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Chapter 34: Jeannie Is Broken

I walked out the door and sat in a chair. I dialed Gunner.

"What has happened he asked?"

" He did what we did not think he would do. He let that bitch give him head."

" And my sister? She has locked herself in her bedroom. She won’t open the door to anyone. Not even your cousin."

" Alright let’s put the plan in place. I will be sending some of the men with a van. You will need to get in her room somehow and give her a shot to put her to sleep."

" Then bring her to the house we built two years ago."

" Yes, boss."

" The men will be there in the morning. No one is to know why they are there."

" Have you talked to anyone yet?"

" Not really."

" Good if they ask what you are waiting for you will tell them a few of your men are meeting you there. From there you will be going to Nevada on a run. Instead you will bring Jeannie home to me."

" Yes, Boss" I said turning my phone off.

I then heard here. She was crying. I looked over to the club and saw her. She was sitting in the window seal of her room. She was staring up at the stars.

I then heard pounding and knew that more than one person was pounding on her door screaming at her to open it up. She just ignored them. I stood up and walked to the club. I saw Kathy still grinning like she won the lottery.

That pissed me off. I looked over and saw Ink and his men walking down the hallway. They just walked past Kathy not saying a word. She jumped up and ran over to Ink.

"You are not leaving me here."

" Yes, we are. I don’t want you Kathy. I just lost the woman I want. I was a fucking stupid bastard. I promised to never cheat on her and yet I did just that."

" Good luck with your life. You enjoy destroying everyone’s happiness. Rages and now mine. But for some reason you especially enjoy hurting Jeannie."

They all then walked out the door leaving her stand there with her mouth open. I then saw Snake walk into the bar.

"Why are you still here he demanded."

" Ink just left me here."

" Did you really think he would take you with him because he let you give him head?"

" Get out of my bar."

" But I don’t have anywhere to go."

" That is not my problem. You caused this. Get out."

She continued to stand there.

"You two, take this bitch to the gates and shove her out then lock them and come back in here."

" I could not believe I was being thrown out of the club. Not even Jake will help me now."

I watched as the men walked back into the clubhouse. I turned and started walking down the road. I did not know what to do. I did not have any money on me. The only person I knew was my brother and he hated me.

We sat around in the club until it was so quiet that one of the men said put some fucking music on. Kelly and Laurie were crying because their friend was hurting so bad.

It seemed that she could not get a break. Just then we all looked up as we saw Jeannie walk toward the kitchen. She did not look left or right just stared straight ahead. Snake walked toward her and placed his hand gently around her arm.

She stopped but she did not look at him. "Jeannie" he said.

She turned her head and looked at him and he gasped. It was as if she was not there. He let her arm go and she turned her head back around and walked through the kitchen door.

Snake turned and looked at his men. "Ink broke her."

It is as if there is nothing there. No sparkle, no recognition. I should not have told her she had to choose one of them. I knew she didn’t want to. This is the third man who has cheated on her.

Kelly looked at Snake and said, “inside she thinks no one wants her for her, that she can’t keep a man interested in her alone and that hurts.”

We all watched as Jeannie walked buy us all carrying a cup of coffee and down the hall to her room where she shut her door. I watched as Jeannie walked to her room and knew that Gunner was going to be pissed and there would be a war if not worse when saw his sister. She was like a shell of the person she once was.

I signed stood up and walked to the room where I was sleeping. I didn’t understand some men. Rage and Ink both had a beautiful woman. Well, Ink claimed her and made her his woman where Rage was just getting to know her and made her think he wanted to claim her.

Both of them were bastards letting the same woman come between Jeannie and themselves. I would never do that. I will never do that if I can get lucky enough to find the woman meant for me.

I would never want for my woman to ever doubt herself. I picked up the phone and called Gunner. I told him what happened to Jeannie and that she was just a shell of her former self. I knew, he would demand we bring his sister to him ASAP.

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