Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 3: Jeannie Going To Work

I heard the apartment door across the street shut. I looked up from the car I was working on and saw Jeannie wearing a blue nurse uniform and stethoscope around her neck walk over to her car.

I had not seen her in two weeks. Wait she cut her hair. It was now just below her shoulders. I watched as she waited for Elizabeth and Pam to walk over and get in and then she started the car and backed out and drove down the road.

She has not been down to the club since that day Steve said. I have continued to watch her from afar. She is too good for someone like me. It was Friday and I heard that the girls do not work this weekend. Elizabeth said that a good band was playing at the club tonight and Jeannie promised to come.

I was sitting at the VIP table when Pam and Elizabeth walked in. It was 11:15 pm. They just go off work. I knew that Jeannie was in her apartment. It was 12:00 when the door opened up and I saw Jeannie walk in wearing blue jeans, knee boots, and a tee-shirt that read “Tell me a rule and I can show you how to break it on”.

I smiled at that. I watched as she looked around and then walked toward Pam and Elizabeth who sat in the corner drinking and laughing. Then I saw Elizabeth light up a joint and hand it to Jeannie. They were talking quietly and I told Steve.

"I bet she has fire in her. She is quiet but if someone pissed her off I bet there would be hell to pay."

Steve laughed and said, "I bet you right Rage."

We watched as Tim walked over carrying three beers and then he said something and Jeannie and the girls laughed. She had a beautiful laugh.

Right now she looked relaxed for the first time since he met her. Steve said. “you are drawn to her aren’t you”?

"I don’t know," I said.

"I just wonder who abused her and if he is looking for her."

" Wouldn’t you look for her if she ran from you?"

" I guess I would but I would never hit a woman to make her run from me."

Just then William walked in the door grabbed a beer and walked over to sit down with Rage and Steve.

"You look like shit," Steve said.

"Thanks but so would you if you had been riding for five hours. The run went well by the way."

" The girl is now with her family."

I was in the middle of drinking my beer when I saw her turn her head. I whispered it can’t be.

"What," Steve asked?

"That looks like my missing cousin Jeannie."

"Her name is Jeannie and we know she is hiding from some man."

" I will be back."

I stood up and set my beer on the table and walked over to where the girl sat. As I got behind her I said.

"Jeannie, is it really you?"

I turned around and saw my cousin William standing there.

"William, what are you doing here?"

" I’m a member of the Wild Rider MC. What are you doing here?"

"Hiding," I said.

I kneeled down and asked. "From who?"

"My ex-boyfriend Richard. He hurt me for the last time so I packed up and left Florida and moved back to Ohio."

" Where are you staying?"

" The apartment upstairs."

" Good, we will protect you. Have you called your parents?"

" I have talked to mom but not dad."

" God Jeannie, we have looked everywhere for you. Now that you are safe you will never leave again you got that?"

I smiled and hugged William and said. "I love you too."

" Now, I want you to have a good time and know I have your back. Get drunk, smoke a joint, and dance. I will watch over you."

When I got to the table Steve said "well is she your cousin?"

" She is. She has been missing for a year. No one had heard from her or talked to her at that time. I just told her she was safe and to smoke, a joint, get drunk, and dance because I had her back."

" What I would give to watch her dance again. That girl can dance."

The next thing I knew Wipe Out was being played and I said.

"Watch her. She will make every man in this bar get a hard-on."

Fuck Rage thought. He was not lying. My dick was harder than a bat. I had to adjust myself. She didn’t even know that she had all of us lusting after her.

She is so innocent. I watched how she is comfortable with Tim and he treats her like a little sister. Tim had a sister who was taken four years ago by a rival MC. They raped, beat, and killed her. She was 18 years old and just as naïve as Jeannie. Jeannie is so childlike sometimes but then mature the next.

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