Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 7: Richard

As we arrived back at the clubhouse Steve was ranting and raving. Then his phone rang. He put it on speaker. The person said.

" Now do I have your attention?"

" Mother Fucker looks like we both lose."

" That apartment above my clubhouse that you had the bomb thrown into and put on fire. Well, that was Jeannie’s apartment. You are one stupid son of a bitch."

" Word is being put out on the street as we talk. You wanted a war, lets see if your fucking MC buddies want the war or will turn you over to us."

" None of these little want to be bikers want to mess with The Wild Rider MC. I bet that is where you are calling from. Put the president of the club you are at on the phone."

I heard "mother fucker this is the president of the Road Runner MC."

" Well, Mr. President, this is Steve the president of the Wild Rider MC. Do you know that your friend Richard just put you into a war with us?"

" Over a girl who is under our protection and the women my VP, Rage is about to claim as his woman?"

" Fuck Me," I heard.

"Yes, Fuck you."

" Now if you do not want to go to war with us you will bring that punk to my clubhouse and you will do it now. If you don’t. Well then. We are coming after you and taking your club out. I will give you two hours to decide I said and hung up the phone."

Damon called a prospect over and whispered.

"Guard the doors, Richard does not get out."

Then I looked at Richard and said.

"You stupid mother fucker. Why didn't you not tell me that the woman you wanted was under the protection of The Wild Rider MC?"

" Nobody and I mean nobody messes with that club. Not if they want to live."

" Now, men, we need to take a vote. Do we want to go to war with the Wild Rider MC or do we hand this punk over to them?"

" What exactly did you do to make this woman run from you?"

" I might have used her as a punching bag a time or two."

" Hands up for handing him over?"

Not a hand was down.

"Dumb fuck. We would have killed you ourselves if we had known you beat on a woman."

" Tie this mother fucker up and throw him out at the gates of The Wild Rider MC. If you live through this I better never see you around my club hear me?"

" You can’t turn me over to them. They will kill me."

" Better them than us I said."

" Good-bye Richard. You are not worth knowing. You are a low-down bastard and dirt beneath our feet."

I watched as they threw him in the van and drove off. I called Steve.

"A package is being delivered to you about right now. Might want to pick it up at the curb. We do not want war with you."

"The package should be at the curb bring it in and tie it down in a chair in the middle of the floor."

I then looked at a prospect telling him to "Please put a large plastic on the floor with the chair in the middle. I don’t want a lot of blood to be cleaned up."

"Don’t touch him until Rage, and William get here. I am sure her cousin will want to make him pay. After all, he did throw a bomb through Jeannie’s apartment window."

" Why do you care about that bitch so much?"

" Because we do not beat on a woman. We do not treat them like dogs. And we do not send them out to work while we drink, do drugs, and fuck other women."

" We are men. We take care of business and that means if we have a girlfriend or wife we do not make them work. Not unless they want to."

" We provide for our woman. Any money they make is there’s to keep."

" A real man takes care of his family not the other way around."

" You are not a real man. You are someone who doesn't even know the real meaning of being a man and providing for his woman."

" You are a sick son of a bitch. We do not like little boys like you. We know you hurt Jeannie. What we do not know is just what you did to her."

" You broke her. She is scared of us and we do not like that. We hate it when a woman runs from us. None of us were raised to ever put a hand on a woman."

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