Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 42: Making Sure She is Fine

I turned around and looked Jeannie over. If they had hurt her I would kill them.

"Psycho, I am fine now that you are here."

I reached up and touched his face.

"Psycho look at me."

I looked down at her. I stood on my toes and kissed him. I took his hand and we walked inside the club.

I walked over to the VIP table and he sat down and pulled me into his arms.

"Gunner, is it true she is your sister?"

"Yes, touch her again and I cannot guarantee your safety."

We watched how Psycho held her close to him. I do believe that she is the only one that can calm him. If she had not been behind him he would have killed us.

I lay my head back against his chest. I held his hand in mine.

"Jeannie, Psycho when the property cut gets here you need to claim each other."

"I don't need Psycho killing anyone."

"I think that is for the best I said."

"What do you think Psycho?"

"The sooner the better I said smiling down at her."

"I will be dammed. She has him smiling."

At Kathy's brothers MC she lay in a bed crying. She had just been used by one of the members who was not gentle with her.

"The doctor told her brother that she can't have anal sex for awhile."

Her brother informed the members of that and they said "well shit."

" Her ass is tighter than her pussy."

"That may be but someone is not preparing her first."

I had been told over and over and over that if I had followed the rules and left the married men or those with girlfriends alone this would not have happened.

In a way they were right. I should never have sucked Inks cock. Especially outside where I was caught. I really thought that he would claim me or at least take me with him when he left.

He looked at me with such hate in his eyes. I was told that Ink was here to see me.

"I figured I might as well fuck her since I am divorced. Too bad I can fuck her in the ass."

I walked into her room and she tried to talk to me. "I am not here to talk, I am here to fuck you."

"Get on your knees."

I undressed and climbed on the bed behind her. I placed my cock at the edge of her pussy and pushed it in. I didn't want foreplay. I pumped in and out of her and then shot my load. I climbed off the bed and sat down. I smoked a joint.

Then I lay on top of her fucking her.

"Please rub my clit Ink"

" I am not here to give you pleasure. I am here to fuck you and get off."

"I can't have Jeannie so I will fuck you getting off and leave.'

I got off and cleaned my cock before dressing. I arrived back to the club to find out that Jeannie and Psycho will be claiming each other in a few days.

I just drank and sat there. I have nothing to say. I lost her and it was over. I had to accept that. I knew it was going to happen if I got caught.

I tried to lie my way out of it but my own sister had the proof a picture. One day after I claimed Jeannie, I cheated.

I tell you. I learned my lesson. I will never do it again if I find another woman. But, gossip travels fast. Women do not want a man that will cheat. I cheated, and Rage cheated.

Back at Gunner's clubhouse Jeannie stood up and walked to the kitchen. She came back with her usual coffee and sat down on Psycho's left.

I placed my hand on Psycho thigh and left it there. Gunner and Psycho were talking about the club going for a ride this weekend. He said we all could go to Columbus and go shopping at the second hand stores.

I knew they would pull these small trailers to put things in. I was excited to be going. We will go next weekend. I looked over at Gunner.

"Gunner, do you have a girlfriend?"

"I do have one. Her name is Lisa and she will be here tonight."

"Where has she been?"

"Believe it or not, she is in the Army. She is a nurse."

"that is really neat."

"So, she is coming home on leave?"

"Nope, she will be home for good."

"How long have you been dating?"

"About five years."

"Then you will be claiming her?"

"Yes, I will."

"That is good news."

"Another woman to add to the group."

I laughed at Jeannie.

"Well, there is only Sara and me."

I looked at his enforcer and he looked at me.

"No, Jeannie. I do not have a girlfriend. Not yet."

"Hurry up and find one."

"Yes, Harley, Hurry up and find one." Said Gunner.

"No way, I am not ready for that."

"How old are you Harley?" Jeannie asked.

"I am 25."

"Then you are ready for a girlfriend."

"You don't know what you are missing."

"I can wait."

"I can't wait for you to get a girlfriend."

I rubbed my hand higher up Psycho's thigh. I looked down at Jeannie and she just smiled at me. She looked like butter would not melt in her mouth.

I looked in Psycho's eyes and rubbed his cock. I saw his eyes widen. I almost moaned as she rubbed my cock. I think I am going to love being claimed.

I reached for her hand and lowered it. I whispered in her ear.

"Baby if you keep that up I will cream my jeans."

I giggled and whispered back.

"I want you to cream inside me."

We all looked over as Psycho threw his head back laughing. We had never seen Psycho like this before. He always had an angry look. She is good for him.

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