Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 4: Riding To The Fair

We all decided to go to the fair in Sidney, Ohio today. I wanted Jeannie to ride behind me but her cousin, William walked over to her as she locked her door taking her hand he walked over to his bike and put a helmet on her then lifted her onto the back of his bike.

Bones helped Pam on his bike, and Steve helped Elizabeth on his. I got on my bike and we started them and pulled out of the compound and rode down 29 to Sidney. As we pulled into the fairgrounds we got some looks.

I hated the way the women were looking at me and I saw red when I saw the men looking Jeannie up and down. I walked with William and Jeannie making sure she was between the both of us.

As we walked around we stopped at one of the stands that were selling scarfs and biker items. I bought a scarf for Jeannie to hold her hair back. Her eyes lit up when I handed it to her.

"Thank you Rage," she said and kissed my cheek.

William smiled at her and then asked if she wanted to ride anything.

"The Farris Wheel,"

" no," William said. I don’t like that one. I saw her smile drop and I said.

"I will ride with you."

She smiled and said "really?"

I took her hand in mine hoping she would leave it there. We walked over and stood in line waiting our turn. She didn’t let go of my hand not until we got on the ride.

I put my arm around the back of the seat and she leaned back and looked around. I saw the twinkle in her eyes and how much she liked this. When we got off we walked over to William and he said.

"We decided to grab some beer and food."

We started walking over to a food stand and got our food then found a picnic table and sat down. Again Jeannie was between myself and William. We then played some games and I won her a teddy bear. After about an hour we decided to go watch the demolition derby.

I was talking to William when I felt her tense up and start to shake. I then felt her move closer to me. I looked down and noticed she was staring at a group of people two rows down.

I saw a man lift his arm and rub the back of his neck. I noticed a tattoo of Jeannie down his arm. I tapped William on the shoulder and pointed to the man. I then pointed at Jeannie.

He too noticed the fear she was exhibiting. Then the man laughing looked back and Jeannie pushed her face against my chest. I put my arm around her holding her close to me.

I glared at the man until he shrugged his shoulders and turned back around.

"Jeannie is that him?"

She shook her head yes.

"He won’t get to you. We won’t let him. Just stick to me, Steve, William, and Bones."

We watched the derby for a while longer and decided to go get some more food and drinks and play more games. As we walked down the stairs I noticed Richard and his three friends stand up and follow us. I was holding Jeannie’s hand and said

"William behind us."

William looked over his shoulder and then walked to Bones and Steve and said.

"Trouble following us. It’s Richard." I said.

"We will make sure the girls have their food and drinks and Bones you stay with them.

"William and Rage are going to come with me."

We will circle behind them and find out what we can.

"Do not let them near the girls."

We lost them and Bones did what I told him to do. Then Rage said.

"Over there."

We could see them looking around. We men being so tall and everyone around us they could not tell if the girls were with us.

William said. "I’m going around and get behind them and listen to what they are saying."

I watched him walking up behind the three men and he leaned against the post-listening to what they were saying. They didn’t even realize he was there.

I then saw William smile. After about 15 minutes they stood up and started to walk toward us. William appeared next to me out of nowhere.

"How the hell did you do that I asked?"

" Can’t tell you. Let’s go to the women."

As we walked over to the table and we sat down I saw Bones doubled over laughing.

I asked. "What the hell are you all laughing at?"

Pam looked at me and said

“some woman walked up in line and let this huge loud fart and everyone standing there suddenly decided they didn’t want to wait to order”

"She didn’t fart she had a fart cushion."

All the girls said.

“I want one” at the same time.

We smiled at them and decided we would look at every booth and get them one. Just then we heard.

"Well if it isn’t the fucking whore who left me in Florida."

I felt Jeannie stiffen and I turned and looked at the man and said with a cold expression on my face.

"You must be Richard, the bastard who beat on Jeannie."

" Well," Richard, I said.

“If you ever call her a whore again or look at her the wrong way, or even put your hands on her, I will kill you”.

His face turned white. One of the men recognized me and said.

"You’re Rage the VP of the Wild Rider MC."

" Yes, I am. If you know who I am you know I meant what I said."

"What she is the club whore now?"

I started to stand up when William put his hand on my shoulder. He stood up and said.

"First off if you insult my cousin again I will cut your tongue out. Second, she is a lady, not a slut or a whore. Third, if you keep insulting her Rage will rip you to pieces."

Just then Bones said.

"I do believe that you owe her an apology."

" Fuck that, I’m not going to apologize to her."

I looked at him and finally feeling safe said.

"If you ever come near me again I will press charges against you after, they beat the shit out of you."

No one saw the knife in her hand or how fast she moved. I put the knife against his stomach and said.

"Keep following us and I will stab you, rip my shirt, and scream rape. I will make sure you go to prison for a long time."

I looked down at my stomach and backed away from her.

"You win for now bitch."

I said, "let’s go."

We watched them walk away. I walked up behind Jeannie putting my arms around her and took the knife from her. I looked at it and noticed it was mine. She had gotten it out of my boot and I never noticed.

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