Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 39: Sending A Message To The Club Members

"You know what to do."

I dragged the fucker out the back door, followed by the club members.

"You all heard what happened."

"This is to show you that the next man that tries this shit with my sister will receive the same treatment."

"He is all yours Psycho."

I pounded in Cash, I knocked all his teeth out of his mouth, broke his hands, kicked his balls in until the were flat then I cut his cock off and shoved it down his throat.

"Let that be a lesson to all of you."

"Don't even think about my baby sister, don't ever touch her, and don't disrespect her in anyway."

"Finish him off Psycho."

"Now, you five men standing there, get rid of the body."

We walked into the club and I looked over at Gunner.

"I am going to go and bring Spike here. I will be right back."

I turned and walked out of the clubhouse and climbed into my truck. I was going to make sure that no one else entered her room.

I arrived at my cabin in 10 minutes. I opened the door and whistled. Spike jumped in and I shut the door. Spike is a German Shepard. He doesn't like anyone but me.

I drove back to the club and opened the door letting Spike walk inside. I walked down the hallway with the members watching. I walked to Jeannie's room.

I opened the door and Spike lifted his nose and sniffed. He walked around the bed and sniffed her hand. I was shocked. I watched him walk to the other side and jump on the bed.

I walked over and sat on the couch. I smiled. Spike usually doesn't like anyone. Maybe he can sense her vulnerability. I was dosing off when I heard Spike growl.

I looked over and saw him looking at the door. I lay listening and heard the door knob rattle. Three times then it stopped. I don't know who that was but I know it was not Gunner.

I finally feel asleep on the couch. I woke up to a knocking on the door. I Walked over and opened it. I opened it further and let Gunner in.

As he walked over to the bed Spike growled at him.

"Spike down."

I walked over and sat down looking at Jeannie.

"Jeannie, can you hear me?"


"Sara get her bathed and bring her down for breakfast."

"Psycho go to your room shower and change and come to breakfast as well."

Outside in the hall I told Gunner someone else tried to get in.

"Psycho, I think that you should move your things in here and sleep in here with Jeannie."

"I understand."

"I will do it after breakfast."

"No we have visitors coming."


"Ink wants to see Jeannie."


"He is her husband."

After breakfast we looked up to see Ink standing at that table. He sat down across from Jeannie."

I looked over at Psycho sitting next to her and I was angry.

"You have no reason to be angry Ink." Psycho said.

"Just who do you think is protecting your wife right now?"

"Sure as hell not you."

I saw Gunner look over and we saw Kathy thrown on the floor in front of Ink.

"There is your whore Ink."

"You wanted her so bad, what's the matter?"

"I don't want her. I want my wife back."

"You are not going to get my sister back, Ink."

"That's right. she is my baby sister."

"What I want is for you to divorce her."


"No., you will divorce her or I will go to war with your MC."

"I have a surprise for you Ink."

"Diamond, I yelled."

Inks eyes grew big.

"Diamond I want you to fuck his whore up."

" I want you to mark her so bad, she will never break up another couple again."

"I didn't care what they did to Kathy. I turned my head and looked at Jeannie. She has withdrawn since I let Kathy suck my cock."

"Gunner, I am taking my wife home with me."

"No, you are not taking Jeannie," Psycho said.

"What makes you think you can stop me?"

"I won't stop you, Spike will."

"Look under the table."

"I looked under the table and gritted my teeth."

"That dog likes Jeannie. Try touching her and that dog will tear you to pieces."

Just then Kathy was thrown at Inks feet.

"I made her look beautiful Gunner." Diamond said.

"Why, Gunner. Why did you do this to me?"

"No man will want me now."

"That was the idea, Kathy."

"You took Rage from Jeannie, then you took Ink."

"I am making sure that you never take another man from her again."

"As for you Ink, When my sister is back, she will divorce you."

"I will make sure of it."

I looked over at Ink.

"And I will claim Jeannie when that happens."

I was shocked.

"You can't stand to be touched Psycho."

"She can touch me. She can calm me down."

"That is why I am sitting here. If I wasn't, you would be dead now."

"Ink, I never thought you would do what you did. We cannot be allies anymore."

"It seems that your belief has changed."

"I never want to see you in my territory again."

"And Ink, soon you will be getting a call that every MC will witness."

"The day that Jeannie divorces you."

"Now take your slut and go."

"I don't want her. Do what you want with her."

We watched as Ink walked out the door. "Good riddance Gunner said."

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