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Chapter 51; Jeannie Wakes up

I slowly opened my eyes. I closed them fast. I felt a sharp pain in my head.

"Jeannie you are awake." Doc said.

"My head is killing me doctor what happened?"

"You were fighting with Psycho. I remember now."

"Doc can you have Psycho come in here."


"I looked over as Psycho walked in."

"Psycho, I can't do this anymore. I love you but I just can't do this."

"I need to leave. I can't be here and look at you. Remembering how happy I was until I found out you were the reason I was not getting pregnant."

"I can't look at you, and want it to be the way it was before knowing it will never be like that again."

"Knowing that you don't want a baby with me."

"Not now after you hurt me."

"I know you didn't mean to do it."

"I just have to leave for awhile."

"Jeannie, please don't leave me."

"Psycho, I am not divorcing you. I love you but I can't stay here knowing you will never give me a baby."

"Please go now."

I waited for Sara to come and see me.

"Sara, I need you to pack my things and have them put in van."

"I know that the mom has a house in the country 10 miles from the club."

"She kept it a secret."

"I am going to go there."

I asked for my prospect. I talked in into taking my stuff to the house. I gave him the address. He said he would buy enough groceries for two weeks and take them there.

I thanked him and made him promise not to tell anyone. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. What I did not know was that I was already pregnant.

I reviewed the test results and waited for Jeannie to wake up. Since she had stopped taking the pills she got pregnant. Psycho will not like it. Not now after he hurt Jeannie.

I turned to see Sara and Lisa standing there.

"What is it doctor?"

"Psycho won't like it."


"Jeannie is pregnant."

"How far along?"

"one and a half months."

"She will be happy but you are right. Psycho won't be."

"After she leaves I want you to tell him."

"An hour after she leaves."

We all watched as Jeannie walked out the door and got into her car. After she drove away Lisa and I looked at each other. About an hour later we looked up as the doctor sat down.

"Psycho, I didn't want to tell you but you should know."

"Know what?"

"I examined Jeannie before she left. I got her blood work back."

"Spit it out Doc."

"Jeannie is pregnant."

"She what?"

"She is one and a half months pregnant."

"Does she know?"

"No, I didn't tell her."

"I am going to be a father."

"We have to bring her back."

"What for?"

"You didn't want her to have a baby."

"That is why we have to bring her back. You have to get rid of it."

"We looked at him shocked."

"I am not going to do that Psycho."

I stood up and walked away. What the hell is wrong with him. Kill his baby. He is out of his mind. Gunner, he has to abort that baby.

"No, Gunner."

"I can't have a baby turning out to be like me."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I will tell you if we go to your office."

Once there I told him about my child hood. What my father had done to my brother, sister, mother and me.

"Psycho, that was your father. Not you."

"We all know you didn't mean to hurt Jeannie."

"That is the point, I still hurt her."

"I was angry and threw her across the room."

"Psycho, you love Jeannie, You did not touch her. Just threw her into the room."

"I can't be a father."

"We will talk about it later."

I watched as he walked out of the room. I know he loves Jeannie so much. She loves him too. She will not divorce him. All of a sudden I heard yelling coming from the bar.

I walked out to see Psycho throw a whore across the room.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stay the fuck away from me."

"I have a wife. I don't need anything you have to offer."

"I watched as Psycho sit back down."

"I saw the whore look at Psycho."

"We all know your wife was nothing but a whore to you."

"I looked over at the whore."

"His wife happens to be my sister so you better watch that mouth."

"My wife is not a whore bitch."

"I never treated my wife like a whore."

"Not what I heard."

"I don't care what you heard."

"She might as well be. You didn't want her to get pregnant."

"That is enough. I don't know who you are but pack your shit and get out of my club."

I saw her mouth drop open. I just smart mouthed not only the president but is VP. Then I called the presidents sister a whore.

"I didn't mean it."

"I do not care. Get out of my club."

"You have on hour."

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