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Chapter 32: The Watcher

My name is Dragon, I was sent by my President to find out who would claim Jeannie and if she would accept Rage or not after what he had done to her.

Jeannie did not know that she had a brother 10 years older than her. He has watched over her since she was a little girl. My president is one mean son of a bitch but he loves his sisters. No one messes with his sisters because my president would kill them no questions asked.

He heard about what Rage had done from Jake and he was angry as hell. My orders were to kidnap Jeannie and take her to him if she accepted Rage’s claim.

I grinned and took a drink from my beer. He will be happy that Ink had claimed her and that she accepted his claim. I looked up and saw Kathy walk in the door.

Jake was with her of course. He has not let that bitch out of his sight. She looked around and her sights landed on me. She started walking toward my table. Fuck that, I don’t want that bitch.

I am waiting for my woman. I’m no saint don’t get me wrong. I have had my share of women but never a woman from a club we are friends with. I looked up as she stopped in front of me.

"Hello handsome, Do you mind if I have a seat she asked?"

" Yes, I do mind. I know who you are. I also know that you slept with your best friend’s man the same day you arrived at your friend’s club. I know you had a kid with him, and I know that you both lied to her. So, yes I do mind. Go sit somewhere else."

I saw the anger in her eyes.

"So, you think you can fuck Jeannie she asked?"

" No, I don’t think I can fuck Jeannie and I don’t want to. She has been claimed."

" What the fuck are you talking about she screamed at me."

Everyone turned their heads and looked at us. "Just what I said bitch."

" Jeannie has been claimed and she accepted the claim."

" Are you telling me that she accepted Rage’s claim?"

" No, she did not accept Rage’s claim. She accepted Ink’s claim. She is now Ink’s woman. She turned Rage down."

We all watched as Kathy started laughing. "I did it she said. I broke them up. Now he will have to claim me."

" He will never claim you Kathy so get it out of your head I heard Jake say from across the room."

Then Jake turned his head and said “Congratulations are in order I hear.”

"Yes," Ink said. "Jeannie accepted my claim and she is now my woman."

I watched as Kathy’s mouth dropped open. Then she said. "Fuck me, but he is even more handsome than Rage."

" He might be but he is nothing like Rage. Ink will never fall for your shit or cheat on Jeannie."

" He has wanted to claim Jeannie for a while now. He is like me. Once we make our claim we will never cheat on our woman."

" We will see about that Kathy" said.

I don’t trust her I thought to myself.

"I will not let that bitch win. She is going to lose her man, I will see to that" she said as she walked away from my table.

"Hello, Jeannie," she said.

"Fuck off, Kathy."

" My you are one handsome man Kathy said reaching out to touch his chest."

I watched as Ink grabbed her wrist bringing her to her knees on the floor.

"Bitch, do not ever touch me."

" I know who you are. I don’t cheat, and one thing I hate is a woman who thinks she can take every man she sees even if they have a woman."

" You stay away from me or you will regret it."

We watched as he shoved her away from him. Kathy grabbed her wrist and said in an icy voice.

“You are going to regret that”.

She stood up walked to an empty table and sat down still glaring at Jeannie and Ink.

I sat at the table getting angrier and angrier. Why does every man who is interested in her more handsome than the next? Just looking at Ink my panties were wet. I want that man in my bed.

No man has ever turned me down until now. But that won’t last for long. Soon they all end up in my bed. Jeannie does not deserve a man like him. I thought Rage was the one I wanted but now that I have met Ink, I no longer care about Rage. I want Ink, and I will have him.

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