Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 47: The Lords MC

Gunner called church after the information was given to him of the Lords MC. He told them that this MC sold women and that was why they tried to take Jeannie, Sara, and Lisa.

"I have talked to our allies in Lima, the Road Warriors, Renegade MC, and Mohawks. We are going to meet with them in the mall parking lot and pay this club a visit."

"They have reported to having some of their women go missing. We will meet tonight at 7pm. So get ready for war boys. We do not approve of any of this."

"We will leave enough men behind to take care of the girls and the club. Only 50 of you will be coming with us. The rest will stay here."

"Any questions?"

"Who will stay here?"

"All your names are in this box."

"If you name is drawn you will go."

"If it is not you will stay."

"Preacher draw out 50 names please."

"Once that is done the 50 going will gear up and meet me and Psycho outside."

"Meeting dismissed."

Two hours later we were sitting at the mall parking lot. Once everyone was there we followed the Road Warrior MC to the Lords clubhouse.

We were sitting in the club when we heard the roar of bikes pulling into our compound.

"Slash there must be over 500 bikes outside."

I walked to the door and stepped out. "What the hell, who are you and what do you want?"

"Psycho, do you thing."

"With pleasure."

I walked over to the van and dragged Slashes member out and threw him on the ground in front of him.

"Your members tried to take my wife, her cousin, and her brothers woman from the mall last night."

"Funny thing is that every man her has a woman missing."

"Where are they Slash?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Then we heard women screaming."

I grabbed Slash by the throat.

"I want those men from the mall last night, and the women you have taken or I will tear you limb from limb."

"Then we will tear your club apart and burn it."

Slash's members were in shock and didn't see the three run past them. One ran to Malice screaming his name.

"Sandy, I have you now. It's going to be alright."

"Malic there are a lot of women here locked in that building over there. They hurt us."

I held my woman and Psycho saw her covered in bruises. He thought of his Jeannie. Malic and his men walked over to the building and broke the lock on it.

"Jesus H. Christ. Someone get blankets now."

The members helped the woman out of the building and the Road Warrior's called for buses to be brought to the Lord's MC. We were all in shock at what we found.

After the women were gone I dragged Slash into his bar. I looked over at Gunner and he nodded his head. I became psycho and let out the anger and hate for this club.

I made them shut the doors until I was finished. There was blood all over the walls, bar, floor windows and ceiling when I finished.

Not one member was breathing. I knocked on the door and as it opened the allies members gasped. I was covered in blood head to toe.

Gunner handed me a bundle that held clean clothes. I walked back in and found a shower. I washed all the blood off me before putting on clean clothes.

I left my old clothes to be burned with the club.

"Fuck, that man is dangerous. There is blood everywhere in there. And some of the bodies had there insides spilling out of him.

"They tried to take the wrong woman."

"And he hates to see a woman hurt."

"Your Sandy reminded him of what Jeannie might have looked like had they taken her."

I walked out the door and saw gas being poured around the building and thrown inside and over it. We all got on our bikes and road away from that fucking clubhouse leaving one man to start the fire.

Since there were so many of us, we were half way to town when the fire could be seen. I smiled as they will never try to take my Jeannie again.

We all stopped and parked our bikes at the mall. Malice still had his woman with him. She would not let go of him. I saw them looking at me.

"You are one dangerous man, Psycho. Malice told me."

"They tried to take my wife."

"They should never have done that let alone touched her."

"I will kill anyone that ever tries that. And if they did get her, I would hunt them down until I got her back."

"And I don't like men who hurt women."

"I looked down to see his woman standing in front of me."

I froze as she hugged me. I looked at Gunner with pleading eyes.

"Sandy, he doesn't like to be touched by anyone but Jeannie."

"I am sorry, thank you for saving us. All of you."

As I lifted my hand from her back I growled. I saw her blood. One of the members poured water over my hands cleaning the blood off them.

"You are hurt, your back is bleeding."

"I will make sure our doctor takes care of her Psycho. Malice said."

"Thank you all for taking care of this business."

We all went our separate ways. Once we got back to the club I saw Psycho looking Jeannie over. Then he pulled her closer to him just holding her.

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