The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 10

I felt something soft and warm underneath me, above me and practically all around me. I felt more comfortable than I have ever felt the entire last week. I woke up feeling so fresh and awake for the first time in the entire past week. I realized I was laying on a bed with warm fluffy blankets surrounding me, keeping me nice and warm.

I thought I was in Kenneth’s room but surprisingly it wasn’t his room I was in. It was Dimitri’s. What was I doing in Dimitri’s room?

I remember last night when Dimitri was carrying me to my room but before he could get there, I fell asleep. So he must have just brought me to his room. Why his room though? Why would he let me sleep in a bed as wondrous as his?

I stretched my arms, checking the time and immediately jumped out when I saw what it was. It was 3 PM in the afternoon. Dimitri was so going to kill me for not waking up at my usual time. How was I going to get everything done on time? The thought of all the work I had to do brought me a rush of stress. I was panicking as I rushed to get out his room and see what tasks I had to complete for today.

As I was running out, I wasn’t paying attention and ended up bumping into Dimitri himself. I winced in pain. He was so hard. Dimitri steadied me again, by placing his hands on my waist just like last night. I looked up at his glowing red eyes, having to bend my neck back quite a lot. He was so tall and big. All demons here were inhumanly tall and huge and so I really had to bend my neck back to get a proper look at him. I was trying to see if he was angry at me but I couldn’t read the expression on his face. It was pretty much neutral.

All of a sudden, I felt a weird electric current run through his hands into my body, causing me to wince and step away from him. It didn’t hurt but felt really weird. “Sorry.” He said, watching me intently. “I just loaded up on energy.”

“Energy?” I asked and he nodded. I stared at him waiting for him to elaborate. When he wouldn’t, I asked him what he was talking about.

“We demons have to reload up our energy once every month. We use our talismans to do it. Our energy helps us with doing certain things. It’s like food for us. Another form of food.” He explained, pretty vaguely I had to say.

“What ‘certain things’ does energy help you demons with?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Stuff like increasing our speed, our strength, and our healing. Those are the typical things normal demons can do with energy. But high-powered demons such as I, can do a lot more with it. Stuff like stealing human souls, human hearts, taking over human minds. All sorts of things. So run along before I decide to do any of that to you.” He said with an evil smirk on his face. I could tell he was telling me all that stuff to scare me but I also knew what he said was true and that they weren’t just lies he made up to frighten me. We’ve learned about demons being able to do all that in history class. But it was unheard of nowadays. It occurred more in the olden days. But we did learn that there still are demons who are capable of all sorts of things. They’re just very rare. Guess Dimitri was one of the rare ones. It made sense for him to be since he was the King and all.

I ran off when Dimitri raised an eyebrow in amusement at the slight fear that was probably showing on my face. I speed walked down the hallways and approached the room where the task book was. I flipped it open to today’s date and was surprised to find that there wasn’t as much as there usually is. Only five things compared to the hundreds of things I usually had to do. I smiled happy that Dimitri wasn’t making me do a lot today. Maybe Dimitri actually had a heart and finally realized that he was making me do too much.

I looked at what Shauna had to do and felt a grin come to my face when I saw she had more to do than me. It was only three extra things. But still. For the past week she’s been making fun of me for having more work than her. That loser can’t taunt me today.

I read the list of what I had to complete today. Here’s what it said:

- Make my bed

- Clean a certain part of my closet (come see me about it)

- Massage me at night (I guess you were okay at it the last time you did it. There isn’t really anyone to massage my shoulders for me so sadly I have to resort to you.)

The last bit made me smirk. He enjoyed it. He so enjoyed it. He just doesn’t want to admit it to me. What a loser. He can’t hide that from me. First of all, I doubt he ever got massages done since last time I was the one who offered it to him. He didn’t ask for it. But this time he’s asking for it which means he enjoyed it enough to want more. He just doesn’t want me to know he liked it.

Anyways, continuing on with the list.

- Meet me after dinner and we will eat ice cream together. (An order)

This made me giggle. He was actually ordering me to eat ice cream with him. This was one thing I was definitely looking forward to. I hoped Shauna would read my tasks so she can drown in a pool of jealousy. More like an ocean of jealousy.

And the last thing on the list.

- The ice cream reminds me. You must come to dinner. If you skip dinner today I won’t spare you. I will severely punish you.

This was easy enough. I was actually so satisfied with today’s work. The only real work I had to do was make his bed and clean a part of his closet. Then the easy, fun stuff was to eat dinner and ice cream. Massaging his shoulders was easy as well. And I don’t want to admit it but I quite enjoyed it the last time I did it. He just felt so good under my hands.

Just then, Shauna walked into the room, probably here to see what other task she had to do for the day. She scowled at me as soon as she saw me. “I swear to god if you’re sleeping with him, I will ruin you.” She growled out in her high-pitched voice before walking towards the task book. I rolled my eyes and walked out the room. I wasn’t a whore. I would never sleep with a billion guys simply for lust purposes like she did. Like yes, you can have sex if you like it, but at least don’t throw yourself around guy to guy.

I walked out the room to find Kenneth walking by. “Hey Kenneth!” I said smiling and waving at him. Instead of waving back and walking away, he walked towards me.

“Hi Isabella, I haven’t seen you in like a week.” He said shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Yeah, Dimitri had me very busy.” I explained, smiling at him. I was happy that he was actually willingly talking to me.

“Dimitri has us all very busy. But how are you doing?” He asked, his black eyes staring directly into mine.

“Good, I guess. I really miss my family and wish I could go back home but I know that isn’t possible.” I said, feeling sadness creep up heavily on my shoulders.

“I understand. I rarely get to see my family and I miss them a lot too. They don’t live near the castle. They live quite far away. The only reason I work here at the castle is because my family is poor and I get a good pay so I’m able to provide for them.” He says shrugging his shoulders, with an almost sad look on his face. I felt bad for him hearing that. I also felt admiration for him that he was willing to work to provide his family with money.

Shauna suddenly walked out sending both Kenneth and I a dirty look. “Would you look at that? The ugly bitch hanging out with Mr. Grumpy. I’m sorry to break it to you bitch but you won’t ever win yourself a man no matter how hard you try. You’re plain and ugly.” Her words hit me hard. That’s exactly what this guy I once liked said to me a couple years ago. I had expressed my feelings for him and he flat out rudely rejected me.

I could see Kenneth’s eyes blaze with anger as he reached out and grabbed Shauna’s wrist in a tight painful hold. She lets out a whimper as he glares at her. “I will break your fucking wrist if you say one more fucking word to Isabella.” He growled in a low dangerous voice. I could see fear cloud Shauna’s eyes. She immediately scurried off as soon as Kenneth ket her wrist go.

Kenneth then turned towards me, placing his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t listen to that bitch. She’s wrong. You’re not plain and ugly.” He said the anger still very much in his voice but it was directed towards Shauna, not me. “Quite opposite from ugly actually.” He muttered the last bit more to himself than me.

“Thank you Kenneth.” I say, smiling at him in gratefulness. He smiled back at me with a small smile, gently caressing my arm. He honestly should smile more. He had such a cute smile.

Kenneth was actually very attractive when he wasn’t scowling at everyone and everything. Well, actually he was pretty attractive even when he was scowling but he was more when he didn’t have a scowl on his face. “You know Kenneth, I like you smiling like that. You should smile more.” I say grinning at him when he rolls his eyes.

“I can smile when I want to, and I will only smile when I want to.” He says and I let out a small laugh.

“Whatever you want to do, Kenneth.” I say raising my hands in mock surrender. He rolls his eyes again but I can see another smile threatening to grace his lips. I could also see him trying to fight it but failing miserably. I grinned at that. He was honestly adorable. I couldn’t help but give him a hug.

“I know you’re trying not to smile.” I say causing him to chuckle as he returns the hug. Just then, I see Dimitri walking towards us. I couldn’t see his expression because just that moment Kenneth pulled away, blocking my view.

“I wasn’t trying to not smile.” He says with a full on smile stretching across his face.

“Uh huh suuure.” I drawled, crossing my arms across my chest. Kenneth simply grinned back at me. Just then, Dimitri reached us glaring at me.

“I’m sure the list doesn’t state you to socialize with Kenneth, does it?” He asks looking pissed at me.

“Well the list never said I couldn’t socialize with him.” I shoot back. He couldn’t tell me to not socialize with Kenneth. I have been getting all my work done, haven’t I? So I don’t get what his problem is.

“Dude, chill. I’m sure Isabella is very responsible and will get everything done on your stupid list of chores. She has been, hasn’t she for like the past week or so? But anyways, I’ll leave her alone if it’s bothering you so much.” Kenneth said before walking off.

“You are not allowed to socialize with anyone, not until your done all the tasks on the list.” He stated, looking down at me. I took a step back so I could look up and glare at him without having to bend my neck back too much.

“I can socialize with anyone whenever I want. You don’t get to control that.” I glared at him, annoyed that he was trying to take that away from me as well. I rarely ever get chances to socialize anyway.

“Yes I do. What I say goes.” He grounds out with his teeth clenched in anger and annoyance.

“Well guess I just won’t listen to you. I will not let you stop me from socializing. You’ve already taken so much away from me. I won’t let you take that away from me.” I stubbornly shot back.

“Isabella, you’re honestly pissing me off now. I’m going to have to take one thing away from you. And you can choose what that will be. Your social life or your beloved Thomas.” He said with a smirk on his face.

I gasped at what he said. “No, you don’t mean...”

“I mean exactly that. It’s all up to you now. If you care enough about Thomas, you’ll leave your social life. I’m sure you can make that small sacrifice. If you can’t. Well then you’re not as good of a person as I thought. Maybe even worse than me.” He cockily smirked knowing he got me there.

“I’d never even get as remotely horrible as you. Don’t you dare ever compare me to you. It’s insulting and disgusting. You disgust me. I can’t believe you’re asking me to choose between Thomas’s death and my social life. I can’t believe you’d go that far. Obviously I’m going to choose to sacrifice my social life! But seriously, Thomas? A child? You’re willing to murder an innocent child just because I wanted to socialize with people. I can’t believe you!” I exclaimed. “I don’t even know why I’m so surprised. I mean, you do kill humans for fun. I shouldn’t be surprised. But maybe I am because I thought it might be possible for you to have even a little bit of a heart. But guess you really don’t.”

I angrily glared at him before walking away from him.

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