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Chapter 35: The Taking of Jeannie

I was sitting at the table drinking when Gunners phone rang. As he talked I saw his eyes become cold like ice and his hand tighten on his phone.

When he hung up he looked at me and said, “I need my sister taken ASAP and brought here by next week.”

He looked at me and "I stated I would help bring her to him."

He then said "I do not care if you have to kill to get her, just bring her here."

" No problem" I said taking a drink of my beer. My name is Psycho. I hate everyone, I do not like to be touched without permission. I have helped Gunner watch over Jeannie for years. Ever since he learned he had a little sister. I was nine years old and he was ten. We are best friends.

I watched as she grew into a beautiful woman. I once beat the hell out of a kid in high school when he hit her. I made sure he would never hit another girl.

I made sure that the guys who were interested in her didn’t go out with her if they only wanted in her pants. Ink broke my sister.

"Dragon stated that she is a shell of herself now."

" My priority now is to bring my sister home and make her happy again. Then I will make them pay for what they have done to her."

" I will get a few prospect to drive the van. We need a nice thick mattress for the back of the van so she is comfortable for the long ride."

" Get doc to give you something to knock her out with. I doubt she will let any of you close to her after what Ink has done. Oh, and if you find that bitch hog tie her and bring her back with you."

" I will call Dragon to see if he can find out where she is."

I watched as Psycho walked away to do what I asked of him. I called Dragon and asked him to find that bitch and bring her back with him. Then hung up the phone and called Sara over to the table.

Sara is my cousin. "Sara, they are bringing Jeannie home where she belongs. Get her room ready."

" The one between mine and Psycho’s."

I watched her walk away and grab two other club whores to help her clean Jeannie’s room. I then called a prospect over and told him to go to town and buy a flat screen tv, for her room. My little sister was finally coming home where she should have grown up.

After hanging up the phone I stood up and left my room. As I walked out the door down the hall Snake asked "where I was going."

" Out, I need some fresh air."

I walked out the door got on my bike and rode to Waffle House. As I was sitting there drinking my coffee I saw that bitch walk by.

I stood up and walked out the door. Kathy I called her. She looked at me. I handed her some money and told her to get a room at the hotel across the street.

"I know you have nowhere to go so when I leave in a few days you can go with me to my mc. But I warn you that if you try the same shit there they will kill you."

She nodded her head and turned and walked to the hotel. I noticed that Kathy looked sad. The only reason she looked sad was because Jake and Snake both kicked her out of their clubs.

I took my phone out and called Gunner. "I found her. I gave her money to get a hotel room. Told her I would bring her back to our club."

" Good. Psycho and two prospects are headed your way with the van and a shot to put Jeannie to sleep. Be ready to take her at a moments notice."

" Yes boss, you got it. Boss she is hurting really bad. She gave Snake the coldest look I ever saw a woman give a man. She will hate us all."

" Only for awhile Dragon, only for awhile."

" But she might hate you boss. Does she even know you are her brother?"

I heard Gunner sigh. "No, she doesn’t know. At least I don’t think she does."

" Well boss it will be interesting to find out if she does or not. She may lash out."

" We will deal with that when the time comes."

" You’re the boss."

" Yes, I am and don’t forget it. Oh, and she will be respected at all times do you understand?"

" I understand."

" Good. Now bring my sister to me."

" Yes, boss" I said before hanging up. I think Jeannie is going to turn our club upside down for awhile. And the club members will need to keep their hands off her. I hate so see what Gunner does if anyone of them touches her or hurts her in anyway.

I started my bike and rode back to Snake’s clubhouse. I pulled in five minutes later turned off my bike and walked in the door to find that Rage was back and yelling at Jake and Snake.

He was threatening to kill Ink. "As I walked in I heard Rage tell them they should not have forced Jeannie into making a choice between him and Ink. That they should have let her alone. Then he demanded to see her."

" No," Snake said.

"Why not?"

" She doesn’t want to see any of us. Not right now. We need to give her time."

" Fine, but I will see her tomarrow."

" Maybe, Maybe not" Jake said.

"Fuck you all."

I walked to my room and shut the door and lay on my bed.

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