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Chapter 38; Jeannie wakes up Unexpected

I opened my eyes and sat up in the bed. I stood up and walked over to the door. I opened it and turned left down the hallway. I hit a wall. I turned around and walked the other way.

As I walked out into the bar I turned left instead of right. I walked into another wall.

"What the hell a member said looking at Jeannie."

"What is she doing?"

"We watched as Psycho stood up and walked over to her."

The doctor said, "She should still be asleep."

We all watched as Psycho gently turned her toward the VIP table. He walked behind her and she turned left toward the kitchen door.

"Our club is a little different than your brothers."

We watched as Psycho followed her into the kitchen. I leaned against the wall watching her. She is beautiful. I like being near here.

The kitchen design is the same as her brothers. I watched as she made coffee and a sandwich. She then poured herself of cup of coffee and put creamer in it.

I watched as she walked past me over towards the table my the window.

"Move, I told the two members sitting there."

As they stood up they grumbled.

"That is our table."

"Find another one. From now on this is Jeannie's table."

All the members watched as she sat down and ate. looking straight ahead.

"What the hell happened to her a member asked?"

"She looks so broken. Like she closed her mind off."

We watched as Psycho sat down across from her. I looked at her and thought that Rage and Ink are both fools. She is still claimed. But I will do my best to change that.

After she ate I watched as she picked up her plate and cup and walked back to the kitchen. I looked up to see her carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen and walk toward the hallway.

I followed her to make sure she went to her room and not someone else. I heard her door lock and I walked back to the Table.

I sat in the back watching her. She is very beautiful. She reminds me of my sister. I can't let that son of a bitch hurt her. I watched as Cash stared at her.

I know he wants her and he will do what it takes to fuck her. The word is rape. Because that is what it would be. I won't let that happen.

Since I sit back here in the dark they all forget I am here. I learn a lot of things and let Gunner know about what is going on behind his back.

I had my eyes closed when I heard Cash tell his brother,

"I am going to have that girl."

"Cash, so help me god. If you rape that girl, I will kill you myself."

"Who is going to find out? I strip her fuck her and put her clothes back on her."

"Who would know she was touched?"

I watched at Cash and his brother stood up and walked out the door. I walked over and said, "Gunner we need to talk now."

We walked to Gunner's office."

"What is it?"

"Cash told his brother he was going to have your sister."

"His brother told him if he raped that girl, he would kill him his self."

"Then Cash said, who would know?"

"I would strip her, fuck her and put her clothes back on her. No one would know."

"Thanks Arrow."

"Send Psycho in here."

I walked out of Gunners off and told Psycho that Gunner wanted to see him in his office."

I walked into Gunner's office and sat down.

"You wanted to see me?"

I told Gunner what Arrow overhead. Psycho was instantly angry. I grinned. Psycho likes Jeannie. Good. That is what I wanted to see.

"I need you to sleep in her room. I want that bastard to get in her bedroom. Then I want you to drag his ass out to the bar and make an example of him."

"I took the key Gunner handed me and walked out of his office."

I grabbed a six pack of beer before walking down the hall to her bedroom. I unlocked the door and walked in. I could see her laying in the bed.

I walked over to where the couch was shoved against the wall. It was in the dark. I walked over and sat down and opened a beer. I drank about three of them when I heard the knob turn on her bedroom door.

I waited quietly. Then I watched Cash shut the door and lock it. He walked over to the bed and looked down at Jeannie. I hated that he was touching her.

She didn't move, just stared at the ceiling.

"That is what I thought."

" I can fuck you and you won't fight me."

I stood up and walked over to Cash.

I Grabbed his hair and walked to the door. I opened and threw Cash out into the hallway. I shut her door and reached down and pulled Cash down the hallway by his hair.

Once I got into the bar I threw Cash on the floor in front of Gunner.

"This mother fucker did what we thought he would do."

"I caught him in Jeannie's bedroom. He was touching her, telling how he was going to fuck her and she would lay there and let him."

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