Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 37: Carrying Jeannie out to the van

We all met outside by the swing as discussed. Then we saw her sitting in the window. I took out the blow gun and walked in the shadows toward the window.

I then lifted the blow gun and blew through it. The dart struck Jeannie in the side of her neck. We watched as she slowly reached up and felt the side of her neck. She stood up and then slowly fell to the floor.

I watched as Psycho climbed into the window and then walked over to the back door. We watched as he slowly carried her in his arms toward the back door. I opened it and closed it as he walked past me toward the van.

One of the prospects had the doors opened and watched as Psycho gently laid her on the mattress and then stepped back as the prospect shut the doors and got into the van. Psycho and I got on our bikes and started them and followed the van out of Snake’s compound.

We drove through town until we saw the exit to the highway and drove onto it still following the van. We had a 45 minute ride to our MC. It was 2:30 in the morning when we pulled into our compound.

I got off my bike and watched as Psycho my VP walk to the van and gently pick Jeannie up in his arms. I pulled the door to the club open and watched him carry her in.

It got quiet then we heard

” fuck me, a new club whore, I get first chance with that beauty.”

Then Psycho growled and Gunner said

"my sister is not a club whore and none of you will touch her or disrespect her.”

"You have a sister I heard from a few club members?"

" Yes, I do and that is Jeannie. She my baby sister but she does not know about me that I know of."

" I will kill anyone who hurts her and Ink and Rage are both on my shit list right now."

" Sara will show you the room assigned to Jeannie Psycho. Take her to her room and lay her on the bed then come back here and tell me how it went."

I watched as Psycho gently carried my sister to her room grinning to myself. Other club members watched as well surprised. Psycho hated everyone and here he was carrying my sister as if she would break.

I turned and sat down at the table drinking my beer. Dragon walked over carrying his own beer and one for Psycho. As he sat down we watched Psycho walk over to the table and thanked Dragon as he picked up his and took a drink.

Dragon told Gunner about the fight and how Rage grabbed Jeannie and then her falling onto the floor then Snake punching Rage in the face.

He told Gunner how Psycho ran over and picked Jeannie up and carried her over to their table, then she turned and got her food and coffee not saying one word.

Not even worried that her brother was fighting with Rage.

"Gunner, she is like a fucking zombie. She just stares straight ahead not looking right or left and not even looking or saying one word to anyone who grabs her."

"That scares me Gunner."

" What if one of the men here thinks they can get away with doing something to her if she doesn’t say a word?"

" We will make sure Sara or one of the Valkyries is always with her. I will put a guard on her as well."

" Psycho do you think Spike might be a good guard dog for her for awhile?"

" Yes, I think that is a good idea."

" I will bring him here to meet Jeannie and see how he likes her. If he likes her then he can stay with her."

" Good, that makes me feel better."

"My sister is beautiful isn’t she" Gunner asked.

"Yes, she is. Before this happened she was a happy person and I heard she was spontaneous. We need her back."

" Yes, we do and we will take care of her."

We sat quietly talking when Dragon said.

"Shit, we forgot one thing."

" What?"

" She is going to wake up and come out of that room lost. She always comes out at 3:00 in the morning to get something to eat and coffee."

" What is she going to do when she sees she is not at Snake’s club house?"

" She might sleep through the night"

". Doc, will she wake up soon or sleep through the night"

"Gunner" asked?

"She will sleep through the night."

" Good we need some time."

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