Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 33: Dragon talks to his president

My phone rang and I answered it. "Hey pres what’s up?"

" Tell me, did she accept Rage’s claim or not?"

" She did not. She accepted Ink’s claim but Kathy, that bitch is here and let me tell you boss. She is one fucking fine looking woman."

" I can see why Rage took her to his bed even though she is a bitch."

" Send me a picture of her."

I snapped a picture of Kathy and sent it to Gunner. She is not all that. She is beautiful but I have seen better. She is not my type.

"Tell me what is Ink doing?"

" Watching Kathy from the side of his eye."

" I never thought he would let his eyes roam."

" Kathy might just get him in her bed too."

" If he does anything sneaky you get my sister out of their and bring her here, hear me?"

" I do."

This is pissing me off. Wait, Jeannie is headed to the kitchen.

I watched as Ink turned his head and looked at Kathy. Kathy smiled at him and licked her lips. I watched as Ink put his hand under the table and adjusted himself.

That bastard. I then saw Jeannie come back and sit down with a cup of coffee.

"Boss, I am going to stick around for a while. Something tells me that your sister may be coming home to you."

" If Inks does what I think he will she is going to break. This will finish her."

" You good with that boss?"

" I’m good with it. Call if you need help getting her out of there if it comes down to it."

As I hung up my phone I sat and watched and thought about every stupid son of a bitch who has hurt a good woman. I sat and looked at Jeannie and wondered how I could be thinking of that bitch Kathy when I had her.

She trusted me. She gave herself to me and she was one good woman. But why am I now thinking about having her friend Kathy under me.

I had a woman who may not love me yet, but she would not deny giving herself to me. She pleased me in every way but she was not experienced enough for me.

I just need one more time with a woman who is experienced and I found her. I just can’t let Jeannie find out. But, I am not sure who to do that. The truth came out about Rage and Kathy I know it could about us if we got together.

I know I should not even think about it. I claimed Jeannie, my believe was to never cheat on her. I promised her and now I am thinking about breaking that promise.

I watched as Kathy stood up and walked outside. I waited about 10 minutes than whispered to Jeannie

“I will be right back, I’m going outside for a smoke.”

I stood up and walked out the door. As I lit a cigarette I heard a movement behind me.

“I wondered when you would come out she said leaning against me.” I turned and looked down at Kathy. Laurie and Kelly walked out the back door to the side of the club and lit a joint.

Just then Kelly said "fucking bastard."

Laurie looked to where Kelly was looking. I don’t believe it. She saw Kathy giving Ink head. She took her phone out and snapped a picture of them and then grabbed Laurie by the arm pulling her backward.

"How could he do that to Jeannie after just claiming her?"

" Jeannie does not deserve this. And that is the bitch that broke Rage and Jeannie up. This is going to kill her. We can’t tell her."

" Yes, we have to. She has to know what kind of lying cheating fucker he is. You do know the club is going to be pissed?"

" I know but it has to be done. Lets show this to her brother. Let’s go."

We walked into the club and over to Snake. "Snake we have to talk to you."

" Lets go to my office. What is so important you needed to talk to me alone?"

" Show him Kelly."

I took the phone Kelly held out to me. I looked at the picture and I gritted my teeth.

"That lying son of a bitch. How dare he. He lied. He said he would never cheat on Jeannie."

I stormed out of the office and looked around for Ink. I found him standing at the bar. I walked over and grabbed his arm.

"You lying son of a bitch."

" What are you talking about Snake he asked?"

" You said you would never cheat on Jeannie, yet not five hours after claiming her you did just that."

" I did not cheat on Jeannie."

" Yes, You did. Everyone Ink is a fucking liar. I accuse him of cheating on Jeannie."

" Prove I cheated on Jeanne."

" Kelly pass your phone around."

As Jeannie walked from everyone in the bar and showed them the picture there were a lot of growls. Finally Kelly walked over to Ink and showed him the picture.

He looked from the phone to Jeannie.

"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to."

Kelly then walked over to Jeannie and showed her the picture. Without saying a word Jeannie stood up and walked down the hall to her bedroom.

We watched as she opened the door and walked in shutting it behind her. Kathy sat at her table grinning. Ink’s own men were not happy with him.

"I want you out of my club and off my territory within the hour. Oh, and take your slut with you."

Jake looked at Kathy in anger.

"Kathy you are forever barred from my club. You are now on your own. If Ink doesn’t take you with him I don’t give a fuck where you go. I am done with you."

He turned and walked down the hall and knocked on Jeannie’s door. She refused to open the door.

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