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Chapter 52: Psycho Sees Jeannie

It has been six months since I have seen Jeannie. I look for her everywhere. I want her back. I want her in my arms, and my bed.

Gunner and I were getting off our bike when I saw her in the window of the baby store. She looks so beautiful. I looked down and see her belly.

She is big. She is looking at baby beds. We walked over and looked in the window. I see the longing for the round baby bed. But she moved away still looking at it.

I then see her talking to the sales woman as they walk over to one that is small and nice but not as nice as the round one. We wait until she leaves and I walk in with Gunner.

"Excuse me. The woman that just walked out."

"Yes, I want you to send her the round baby bed."

"Do you know her?"

"Yes, I am the father of her child."

"She did like that bed but she said it cost too much."

"How much did she pay for that one?"


"How much is the round one?"


"I took my wallet out and handed her the other $100."

"Will that take care of the round one?"


"Send her the round one. Tell her it went on sale."

We turned and walked out of the store. I walked back in.

"Was she looking at anything else?"


"What, that bassinet, and that swing."

"How much for the both of them?"

" I watched as she walked over and brought the tags back. and she put them in the cash register."


"I paid for them and told her to deliver them with the crib.."

Then we walked out of the door. "For not wanting a child you are taking care of it."

"I miss her Gunner."

"I was thinking stupid."

We walked down to Wal-Mart. We did the shopping that Lisa asked for. We just rounded the corner near the baby section. We watched as Jeannie had her cart filled with enough food to last two weeks.

I wanted to put my arms around her and on her belly. I saw her turn and look over at me. I saw the sadness in her eyes. The love and then she turned and pushed her cart down the isle.

We paid for the items and put them in the truck of the prospect waiting for us. We sat on our bikes and rode back to the club. I walked in and sat down at the table.

I had my doctor appointment today. I put the new picture on the refrigerator. Today I had to put down my emergency contact. I gave the Psycho's name and phone number. And Gunner as the second contact.

I put everything away and just as I pureed a cup of coffee my door bell rang. I walked to the door and signed for the box. Wait, I saw several boxes being brought in and sat next to the wall.

After the man left I walked over and looked at the boxes. I did not get the baby bed I ordered. I was delivered everything I had wanted from the store.

I wonder who changed my order. I excitedly opened the baby bed. I carried as many pieces as I could up to the nursery. I sat down and put the crib togeather.

It was beautiful. I went back down stairs and opened the box with the bassinet and put it together and pushed it near the wall. Then the car seat was taken outside and put in my car.

It must have been Gunner that bought everything. Psycho doesn't want a baby so I can't see him paying for them.

I looked up to see Lisa and Sara pull up. I showed them everything.

"I told Lisa to thank Gunner for buying them."

"Gunner didn't buy them Jeannie. Psycho did."

"He misses you Jeannie. He told Gunner why he was scared to have a child. It had to do with how his father treated him, his brother, sister, and mother."

"Gunner told Psycho he was nothing like his father and he would never treat you or your children the way his father did."

"His father was very abusive to all of them. Be beat them all the time, locked them out in the shed in the winter with no heat, blankets, or coats."

"Psycho is bad enough now, but he never wanted to do what is dad did."

"He is getting worse, Jeannie."

"He has thrown one whore across the room for touching him."

"He broke another ones wrist for grabbing his junk."

"And he chocked another one for calling you a whore."

"I hope that you would at least hear him out."

"I will think about it."

"Will you at least come to the BBQ this weekend?"

"I will come."

"Thank you."

"By the way, Psycho is scared of you coming."

"He loves you and wants to talk to you."

"But he never was one to talk about himself."

"I said, I would come."


"We have to go. Oh, and don't thank him yet for the baby things."

"He didn't want you to know they came from him."

I sat down confused and drank my coffee. Why would he do this if he didn't want a baby? Maybe like they said, Gunner helped him work through his thoughts.

I walked upstairs and picked out the summer dress I was going to wear. I want to see him so bad. I want to touch him. I want to feel his arms around me.

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