Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 53: The BBQ

I stood in the garage when I heard a car pull in. I turned and looked to see Jeannie getting out. I held my breath as I saw how beautiful she is.

How I wanted to be buried between her thighs. I noticed she had her hand on her belly. She was so big she can't see her feet. I worry that she will be able to have the baby as small as she is.

I closed the garage and walked in the club. I noticed everyone look from me to Jeannie. I walked past the table to my bedroom. I took my shower and put on clean clothes.

I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me. I noticed she was wearing my property cut. As I approached the table my heart beat faster.

I sat down next to her in my chair.

"Hello, Jeannie."

"Hello, Psycho."

"How are you doing?"

"Psycho asked me."

I looked over at him. "I miss you.so much."

"I miss you too."

A whore that had her wrist broke asked the one next to her who the woman was sitting next to Psycho.

"That is Jeannie. She is Psycho's wife."

"You are lying."

"No they have been married for almost six years."

"Why is she here?"

"They are married."

"Jeannie can we talk?"

I stood up and we walked out that back door. We walked to the end of the house when he pushed me against the wall. I kissed her. I had to. I missed this.

I wrapped my arms around Psycho. God, Psycho I missed this. I missed you making love to me. Come back Jeannie.

I gently backed away from him. I handed him a piece of paper with my address on it. Come to this address tonight. We will talk.

I know that address. I remember a little girl staying there with her mother sometimes. I told her that one day I would marry her.

We turned and walked back to the club. We were sitting at the table when Gunner announced it was time to go outside. As I stood up Psycho held my hand as we walked outside.

He sat me down at the head table and went and got me a hamburger, chips, deviled eggs, potato salad and a coke. I thanked him as he sat it down in front of me.

I watched how Psycho treated his wife. He loves her. He never shows anyone emotions like that. He is always glaring at us whores and any visiting MC's that bring their sisters to the club.

But her, he really loves. I heard he never wanted kids and he hurt her giving her 5 staples in her head. She didn't know she was pregnant when she left him.

But the doctor told him. This is the first time he has talked to her in five months. Everyone said that since she left he went back to being his old self.

Pissed off all the time. As you found out for yourself. Jeannie was here he would laugh and hold her. He was happy. But he still didn't let any of us touch him.

But at least it was better when Jeannie was here. Shit here comes Psycho's dog. I looked down to see Spike sniffing my belly.

I pet him and told him I missed him. After sniffing my belly he lay down behind my chair. That dog is protective of Jeannie. He followed her everywhere when she was here.

"I found out the hard way that Psycho was off limits."

Just then the president of the Tribe walked in with his sister.

"This should be interesting."

The woman looked over from Psycho to Jeannie.

"Who is she?"

"My wife and Gunners sister."

"You are married?"

"Even though it is none of your business I will answer you."

"Yes, going on 6 years. And we are having a baby."

"But, I thought you were single."

"What made you think that?"

"I never talked to you or encouraged you so why would I tell you if I was married or not?"

"So, you are Jeannie, Psycho's wife and Gunners sister?"

"My name is Knuckles."

"Pleased to meet you."

I stood up to get me another hamburger and they both saw I was pregnant.

"Sit down Jeannie, I will get you another one."

"How far along are you?" They both asked.

"I am almost six months along."

"I saw the girl was upset."

As Psycho sat down I said thanks Psycho and kissed his cheek. That really made the woman angry.

"Do you and Psycho live togeather?"

"Sometimes he comes home to the house, and sometimes I come here and stay with him. He has lived here while I got the house remodeled."

"Now that it is finished we are getting ready to move everything to the house."

"I see."

"Just what do you see?" I asked.

"We are married. Where did you think he was going to live?"

"Listen little girl. If you thought that Psycho was interested in you I can assure you he isn't."

"I am interested in one woman, that is Jeannie."

"So you might want to look for your boyfriend somewhere else."

I finished my hamburger and told Gunner I was going home. I looked over at Psycho and told him I was bringing Spike home with me. I kissed his cheek and told him I would see him later.

"Expect me in about 30 minutes."

I turned and called Spike and walked out to my car. I opened the back door and let spike in. I claimed in the front started the car and and drove home.

I want to forgive Psycho. Hell I want to get him in bed. I plan on doing just that. I know what to do to him to have him in bed in less than five minutes.

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