Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 36: Psycho and The Prospects Arrive at Snakes MC

We arrived at Snake’s clubhouse and I turned my bike off. I got off and waited for the two prospects to get out of the van. We walked into the club and looked around for Dragon. I saw him sitting at a table next to the VIP table.

We walked over to say hello to Snake and let him know why we were there. To go on a run with Dragon in a few days. He told us we were welcome to stay as long as we needed.

I then turned and saw that the two prospects had already sat down and had a beer. As I sat down a club whore asked me what I wanted to drink. I told her and watched as she walked to the bar.

"How are things Dragon?"

" Not good. Jeannie has ignored everyone and has a routine."

He looked at the clock and said. "She will come out of her room in 10 minutes. She go to the kitchen, and get the plate of food that the cook is making for her."

" She will bring it in here and sit at that little table over there in the corner where she will drink coffee and eat. She will take the plate and cup to the kitchen, then come out with a new cup of coffee and go straight to her room. She doesn’t look at anyone and she doesn’t talk to anyone. And here she comes."

It was quiet as everyone watched Jeannie walk into the bar. Then hell broke out. Rage jumped from his chair and grabbed her arm. "Let go of her Rage."

" Jeannie look at me" he said. She just stared straight ahead. "Rage, let go of her now" Snake said. Rage ignored him and yelled at her to look at him.

He grabbed her face and Jeannie started to fight him trying to jerk away from him. Several club members jumped up growling as she feel to the floor.

I growled and Dragon looked at me. I jumped up and ran to her and gently picked her up and carried her over to our table out of the way of the yelling men. Just then Snake punched Rage in the face and the fight broke out.

I looked down at Jeannie and noticed that she just stared. She didn’t move, or yell at her brother. She just turned and walked over to the kitchen door. I sat down and watched as she carried her food and coffee out and walked to the table and sat down.

By this time the fight had broken up and things had settled down but Rage was being watched. He was angry. He looked over at Jeannie with sad eyes.

"Rage, don’t even think about" Jake said.

"She is not yours. She is claimed."

" Fuck that Jake. That bastard claimed her then cheated on her."

Snake growled and said "what about you?"

" You told her you wanted to claim her but you fucked Kathy and had a child with her. You are no better than Ink."

" You were worse. The only thing he did was put his dick in Kathy’s mouth."

Kelly spoke up and said, “but if given the chance, he would have put it somewhere else.”

"We all know that."

I can’t believe that she is Gunners baby sister. She is fucking beautiful.

"Yes, she is but she is broken now. I am worried about her."

" What do you mean" Psycho asked turning to look at Dragan.

"I am worried she might hurt herself. We need to keep an eye on her at all times. We can’t let her be alone."

" We need to get her to our club and take care of her. Keep her safe and kill any man that ever tries to hurt her again."

" Agreed. I watched her grow up and I will be damned if another man hurts her again. I made sure of that when she was a teenager."

" She gets out of my sight and look what happens. I will kill Ink for this. I should kill Rage why I’m at it."

" No, Psycho you can’t touch either of them. That will be up to Gunner. We just get her back to the clubhouse.

"We do this tonight."

" Yes, we get her drugged but how."

" She keeps her bedroom window open and sits on the windowsill and looks at the stars."

Gunner said "doc sent an injection and one we can put in blow dart."

" I am good using a blow dart. I will shot the needle at her tonight."

" Then we wait and watch as she goes to sleep and take her out the window. We meet outback by the swing at 1:00 in the morning."

" Be ready to load her in the van and head out. Got it everyone?"

" Got it" they all said. We said good night to Snake and let him know we will be leaving early. He said good night to all of us as we walked to the rooms given to us.

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