Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 43: Lisa

I had all my things packed into the van that Gunner sent to the club. I sat down on my bike and started it. I am going home. I heard that Gunners little sister is now living there and she had been used by two men.

I also heard that she is being claimed by Psycho and she is getting back to her normal self. Gunner told me that she is good with the swords and self-defense. I am looking forward to meeting her. I think we will get along well.

We will be at the club in an hour. I can't wait to see Gunner. I have missed him so much. Now we will be together for good. I can't wait to have my man in bed.

We drove into the compound and I turned my bike off. I walked in the door and saw Gunner standing by the bar. I ran to him and jumped into his arms kissing him.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you too."

"Now introduce me to your little sister."

I stood Lisa on her feet and we walked to the table.

"Jeannie, this is Lisa my girlfriend."

"Lisa this is Jeannie."

I ran over and hugged her.

"We are going to be great friends. Jeannie."

"I hope so."

I watched as she sat in Gunners lap. She was handed a beer.

"I am so happy to be home for good."

"I am too. I hated seeing you once a year."

"I have an idea. Lets go to the club." Said Lisa.

"Why not. Psycho, Jeannie. Want to come."

We will all go. We walked out the door and Psycho lifted me on the back of his bike. I do not have a property patch and neither does Lisa yet.

But, when they see us walk in with them they know we are hands off. I wrapped my arms around Psycho and he started his bike. We arrived at the Dance club and they shut the bikes off.

Psycho lift me off and held my hand as we walked in. As the door opened it got quiet. Of course Psycho and I got the most attention. There were shocked looks on other bikers faces.

As we walked to a big round table in the corner Psycho sat me on his lap. We all had beer and soon someone lit a joint and passed it around.

I was feeling pretty good when Wipe Out came on. Gunner lifted me off Psycho's lap and stood me on the stage. I had everyone's attention. I did not notice some new MC walked in.

As I finished dancing the president looked up at the stage.

"Well, hello little one."

I looked over at Psycho. He walked over and lifted me down.

"She is my woman, back off."

"Isn't that Psycho?"

"Yes, it is."

"The man that doesn't like to be touched."

"The very one."

We watched them set down at a table across from our.

"Baby you can never dance to that song without me being present."

"Alright. I won't."

"Besides, I gave you a hard on."

"Me and every other man in here."

"But, I only want you to get one."

I leaned down and kissed her. I saw on his lap facing him.

"Psycho, "

"Yes, baby."

"What would you do if I was to sock your cock?"

I moaned at that thought. "I would love it if you did that."

Psycho and I made love last night, but I intend on making love to him tonight. He loves sex. I love sex with him. I will keep him interested only in me.

Lisa looked over at me and smiled. I know she is thinking the same thing I am. We all decided to go home an hour later. Once we got home I said,

"We are going to bed."

"See you all in the morning."

I pulled Psycho down the hall to our room. Once inside I stripped my clothes and then walked over to Psycho.

I sat on the bed and took my boots off. Once I was naked she pushed me onto my back on the bed. Then she kneeled between my legs.

I looked down to see her holding my cock with hand hand then she started licking and sucking me. Fuck me but if she keeps that up I will bust a nut.

I grabbed her head and moaned.

"Jeannie, I am about to come."

She sucked and licked me and then I pushed my hips up off the bed and shot in her mouth. I was still hard and I pulled her up and sat her on my cock.

I rode Psycho and soon he was rubbing my clit and I rode him faster and I felt myself squeeze his cock and screamed his name.

I made love to Jeannie most of the night. We feel asleep in each others arms. I woke up in the middle of the night with Jeannie sucking me again.

God I never knew how good sex with with someone you loved. Wait, I love her. I love her so much. Now I am scared. What if someone takes her from me. I can't have that. She is mine. She belongs to me.

I need to claim her as soon as I can. When is that property cut coming. I need to know what she feels about me. I know it is hard for her to trust. I want her to trust me. To love me.

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