Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 6: Jeannie's Apartment Bombed

I was woken up by loud noise and screaming. Jeannie was screaming. I slammed my feet into my boots and ran out of my room hearing.

"I am going to kill someone. Get the fire out and get to Jean now."

I asked, "what the hell is going on?"

" Someone threw a bomb into Jean’s apartment. It’s on fire."

As I ran outside I saw her at the window and fire behind her.

"Shit, we have to get her out of there."

I was being held back from running into her apartment. Then she disappeared from the window and I saw a figure covered from head to toe being carried out of the door. She was laid on the ground and the doc was checking her out.

"Fuck she is not breathing."

He started giving her CPR and then someone brought him the machine to shock her with.

"Stand back."

I saw her back come up off the ground and then Doc shocked her again.

The rescue squad and fire department just pulled up and Doc said. "She is breathing now."

I watched as they put oxygen on her and lift her on the stretcher and put her into the squad. We all got on our bikes and headed to the only hospital in town. We waited in the emergency room when a nurse came out and asked.

"Who is the family of the woman brought in from the fire?"

" We are," we all said.

She looked up from her chart at me and said hello handsome licking her lips. I was disgusted.

I heard Pam say. "Stop looking at him that way. He is that woman’s husband."

She said "sorry, will you follow me?"

William said, "I’m going too."

" Only immediate family."

" Bitch I said she is my cousin."

" Alright then. The rest of you can see her tomorrow."

William looked at me not saying anything. We walked into the room they had Jeannie in and I said to William.

"I want her in a private room."

" I agree," I said and walked out to the nurse’s desk.

"I want my cousin to be moved to a private room."

" Sorry does she have insurance?"

" Doesn’t matter if she does or not."

I saw a doctor look over at me his mouth dropped open.

"Sir, I am sure you cannot afford a private room being in a motorcycle gang."

" You don’t know who the fuck I am and what I can and can not afford."

The doctor walked over and said. "Mr. Brown, I am sorry for the mix-up."

" Of course, we will move your cousin immediately to the best private room we have."

" Doctor, we can’t do that."

" Nurse, have you heard of the new five-star hotel and restaurant being built here?"

" Everyone has."

" Well, this man is the owner of that restaurant and hotel. Now I think that you need to get that room ready now."

I turned and walked away from the desk and told Rage the room is being prepared now.

Another nurse walked over to me and said.

"Not so high and mighty anymore now are you. Always judging people."

" I also bet they ask that you not take care of that young lady."

I walked out of Jeannie’s room and said.

"I can tell you nurse you have just said the truth. I knew that nurse when Pam was brought in and she was not nice."

" Doctor I would like this nurse right here to be the one that takes care of my wife."

" She is honest and treats people like people no matter what they look like."

" That will be taken care of. Roxie, you are now assigned to this gentle man’s wife."

" Jeannie is it?"

" Yes. I also better not catch that nurse sitting there anywhere near my wife" I said and walked back into Jeannie’s room.

She was unconscious and pale. I looked at William and said.

"Brother, I have never been scared until now. She will pull through this Rage."

" I want two prospects in her room at all times."

" Already set up."

Just then two big prospects walked and sat down where they could watch Jeannie and the door at the same time.

"I told them a nurse named Roxie is the only nurse to ever take care of Jeannie. She is going to be her private nurse."

" Yes, boss," they said.

"We will return in the morning. If there are any changes call us."

Just as we walked out and shut the door her doctor walked over and said.

"Can I talk to both of you in my office?"

" Sure," we followed him down the hallway. As he sat down at his desk he said.

"Please sit down."

" After examining your cousin Mr. Brown I was surprised at the scars she has."

looking at Rage I said.

"You two must not have been married long."

" We just got married and she went up to change when the fire broke out."

" So I take it you two have not had sexual intercourse yet?"

" No, we have not, why do you ask?

"Did you know that Jeannie has scars on her back?"

" What kind of scars?"

" That girl has been abused. Abused severely."

I growled. "How?"

" They look like belt marks. Like someone beat her with a belt. This had to happen for about a year or two."

" My wife did escape from an ex-boyfriend over a year ago. She never said what he did to her just that he hurt her. Thank, you for letting us know."

As we walked out of the door we walked straight to Jeannie’s room. As we opened the door the prospects stood in front of her bed. When they saw it was us they sat back down.

Roxie followed us into the room. She walked over to the bed and rolled Jeannie onto her side. We looked at her back and we were instantly angry.

"Why didn’t she tell us?"

Roxie said. "I can tell you why. Ask those men to turn their backs."

She then turned around and unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. we looked at her back.

"You have been abused too."

I knew William was angry.

"Who did that to you?"

" An ex-boyfriend. One that stalks me today. I have to have security walk me out to my car every night."

" Please put your shirt back on."

As we walked out of the door William asked.

"Do you have a cell phone?"

" Yes, Mr. Brown."

" Give it to me."

I put my phone number in her phone and handed it back.

"If you ever need help call me. We will help you. I mean it, Roxie. Call me. I don’t care if it ends up being nothing. I want you safe."

We then walked to the elevator and rode it down and got on our bikes and rode to the clubhouse.

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