Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 44: Rage Returns

To is the day we claim each other. I am getting ready and my brother will walk me to down the isle.

"Jeannie, it is time."

"I put my arm through Gunners and he walked out the back door and down the lawn to the alter. He put my hand in Psycho's.

"Who gives this woman in marriage?"

"I her brother does."

Then the minister said the vows and we exchanged wedding rings. Then we said our own vows the biker way. Then Psycho put my property cut on me.

The minister said. Psycho, you man now kiss your bride. "I know pronounce you man and wife."

Just then Rage walked into the back yard.

"I came to stop the claiming."

"You are too late. I married her legally and by biker law."

"Go away Rage. You are not wanted here."

"I brought our daughter to see you."

"I don't have a daughter. Take her to see her real mother."

"I want you to be her mother."

"No. I will not be the other of child not from my own body."

"When are you going to get that in your head?"

We watched as he walked out the door. He needs to leave me alone. We went on with the reception and soon it was time for Psycho and me to leave for our honeymoon.

Psycho was taking me to South Carolina. We will stay in a motel for a week before returning home. I told Psycho we need a sound proof room.

"I already thought of that baby."

"I love you screaming my name, but I don't think the other guests will like it."

Once we arrived we took the suitcases from the back of his truck and carried them into the hotel. We were taken to the top floor and I was shocked at the room. It was a suit.

We changed into our swimming suits and took the elevator down to the first floor. We walked over to sit on chairs by the pool. I noticed that Psycho was really big and he intimidated most of the men here.

The woman looked at him with lust. Too bad. He is my husband. We made love every way we could in our room. I was leaning against the couch and Psycho was taking me from behind,

He grabbed my hair jerking my neck back while he sucked and licked my sweet spot. It drove me crazy. I was pushing back against his cock until he hit my G-spot and I felt like I was flying in the sky.

"harder Psycho I screamed."

I grabbed her hips and pumped into her faster and hard and she came apart again and I followed after her. Fuck I can't get enough of her.

As we were laying holding each other I told him I loved him. I turned her to look at me. "Say it again Jeannie."

"I love you Psycho."

"God you don't know how much I needed to hear that."

"I love you Jeannie."

"I never thought I would be able to have a woman touch me."

"Then I saw you. I held you in my arms and wanted to have you as mine."

"Please do not ever leave me."

"I would never leave you willingly Psycho."

"Not unless you cheat."

"I have no reason to cheat Jeannie."

"You give me everything I need."

"I would be stupid to fuck another woman."

"You please me in every way. Hell, I love your surprises."

"Don't ever stop showing me how much you love me or that you want me."

"When you touch me it is like sparks going through my body."

"I love the fact that men look at you with lust, and I know that you only look at me."

"Why wouldn't I look at you?"

"Every time I look at you, especially without your shirt you make me wet."

"I want to take your jeans off and have your cock inside me."

"Sometimes when we sit at the table, I just want to take your cock out of your jeans and wrap my hand around you and get you off."

"Baby keep talking like that and I will be in you before you know it."

"Please do."

He rolled me on my side and lifted my leg over his and pushed his cock inside me. God it felt so good. I was rubbing my clit on his leg and soon I was flying in the sky again.

To tell the truth. I get him to fuck me whenever I can. I once got him to fuck me on his desk in the garage. I want him to fuck me on his bike.

We feel asleep in each others arms for two hours. We woke up and showered before walking out of the hotel. We walked through town and looked for home made quilts.

I love them. Then we walked along the beach and played some volleyball for awhile. I moaned when he told me that we had to leave for home tomarrow.

"No, I want to have you to myself."

"Baby, you will have me for the rest of our lives."

"I know but we have club members around."

"Lets buy a cabin where we can go when we want to get away for the weekend."

"We don't have to. I own a cabin 10 minutes drive from the club."

"We will there on a weekend when we get home."


"I promise."

"I lived there."

"I didn't live at the club."

"I hated the whores trying to touch me all the time."

"Then you came. I couldn't leave. I had to protect you."

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