Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 29: Shopping For The Party

Kelly and Laura picked a few outfits out for themselves and then for Jeannie. They then headed to get her hair cut. they decided she should change the color as well.

Then they stopped to get something to eat. As they were eating three men from the Satan MC walked in. They saw us sitting at the table and walked over and looked at Kelly.

"Tell my brother the answer is still no she said without looking up."

Then one of them stood behind me and reached for my hair. "Don’t touch me" I said.

"Little girl who is going to stop me?"

Without looking Kelly said. "Snake."

He stopped with his hand in mid-air.

"What does she have to do with Snake?"

" Don’t tell me that you are Snake’s woman?"

" Just when did he get a woman."

" Just what makes you think I am Snake’s woman?"

" He would only protect his woman."

" Really, are you sure about that I asked?"

" I can think of another woman he would protect and kill over. Actually five more women."

" What the hell are you talking about?"

" Oh, I don’t know. Maybe sisters."

" You aren’t his sister."

" I would know if he had any sisters. I was once his best friend."

I turned and looked at him and said. "No, you weren’t. I know his best friend and you are not him."

" I grew up with Snake’s best friend so try again asshole. His best friend is dead. He has been dead for four years now."

" I know all of his friends. And you are not one of them. You might be an acquaintance but you are not one of his friends."

Kelly said, "go away and leave us alone Chain."

" I will see you later Kelly. I am sure you will. At the party this weekend."

We watched the three men walk away. "Who is he, Kelly?"

" My brothers VP."

" My brother is the president of the Satan MC as you saw the patch on their jackets. My brother wants me to accept him as my man. I refuse."

" He is like a brother to me. He needs to find someone else to claim."

We finished eating before heading back to the club.

"See you this weekend Kelly" Chain said as we walked by the table headed for the door.

"He thinks he is god’s gift to women. He is cute but he is not that cute" I said.

We walked to the car laughing and talking about how Kathy is going to hate my new style.

"That bitch has it coming. You are way prettier than she is Jeannie."

" She is going to be so jealous of you when you walk out with us tonight. You will have all the single men’s eyes on you tonight."

"And Rage, that fucker will be wishing he had kept it in his pants. I think Revenge will make sure that he knows just what he lost."

" What are you two talking about?"

Kelly and Laura looked at her with their mouths open. Laura said, "are you blind girl?"

" Revenge has not kept his eyes off of you. He watches you all the time."

" Why?"

" What the hell do you mean?"

" Jeannie, you are a beautiful woman. You are smart, sweet, and friendly. You treat everyone with respect even the club whores. They even like you."

" Many have said that what that bitch did to you is unforgivable. She tried to take your man from you."

" She did take my man from me."

" No, she tried to get him to claim her. That will never happen."

" Well, you might as well say she did. She destroyed our relationship. They both did. I will never forgive him. I hate cheaters."

"And I hate him even more. Thinking that I would let him claim me and raise his and her daughter. Fuck that shit. If I am going to raise any child it will come from my fucking body."

" I think it is time that I grew some balls, and got some revenge. I need to build a wall around my heart. Never again will I trust any man."

" I don’t need a man to live. I have my own house, car, a job what more do I need?"

" A man. A man to hold you in his arms, make love to you, pleasure you like you deserve to be pleasured."

Laughing I said. "That is not going to happen."

" We are pretty sure that Revenge could do that for you."

" Don’t think so."

We got into the car and Kelly drove to the club. As we pulled into the compound Bear and Eagle walked over to the car. We got out and grabbed our bags.

I looked over and saw Revenge leaning against his bike smoking a cigarette and looking at me. I then turned my head and saw Rage standing by the garage looking at me as well.

I turned and walked to the club door and to my room. I locked my door and put my things away. I heard a knock on my door.

"Who is it I asked?"

" Your brother."

I opened it and he walked in.

"I heard you had a run-in with some of the members from the Satan MC."

" We did."

" I also heard you called Chain out in front of them calling him a liar."

" I did."

He sat down on the chair and laughed.

"I which I could have been there to see that."

" Well, he is not and never was your best friend."

" Sissy, I love you. You know that don’t you?"

" I know and I love you too."

" So, I hear the girls have some things up their sleeves for this weekend."

" I guess so."

" I also heard that you are going to show Rage just exactly what he lost."

" I am."

" This is going to be fun."

" Maybe and maybe not. Rage might go off and start a fight. Let him. My men can handle themselves.

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