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Chapter 40: Kathy

I was put in the cells and my brother sent for. My brother hates my guts. If he doesn't kill me he will send me to a club that doesn't care what a woman looks like.

After all I can be fucked from the back and they won't have to see my face. My brother would enjoy watching me suffer. I was not a nice person.

I have to say, I thought I was a bad ass. That Diamond is better than I am. I couldn't stop her. She moved faster than I did. I stood up and limped over and looked into the mirror they threw in the cell at me.

I looked at my face and screamed. Once side was cut up to pieces, the other side was burned. I will beg my brother to kill to me.

I heard the door open and saw three men walk toward me. I knew one is a doctor. I sat down as the door opened and the doctor walked in.

He worked on my face for two hours.

"Kathy, I did the best I could. Not even plastic surgery can help you."

"I am sorry."

I heard more voices and then my brothers.

"Diamond sure did a job on you Kathy."

"Kill me."

"No, I don't think so."

"You can be fucked in the dark."

"Besides we can put a mask on you."

"You will not have the freedom of the club."

"You will be chained to you bed. You meals will be brought to you, You will be able to reach the bathroom to shower and take care of your needs."

"And you will be used by all men. You don't get to choose."

"When you are used up, you will be to old to leave the club."

"Then, and only then will you be free to roam the club."

"you will then clean the club, and do the members laundry."

"You will have nothing sharp. And when you shave you will be watched."

"Put her in the van, chain her so she can't run."

"Good riddance bitch."

I looked over at Jeannie as I was dragged from Gunners club. I should have left her alone. She is the lucky one now. She is still beautiful, Men will look at her with lust.

No man will look at me now. I will be chained to a bed. She is chained to her memories.

"It is her fault this happened to me I yelled."

"She had everything. A loving family, money, intelligence. But she is not so smart now is she?"

I lifted my eyes and looked at Kathy. I stood up and smiled at her.

"I am still smarter than you Kathy."

Everyone turned and looked at me.

"That's right."

"I am back."

"I looked over at her brother. It is my right to kill her."

"First, I want my property cut, second I want Ink here."

"You ruined my life Kathy."

"I am going to renin yours."

"Gunner, I want Inks whole club of single males, and I looked at her brother. I want yours here as well."

How many single men would that be including this club?'

2,500 men. I turned and grinned at Kathy.

"You do like to fuck remember."

"No, you can't do that do me. Oh, but I can. I will enjoy every minute of it."

"That means you can take on three at a time."

I looked over at Jeannie and saw hate in her eyes. Pure hate."

"They are coming I was told."

"I saw Kathy looking at Psycho."

"One last wish?"

"I want to fuck him."


"The one called Psycho."

"I don't think so, bitch. I don't like to be touched."

"You let Jeannie touch you."

"Because I plan on claiming her."

"So, wish not granted."

"I sat and pulled Jeannie down and sat her in my lap."

Jus then the door opened. "See my sister here?"

"She is a free for all."

"Have fun boys."

I watched as she was taken from the back and the front. Two cocks in her pussy at one time. When they finished, one took her in the ass while one fucked her pussy.

By the time all of the men had her she was begging for me to kill her.

"I don't think so."

"You are still going to your brothers club. Bitch."

We watched as she was dragged outside and they all left.

I then looked over at Ink.

I took my cut off and lit it on fire. "I divorce you Ink for cheating on me."

"I'm sorry Jeannie. I just need a more experienced woman one more time."

"You got it, but you lost me."

"Goodbye, Ink. I hope that you find what you really want."

I turned and looked at Gunner.

"Hello, Gunner."

"How did you become you again?"

"It was Ink and Kathy being here together."

"Then I heard this voice. He was begging me to get better. He wanted to get to know me. That he needed me. He needed me to keep him calm."

"It was you Psycho."

"You begged me to come back."

"it was like I was fighting my way through a fog."

"You sounded like you were in pain."

"I fought so hard."

"Then Kathy screamed all this was my fault."

"It was like a rubber band snapped in my head."

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