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Chapter 55: Everyone Thinks Jeannie was in a wreck

At the clubhouse, we were watching the news when the broadcaster said. "There was an accident on South Street. A truck ran a red light and ran into a car caring a woman, five months pregnant.

We have been asked that anyone who knows a woman of this description to please contact the police department. Gunner and I walked out and got on our bikes.

When we arrived the officer told us that the woman died instantly. We were taken to the hospital to the basement. We waited outside of the window.

Then the curtain was opened. Thank god, it is not Jeannie. It's not Jeannie we told the officer. We were taken back to the police department and left.

Back at the club we walked in the door and everyone looked at us waiting.

"It is not Jeannie." Gunner said.

"Thank god everyone said."

I sat down and looked at my phone. I looked at her picture. I have to find her.

"I am going back to Jeannie's to see if she is there."

I stopped at the gate. I saw lights on and movement. I rang the buzzer.

"who is it?"

"Its me Jeannie please open the gate."

"Go away Psycho."

"i climbed over the gate and walked to the porch. I pounded on the door.

I opened the door to yell at him when he pulled me to him and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him and then he lifted me in his arms. I wrapped my legs around him moaning.

I kicked the door shut and walked her over to the couch. I sat down with her facing me. I slowly lifted her shirt over her head. Then I took her bra off.

I licked and sucked her nipples. then had her on her back with her pants off and my head buried where I wanted it. Soon I had her screaming my name.

God this is what I missed. I showed her how much I loved her. I made love to her all night. I woke up and looked over to see Jeannie still sleeping.

I put my hand on her belly and my eyes got big. The baby was kicking and moving around. How does that not wake her up. I leaned down and kissed her.

"Jeannie, "

I opened my eyes and looked at Psycho.

"Jeannie do you love me?"

"I love you Psycho."

"Can you learn to trust me again?"

"I don't know."

"Do you want to live with me again?"

"Yes but not at the club."

"What if I move in here?"

"Do you mean it?"

"I mean it."

" I would like that."

"Jeannie I was such an idiot. Baby I do love you."

"I love you so much Psycho."

"But, the baby."

"I want to be a father. If you will help me."

"I will help you Psycho."

I pulled him down to me and showed him that I love him.

"I missed you so much Psycho. I missed you holding me, making love to me. And kissing me."

"She missed me just as much as I missed her."

"Tomarrow I will move my things in. Today, I am going to make love to my woman all day."

We made love all day until I finally told her we had to eat. We took a shower and then I ordered food. I also walked out to bring my bike inside the gates.

I left the gates open for the delivery man. I called Gunner and let him know where I was and that tomarrow I was going to pack my room and move here to the house.

I told him to keep the room for when Jeannie and I did spend the night.

"About time you pulled your head out of your ass." Gunner said.

"We will see you tomarrow."

I heard the door bell ring. I walked over and opened the door.

I didn't have a shirt on the woman looked at me licking her lips. "Well, hello."

"Not interested."

I walked to the door and took the pizza from the woman. "Your married."

"Doesn't matter. Still not interested."

"Keep the change."

I shut and locked the gate after she drove out. I sat down on the floor leaning against the couch. I put a piece of pizza in my mouth.

I leaned down and kissed Psycho. I love this man. After eating we cleaned up shut the lights out locking up before walking upstairs.

As we lay in bed. I looked at Psycho. "Why did you buy the things at the baby store?"

"I saw the look in your eyes when you saw them. I could see our baby laying in them. And I wanted you to have what you really wanted."

"I also hoped you would have a smile on your face when they were delivered."

"I wanted to see that joy myself. But I couldn't."

"Thank you, Psycho."

"You are welcome baby."

I made love to Jeannie again before we fell asleep. I slept through the night. I did not toss and turn. I had my woman back in my arms.

I will not make the same mistake again and lose her. I will not do that again. I woke to my cell phone ringing. I sat up and answered it.

"How is this?"

"Its Linda."

"Linda who?"

"Malice sister."

"I don't know how you got my phone number but don't call again."

I grabbed Psycho's phone. "Hello, Linda. Remember me? I am Psycho's wife. If you must call him do it during the day."

"We were in the middle of making love. Good-bye now."

I looked over at Psycho who lay on his back laughing. "Baby, I love you."

"I would have loved to see the look on her face."

"So would I."

"I bet she will be at the club tomarrow."

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