Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 45: Back Home

We arrived back at the club around 9 pm. As we walked in Sara and Lisa hugged me. Then Gunner lifted me off my feet and hugged me before sitting me back on my feet.

A visiting MC, VP, asked who I was.

"That is Gunners little sister. and Psycho's wife."

I looked at him fast.

"You are joking right?"

"Nope, Psycho and Jeannie were married two weeks ago."

"Wow. Who would have thought that Psycho would find a woman he would let touch him."

Just than Spike ran into the club and knocked me off my feet. I was laying on the floor laughing as he was licking me. Psycho lifted me off the floor and Spike sat next to my chair.

"Isn't that Spikes dog?"

"It is. Spike loves Jeannie."

I sat down and pulled Jeannie onto my lap. "Good to see you again Falcon."

"I hear you got married."

"I did. This is my wife, Jeannie, and Gunners baby sister."

"Hello, Jeannie."


I could not help but look at her. She is very beautiful. and short. The way I like my women. But she is off limits. She belongs to Psycho. You don't want to mess with his woman. He will kill you.

He is not called Psycho for nothing. He is one lucky man. Then it dawned on me. This is the woman Rage cheated on with Kathy. Then she was claimed by Ink and the day after he got caught getting a blow joy by Kathy.

Now she is not only claimed by Psycho, but legally married to her. I hope that he is not stupid and cheat on her. But something tells me he never will.

I looked across the table and saw that she had fallen asleep. Psycho is one big man. He held her close to him. She curled around Psycho. She knew in her sleep that he would never drop her or let anyone near her.

About two hours later I opened my eyes. I slowly sat up and saw a prospect go to the kitchen. A few minutes later I had coffee in front of me. I sat up kissed Psycho before facing the table.

I smiled at her. I couldn't help myself. Then I was shocked. Out of the side of my eye, I saw a member slap the back of the prospect head that gets my coffee.

I knew he was not one of our members. I stood up and Spike followed me. I walked over to the prospect and looked at his head.

I took a book and slapped it to the back of the bikers head that his my prospect.

"You fucking whore he yelled."

"First off. I am not a whore, second I would not move one inch if I was you. And third. Do not come to my brothers club house and hit our prospects."

"Oh, and I happen to be Gunners sister, and Psycho's wife."

I looked over at the prospect and said.

"Lets move this table."

"Where to"

"over there across from our table."

Once we did that I said. "Sit down."

"As for you leave my prospect alone. Or I will sick Spike on you."

I walked over and sat down on Psycho's lap again. I drank my coffee and looked over at Falcon.

"Teach your members some manners."

I threw my head back laughing.

"I like you."

"Good for you."

His member glared at me. Psycho looked over at him.

"Don't even think about putting your hands on my wife."

"I will rip you to pieces."

"Jeannie, do you want to go shopping with us tomarrow?"

"Sure why not."

"What time are we leaving?"

"About noon."

"Sounds good to me."

"Where are we going?"

"lima Mall."

Psycho said. "you will take some members with you."

"Alright. I don't have a problem with that."

"Yes, we can get three beautiful women to sale."

I walked outside and called Priest.

"Priest of have three really beautiful women to add to the sale."

"I know they will be at the Lima mall around 2pm. tomarrow."

I will call you to bring the van.

Now to get them away from the members. I am not sure how we can do that. But I will find a way.

These men are in for a surprise. Lisa, Sara, and Jeannie are not some simple girls to take. They are fighters. And when Priest finds out who they tried to take he knows his club is in trouble.

The girls sat talking not realizing that there is a man in the club that does not belong there. All this fucker knows is that he needs to get those women as they will sale for high money.

It started getting late when Psycho and Jeannie went to their room. Once inside the took a shower and went to bed. They made love that night and held each other.

I was having difficulty sleeping. I was worried about the girls going shopping. Something was telling me to go with them. But, I had to catch up on work.

The next morning I told the member going with the girls to be very watchful. I told them I had a bad feeling. There were 10 of them going.

"Gunner, I have a feeling something is going to happen to the girls."

"I had that bad feeling as well."

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