Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 31: Ink

I continued to watch her throughout the night. I am going to kiss her again. I will claim her and make her mine. I am even willing to become allies with Wolf’s MC and move my club closer to where she lives if that is what it takes to claim her.

We had not noticed that Rage had left the table until we hear the music stop playing. We looked over to where Rage stood in anger.

I have had enough he said. "Jeannie so what. I told my club I wanted to claim you. Yes, I fucked your best friend Kathy the first night she arrived at the club. Yes, we lied to you. Yes, she got pregnant. But I can’t and won’t claim her as my woman. I am claiming Jeannie as my woman. Will you accept?"

"Fuck you Rage. Do you think I want a man who fucks my best friend the same day she comes to the club to stay. Do you think I want a man who cheats on me with my best friend and has a child with her?"

" Go to hell. I would rather accept any man’s claim but you."

Then I heard. "Then I am claiming you, Jeannie, as my woman."

We all turned and looked at Ink. Snake said. "You have two men claiming you today. You have to pick one of them."

" Are you fucking kidding me Snake?"

" No, Jeannie, I’m not."

" If you accept my claim Jeannie I would never cheat on you. If I did you have the right to leave me no questions asked. But whoever accuses me of it would have to back it up by proof."

" I also would never lie to you."

" Jeannie, Wolf said, you do not have a choice. You have to choose one of them."

" Then I chose Ink."

" I already know that you are a fucking liar and cheater Rage. I also know you still want to fuck other women. So, Yes. I choose Ink."

Kelly looked at Ink with wide eyes.

"Jeannie choose my brother. I can’t believe it."

I laughed. Really laughed. I said

"let this be something all you men should remember. Just because you love a girl and think you can treat her the way Rage did Jeannie. There is always another man out there who will treat her even better."

" Rage thought he would never get caught. He thought Jeannie would still accept him. Well, he just found that a woman will choose someone else when she is treated the way Rage treated her."

" You lose Rage."

Snake looked at Ink and said. "If you make her cry, you cheat on her, you lie to her I will kill you."

We watched as Rage stormed out of the club and we soon heard his bike leaving the compound. Fuck, I just accepted Ink’s claim. I looked at him and said. "We need to talk now."

We walked to my bedroom. Once inside I shut and locked the door. I did not expect him to shove me against the door and start kissing me. Soon he had my jeans and shirt off of me.

What the hell am I doing I asked myself.

" Jeannie, you are mine now and I am going to show you how a man takes care of his woman. I am not Rage."

" I know you are not Rage. Besides Rage has never even kissed me let alone had sex with me."

Well, then Ink said looking at me. "I am going to show how I take care of my woman. And he proceeded to do just that. You can tell me to stop at any time if you are not ready."

I didn’t. He did show me all night long how good it felt when a man took his time with a woman. We made love for hours and I screamed his name. I may not know him well or love him. But he is my husband by biker law and I will have him in bed every chance I can when he makes me feel this way.

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