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Chapter 41: Jeannie

Later that night I lay in my bed with Spike next to me. I looked over at the couch where Psycho was sleeping. How is it that his voice called me back?

I don't understand. I want to understand. I got out of bed and walked over to the couch. I looked down at Psycho. The sheet slid down to his waist.

I looked at his chest. I sat down on the floor next to the couch. I heard her get out of bed. I can fell her next to the couch. I just lay still.

Then I felt her hand on my chest. What is she doing. She was feeling the beat of my heart. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her.

She is confused. As I confused as I am. I never let a woman touch me like this before. I like it. I had never kissed a woman before either.

I have let a few whores suck my cock but that is all. I never did anything else with them. I watched as she traced my tattoo's. She send tingles through my body.

I didn't know why I felt the need to touch him. But, I did. I want to fell his body against mine. To be held in his arms. I want to kiss him.

"Jeannie are you alright?"

"Psycho, why do I feel the need to touch you? To be held in your arms. To kiss you."

"I have never really felt like this before."

"I don't know Jeannie. But I feel the same way."

"I never wanted a woman to touch me before."

I watched as she climbed on me laying on top of me. I wanted to moan. The tingles were running rapid through my body. I leaned down and kissed him.

She nibbled my bottom lip and then licked it. I opened my mouth and she slide her tongue inside my mouth. Fuck she tastes so good.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me. Fuck my cock was getting hard. I felt her open her legs wider. And my hips moved against her.

Soon I flipped her onto her back. I wrapped my arms around his back. I moaned and rubbed myself against his cock. I moved faster against him.

I pulled my shirt off and felt my breasts rubbing against his chest. I moved my head down and sucked and licked her nipples. I moaned.

I moved my hand down inside her pants. I pushed three fingers inside of her and rubbed her clit. Soon she was riding my fingers.

I heard her moan. I lifted my hips moving against his hand.

"Faster Psycho."

Soon she tightened around my fingers and screamed my name. I took my fingers out and licked them. I leaned forward and put my cock against her pushing my cock inside her.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and met him thrust for thrust. Fuck she was so tight. I reached down and rubbed her clit and felt her clinch around my cock.

Then I felt the tingle move faster down my spine to my balls. I threw my head back gritting my teeth. I screamed his name as I my muscles spasmed and he took me to the heavens and back.

I felt my seed fly out of my cock and I kissed her again. I held her to me my cock still in her and rolled onto my back. She was laying on top of me.

As our breathing slowed down I looked into her eyes. I never did this before. I want to make love to you again. And I did. I made love to her three times before we both fell asleep.

I opened my eyes remembering what Psycho and I did. I moved against him with his cock still in me. I sat up and started riding him.

His cock got harder and harder and longer and it felt so good. I opened my eyes to look into Psychos. He started rubbing my clit and I moved faster enjoying the friction.

Soon I was getting closer to having an orgasm when he rubbed my clit and I yelled his name. I felt my seed flow from my balls as she screamed.

"Psycho, now that you have had sex, don't have sex with another woman."

"Not even to find out how different it might be."

I pulled her down to me.

"Jeannie, I don't want another woman. My body craves yours."

"I know you don't believe me. But it is the truth."

"Come on. We need a shower and then dress for breakfast."

We made love in the shower and got it was so good."

We dressed and walked out of the room with Spike following us. We walked to the kitchen and filled our plates before sitting down.

As we were eating Gunner looked over at Psycho.

"Are you planning on claiming my sister?"

"Yes, I am."

"Jeannie, do you want Psycho to claim you?"

"Yes, I do."

"I will order a property cut then."

I stood up and walked over to the sink and rinsed my plate before putting it in the dishwasher. Then I kissed Psycho's cheek.

"I am going to go and sit with Sara on the porch."

I carried my coffee cup out the door and sat on the swing next to Sara. We were talking when four bikes rode into the compound.

They got off and walked onto the porch. One biker with shoulder length hair. He was handsome but he is not Psycho.

"Look what we have here boys. A new club whore."

He reached for me and I screamed and so did Sara.

"Psycho,: I screamed. I lifted my head and heard Jeannie yell. I ran out of the kitchen and to the porch.

"Get your hands off her."

"You can have her after we do."

He was jerked off me and shoved behind him.

"Jeannie are you alright.?"

"I am now."

"She is not a club whore. She is my woman, and Gunners baby sister."

"Right. Now give her to us Psycho."

"Touch her again and I will rip you to pieces."

I looked around Psycho and watched them back away.

"You arn't kidding are you?"

"Do I look like I am kidding?"

"She is really your woman?"

"And, Gunners sister."

"Who would have believed that Psycho would find a woman."

"Sorry about that."

"Go inside right now all of you."

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