" What was his excuse Kelly asked?"

" Because I was not giving it up to him."

" You have to be kidding me?"

" No, I’m not. That was what he said."

" Fucker."

" Watch out for Kathy. She is a fighter."

" Kelly and Laura smiled" and said.

"That’s alright so are we."

We sat and talked for a while and Laura asked "how things have gone today."

The boys said "she fell asleep on us and slept for about two hours."

" Rage tired to talk to her but we kept her from him so far."

" Kathy, now she wants to fuck me Eagle said because she thought that Jeannie was my new girlfriend even though she told her we were her brothers."

" She can try but she will get her ass kicked" Kelly said.

Just then Kelly said. "What is that tattoo?"

" It is because Rage shattered my heart and broke it. The chain and lock is to remind me to never let another man close enough to break what is left of my heart."

" I love it."

" I think we should go shopping for new clothes tomorrow Jeannie."

" Why?"

" We are having a club party that’s why. I think we should give you a makeover and give her something to really stare at."

" And something to make Rage know that you don’t need him anymore."

" I don’t" I said.

"I am a free woman."

" That’s what we are talking about" they said.

"After breakfast, we three are going shopping."

" It could be fun."

" I know it will be fun they" said laughing.

Just then several men stood in front of the table.

"Not happening Rage. Go the other way."

" I just want to talk to her."

" Like we said. Not happening."

I watched as he turned and walked back to the VIP table. I slowly let my breath out.

"Thank you for stopping him" I said.

"No problem Jeannie."

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