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Chapter 56: Packing Psycho's Things

We were busy packing Psychos things and the prospects were carrying them to to the truck. We finished 20 minutes ago and now were sitting at the table.

I told everyone about Linda calling Psycho's phone at 3 this morning and what I told her. Gunner fell off his chair laughing, and Lisa and Sara had to change they laughed to hard they pissed their pants.

Just at the girls got back and sat down, Linda and her brother walked in. I looked over at Lisa. Then Lisa said.

"Linda you look like you have not slept well."

"Apparently you called Psycho when he was in the middle of making love to Jeannie."

I laughed as Linda glared at Lisa. "Oh, come on Linda. What did you think that Psycho was doing with his wife?"

"Did you know that Psycho is now moving into the house as it is finished?"

"I am sure he will be staying here sometimes." Linda Said.

"Yes, with me. When we don't spent the night here we will be at our house."

"You see, Psycho has no need to sleep here now the house is finished."

"And we will only sleep here at the club when we don't want to go home, or there is a lock down."

Gunner looked at her brother. "I think it is best that Linda does not come here again. We do not believe in woman trying to break up a man's marriage."

"And it would be best that she never call Psycho again."

"Linda if you tried to touch Psycho him married or not."

"He would hurt you"

"Ask the whores. Several of them he has hurt. One he threw across the room, another one he broke her wrist, and the third one he cut her face."

"Now do you understand?"

"I think it best you leave now."

We watched as she walked out the door with her brother. Then she made the mistake of walking back.

"I don't believe you."

She grabbed Psycho and kissed him. It happened to fast we could not stop him. I shoved her off me and she flew across the bar and hit her head on a nail.

Her brother walked over and helped her off the floor.

"Linda you were warned."

"Now get your ass in your car and go home."

"They tried to tell you but you just would not listen."

"Maybe next time you will."

"I need to see the doctor first."

"No you will see our doctor. Now get your ass in your car and go home."

I didn't think he would hurt me. I thought they were lying. He just glared at me. I went flying across the room so fast I never seen him grab my arms and throw me.

"No wonder they call him Psycho."

"He is crazy."

"She is welcome to him."

After she left we drove home to unload Psycho's things and to put them away. We are in our own house. We will bring our baby here.

After putting his things away he carried the boxes down stair. He walked out the back door and heated the grill. He put two stakes on while I washed, buttered potatoes and wrapped them in aluminum foil.

When he did that I wrapped my arms around him and ran my hand down his cock. Baby we don't have time for that. I grinned at him and knelled down and unzipped his jeans.

I pulled his cock out and started sucking and licking him. I saw him turn the grill on low. Soon he moaned and shot his seed in my mouth.

I stood up and walked into the kitchen grinning. Dam she is so unexpecting. I love it. It feels good to have her with me again. After we ate and cleaned up we took a walk around the back property.

We have enough yard to fense in a play area for the baby to keep him or her safe from disappearing in the woods. I looked forward to building a swing set with a slide.

We walked back to the house and sat down listening to the birds. I like it here. The peace and quiet. Being in a home where we don't have listen to the whores, or a lot of talking going on.

"Baby, this is so nice. A home to come to where it is peaceful and quiet."

"No whores arguing or women bothering me."

"I love it."

Soon we walked inside and Psycho closed and locked the door. We walked into the living room and sat down. Psycho turned the TV on and watched "this old house."

I found out that he likes to build things. I lay down on with my head on his lap. I rolled on my side and watched the show with him.

Around midnight he turned the tv off and we walked up the stairs for bed. We made love three times before falling asleep. I have not felt this happy for a long time.

Even Spike liked living here. He likes running and playing. He has his own bed now and he sleeps under the window. I heard the alarm going off and rolled over.

"Psycho, your alarm is going off."

I took a shower, dressed, and went down stairs and started breakfast. I had it on the table when Psycho walked in and sat down.

After eating I kissed Psycho good bye. He told me he would be home for lunch around noon or a littler after that. I told him It would be ready when he got home.

I took out spaghetti and hamburger and sat it in the sink. I started cleaning upstairs and then just finished the living room. I started the spaghetti and put the garlic bread in the oven.

I think we will have fried chicken tonight. I smiled as I heard his bike stop in front of the house. I just put the garlic bread on the table when he kissed the side of my neck.

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