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Chapter 57: Labor

I felt such pain in my back. I looked over at the clock. I don't want to call Psycho. Finally at 11:30 am I called Psycho's phone. He didn't answer.

I called Gunner. "Gunner, I need to talk to Psycho."

"Psycho is not here today Jeannie."

"What do you mean he isn't there?"

"No, he took today off. "

"He never told me he took today off."

"Are you alright Jeannie?"

"I am alright. Don't worry about me."

"I hung the phone up."

"He lied. why did he lie?'

I knew something was wrong. I called Psycho myself. Went to voice mail.

"Does anyone know where Psycho went?"

"No boss."

"Find him and find him fast. He is not answering his phone."

I had the members riding up and down the streets. I rode by a house and stopped. Who does he know here?

I pulled into the drive way and walked to the door. I knocked at the door and and a woman answered. "Who is at the door...."

I looked at Psycho shook my head and walked away. I got on my bike and rode back to the club. I was pissed. I caught him red handed. He is cheating on Jeannie.

I stormed in the club slamming the door. "Call off the hunt. I found him at his girlfriends house."

"What are you talking about Gunner." Lisa asked me.

I told her what happened and she was shocked. "No, he would not do that."

"Well he did."

I looked at the clock. It was 3:00. Psycho didn't come home for lunch. I screamed as I felt like I had to push. I called Gunner.

I screamed. I need help. The baby is coming. "Doc I yelled. Jeannie said the baby is coming."

We ran to get on our bike and doc drove his truck. I had to run in the house to open the gate. I looked over at the floor my face turning white.

Shit, I ran outside and moved my bike. As we got back in the house We saw the blood. A lot of blood. Doc. Then we heard a baby cry.

Doc she isn't breathing. Is she supposed to have that much blood. And the baby is early. I was doing CPR when I heard the sirens.

She was put on oxygen and the baby was held by an EMT. We followed them to the hospital. Once there I called Lisa and told her what happened.

I turned and looked over as Psycho walked in the door. "Come with me."

After walking into the office and looked at him in anger. "Who is she?"

"My sister."

"Right, you had to take a shower at your sisters?"

"My nephew threw up all over me."

"Why didn't you answer your phone?"

"I just got out of the shower when Gunner knocked on the door."

"Why didn't you go home for lunch?"

"My sister called me she needed my help."

"Well so did your wife."

"She called your cell. then she called Gunner."

"She called Gunner at 3 yelling the baby was coming."

"She had the baby laying on her living room floor."

"She bled so bad her heart stopped."

"the baby is at the hospital and The doc and Gunner are there."

"I headed to the hospital."

I ran in and asked for my wife. "Your wife is in surgery."

"My baby?"

"Your baby is in ICU she is on oxygen."

You can wait in the waiting room. I walked in and Gunner glared at me. "I will ask you once and once only."

"How long have you been fucking her?"

"Never, she is my sister."

"Why did you have a towel wrapped around you?"

"My nephew threw up on me. Peggy was washing my clothes."

"You lied to Jeannie. You took the day off and didn't tell her."

"She tried calling you. She thought you were at work so she called me."

"When did you decide to take the day off?"

"I got a phone call as I was driving from the house. Peggy said she needed my help with my nephew. I called you after that."

"Put again, did not tell Jeannie. What are we supposed to think?"

"You never mentioned you had a sister that lived in town."

"I never thought about it."

"You tell yourself that. But you better introduce your sister to Jeannie."

"this time you could lose her and your daughter for good."

I looked up to see doc standing there.

"She is going to be fine. the wall detached."

"your daughter will have to stay here for a few weeks."

"Can we see Jeannie?"

"Follow me."

" I walked over to find her on oxygen."

"I sat down and held her hand."

I was not leaving her. Gunner told me he would let them know Jeannie is going to be alright.

An hour later Jeannie opened her eyes. She looked at me and tears flew down her face.

"Where were you?"

"I got a call from my sister as I left the house. She begged me to come and help her with my nephew."

"He was sick, and threw up all over me."

"I didn't get your phone call because I was in the shower and Peggy was washing my clothes."

"You didn't tell me you took the day off."

"I was getting ready to call when he vomit all over me."

"I will bring her to visit you when Kyle is feeling better."

"Why not just call her to come to meet me and our daughter."

I called Peggy. "She is on her way."

"She said she would not miss meeting you and the baby for the world."

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