Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 30: Club Party

Laura and Kelly looked at Jeannie as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Fuck me if I was gay I would be chasing you."

" Rage is not going to like the attention you get tonight."

" Oh, I heard that Rage’s brother Wolf and his members will be here tonight as well."

We sat and smoked a few joints and had around three beers before Kelly stood up and said. "The bar is full and it is time to show Kathy that she is not the best-looking woman in the club tonight."

" Jeannie do you want to make Rage really pissed?"

" How."

" Do you know that Ink and Rage hate each other?"

" No, I didn’t."

" Rage slept with my brother’s girlfriend four years ago. Broke them up."

" Is that right" I asked.

So, Laura said we hear you can dance. "That’s true. I can dance."

" Can you lap dance?"

I grinned and said "yes, why do you ask."

" What if you gave Ink a lap dance with Rage watching."

" Oh, I think I can do more than that to piss him off."

" Well then. Let the revenge on Rage and Kathy begin."

We walked out of the door and down the hall to the club. As we three walked in we saw the men eyeing us with lust. We looked good and we knew it. We could have any man her tonight we wanted.

I had been watching Ink since he has been here. He has not touched any of the whores especially Kathy. I do think he is cute but I refuse to let him get that close to me.

I might tease him, give him a lap dance, and I sure as hell plan on kissing him. I want to know how he kisses. The men whistled as we walked over to the VIP table.

I sat in the chair next to Ink to piss Rage off and show him that he is nothing to me now. I said, "hello Wolf. Nice to see you here."

" Nice to see you as well Jeannie" he said. He was looking at Rage and grinning. She was pissing him off. I am so enjoying this.

"Snake have you found your woman yet" I asked him.

"No Jeannie not yet."

We sat talking for a while and we girls were pretty wasted. When we decided to dance. Kelly leaned over and whispered in Snake’s ear that since it is her brother’s birthday they had a surprise for him.

Then she winked at Snake. "What the hell are those girls up to he asked Brick and Eagle?"

" We have no idea."

Then we saw Kelly say something to a prospect and the prospect carried a chair over and sat it in the middle of the dance floor. Then we heard. Ink, get you sexy ass up here and sit down.

We watched as he walked confused up to the stage. "I don’t know if you all know it. But today is my brother’s birthday and we have a gift for him."

Then the music started playing and we watched as Jeannie walked over to Ink and started to give him a lap dance. Wolf looked over at Rage and saw that his brother wanted to rip her off of Ink.

Fuck, I thought. If this woman was mine she would never have to worry about me cheating on her or fucking a club whore or any other woman.

She would have me in bed just by winking at me. I have to have her. One way or the others I have to make her mine. I walked over and sat back down at the table and Snake, Wolf, and Rage looked at me.

Rage said "do not even think you can ever claim her Ink."

I grinned at him saying. "Oh, but I think I will get to know her and who knows. Maybe one day she will agree to be my woman. At least I would never cheat on her because I would always have her in bed making love to her."

Rage went to stand up when Wolf said to him. "Rage she is no longer yours to claim. Basically, you choose Kathy over her. The only thing is that you can’t claim Kathy as your woman because you would lose your VP patch."

" You would have no say so in the church. And you would also have to live off the grounds. Kathy would never be accepted by the Valkyries either."

We girls were playing truth or dare when Laura looked at her friend Kim who keeps looking at Snake and is single truth or dare.

Kim said, dare. "I dare you to give Snake a lap dance."

She stood up and put a chair in the middle of the floor and told Snake to sit down in it. Kim gave him the lap dance. Then the bottle landed on Rage.

Truth or dare Rage. "Truth."

" Tell us how many times you had sex with Kathy and when was the first time."

Rage looked at me and said.

"I had sex with Kathy the same day she came to the club."

I saw Wolf looked at him in anger. The bottle landed on me.

"Truth or dare Jeannie?"

" Dare. I dare you to kiss Ink."

I looked at Rage and stood up and sat on Ink’s lap facing him. I leaned down and started kissing him. He bit my bottom lip and I opened my mouth and he slips his tongue in. Fuck this man could kiss.

He wrapped his arms around me and we must have kissed for several minutes. He slowly drew back and looked at me. I wanted to kiss him again.

I slowly stood up and sat back in my chair. I did not see the grin on Ink’s face as he looked at Rage. Rage had never kissed me. Not once. After that kiss I knew for sure I had to make her mine. I felt her relax and I know she liked kissing me.

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