Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 46: Walking to the truck

We had a good time shopping and we walked to the truck. Just as we reached the truck a van raced between the members and we girls.

The door flew open and men jumped out trying to drag us inside. They were shocked that we were fighting back. At the members rounded the van they noticed the patches they were.

I felt a mans arms going around my waist but I brought my foot back and kicked him in the balls. Then I bit his hand and drew blood. The members started fighting and we girls jumped in the truck locking the doors.

I did not realized that one of them punched my jaw or that the side of my face was turning purple. Or that I had ripped one of their patch off and had it in my hand.

The men gave up and jumped in the van driving off. Sara started the truck and we all headed to the club. Once there after we climbed out and Psycho saw my face he ran over to me.

"The hell happend he yelled."

"Some men tried to take us. One of them hit me, I kicked his balls, and bit his hand. Then I pulled this off his jacket."

"I am going to kill him."

"Some of the members had been cut and needed attention. One of them told Gunner the name of the MC.

"The Lords."

"They are going to pay for this."

Psycho carried me into the club to our room. He stripped me and put me in the shower. He looked me over making note of the bruises he found on my body.

What he wanted to know was who this MC was, and how they knew we were there. This had to be a set I want to teach them to never try to take my woman again, let along hit her and leave bruises on her body.

Gunner was talking to Thunder and told him to find out what he could about "The Lords."

Gunner is going to take Psycho and about 100 members to visit them. I feel sorry for them. They not only tried to take our presidents woman, but his sister and cousin. Alone with Psycho's wife."

I lifted Jeannie out of the shower and dried her off. I helped her dress and put socks on her. We then walked to VIP table followed by Spike.

I noticed that Spike was acting funny. He kept sniffing Jeannie and the air. Then he stood up and walked around the tables. Suddenly we heard him growling and he had a man in the corner.

"Spike what are you doing" Psycho asked.

"Psycho, he kept sniffing me and then sniffing the air."

"Maybe one of the men that tried to take us in here in our club."

"Falcon, is this one of your men?"

"No, it is not. I thought he was one of yours."

Psycho grabbed him and lifted him off the floor. "Who the hell are you?"

I looked at his jacket and noticed it was turned inside out.

"Psycho his jacket is inside out. Make him take it off."

Once the jacket is off and we saw he belonged to the Lords Psycho growled.

"Psycho take him and put him in the cells."

"We will deal with this in the morning." Gunner said.

Once he was taken to the cells, Gunner looked at Spike. "Spike you are a very smart dog. We should make you an official member."

Spike lay back down at me feet. I think he is a very smart do I said. I looked over at Psycho and wrapped my arms around him.

Psycho, I am alright, So is Sara and Lisa. I looked down at the woman I love. I can't lose her. I can never lose her. She calms me down. She stops the voices in my head. I am safe when she is here.

Jeannie keeps the bad thoughts away and helps me control my anger. I neve want her to see the bad things that I do. She will hate me.

"Psycho, I will never hate you. I love you."

"But the blood I like to hurt bad people."

"I know Psycho. Sit down now."

Once he sat down I sat on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me. When one of the new prospects walked to close he looked at him and growled.

"Psycho, he is a new prospect."

"I don't know him. He needs to stay far away from you."

I watched as my prospect stood up and pulled the man aside. "Listen prospect stay away from Psycho and especially Jeannie until he gets used to seeing you here."

"Psycho his very dangerous especially right now since someone tried to take Jeannie."

"He will not hesitate to tear you apart if he thinks you are trying to take her from him, or hurt her."

"But then again, so would Spiked."

"Who is Spike?"

"That dog laying at Jeannie's feet."

"Shit, I didn't even see that dog."

"Just take my advice and walk the other way."

"Why can you sit there?"

"I started bringing Jeannie coffee when she first came."

"I sort of have become known as her prospect."

"Once a visiting club's member hit me in the back of the head and Jeannie picked up a book and hit him hard on the back of his."

"She told him never to touch her prospect again, moved my table over here and told his president to teach his members some manners."

"This is where I have sat since."

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