Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 5: Ride Back Home

As we walked to our bikes we were quiet. I watched as William took a jacket out of his saddlebag and put it on Jeannie. Then he put the helmet on her and put her on his bike. We rode home and arrived just as it started getting dark.

William lifted Jeannie off his bike and we watched as she walked to her door unlocking it and going up to her apartment. We watched until we saw the light go on in her living room before walking into the clubhouse.

I walked over and told Tim to give me a beer. Then walked over and joined Steve, Bones, Elizabeth, Pam, and William.

Pam said. "I think Jeannie had a good time."

" I think so too until that bastard showed up. I don’t trust him"

I said. "I think after Jeannie took my knife and pressed it against his stomach he may try something. He might but he might night. We just make sure and be on alert."

I walked outside and lit a cigarette leaning against the wall. I remembered holding her hand and her smiles and the sparkle in her eyes. As I won her the teddy bear and gave her the scarf.

I was just getting ready to stand up when I noticed the car driving slowly down the road. It went around the block and came back just as slow. Then a break flew from the car and into the window above my head.

I ran out to the road but it was gone. I did know it was a gray Taurus. He ran back into the club where Steve was reading something. I heard him growl from where I stood and he was angry.

Then I heard. "No little shit is going to threaten women on my watch."

" He thinks I will give him Jeannie he has another thing coming."

I walked over and he handed the note to me.

I read, “I will give you 3 days to give Jeannie to me. If you don’t I will start a lot of trouble with your club starting with getting the Viking MC involved”

I laughed at that one.

I was good at carpentry and knew that apartment like the back of my hand. I once lived upstairs. Jean seems to like the apartment. I drew up the plans and included putting wood flooring in and called four prospects over and went over the plans with them.

We would start tearing walls down and flooring up after she left for work. I would go buy the new flooring, door, and anything else we would need.

"I wanted this done before she came home from work that night. We only have 8 hours to get all this done."

"We can do it without a problem."

" We start the minute her car pulls away understand?"

" We understand."

" Good. Now go party or do whatever you want."

I picked up the drawing and walked to my room where I took a shower, put on sweats and went to bed.

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