The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 11

I was so angry with Dimitri. How could he so easily talk about killing an innocent child? What was wrong with him? He was more messed up than I thought. How could someone be that messed up? How could he enjoy killing? I didn’t get it. What did he get out of killing humans? What did he accomplish?

There was once a time when there was peace between demons and humans. Demons were actually welcome on earth and humans in Rovana. Humans would help demons if they ever needed help and demons would help us humans. But that was more than two centuries ago when Dimitri wasn’t in rule over Rovana, according to our history books. Demons have been our enemies for the past two centuries ever since Dimitri took over. He’s been ruling for two whole centuries now. No one nowadays is quite sure why Dimitri is against humans. There have been many theories that stemmed from books written two centuries ago, when Dimitri first took over.

One theory was that Dimitri once came down to earth and a couple of scientists kidnapped him to perform scientific procedures on him, but technology wasn’t even that advanced two centuries ago so I’m sure that’s completely incorrect. And I’m sure it would be impossible to kidnap Dimitri.

Another theory was that a human killed someone beloved towards Dimitri like a family member or lover or someone. That could very well be possible.

The third theory was that he just didn’t like the idea of demons befriending humans. That he simply thought demons were better than humans. And I don’t really think that’s true. I don’t know why but I feel like Dimitri isn’t really like that.

Maybe he’s just completely messed up and actually does kill humans because it’s a hobby of his. Who knows?

I quickly made Dimitri’s bed, wanting to get out of his room before he showed up. I didn’t want to see his face. But when I was done, I remembered that the second thing on the list was to clean his closet and I had to go ask him about that, since he said a certain part of his closet. I groaned not wanting to talk to him at all.

Just as I was about to leave his room to go find him, he showed up and I immediately glared at him. “Show me what part of the closet you want me to clean.” I demanded and he scowled.

“Don’t order me around. I’m the King, not you.” He grumbled, motioning for me to follow him to his closet.

“Well, I bet I could be a better King than you. Let’s just be real here.” I said causing him to stop and turn to look at me with a deeper scowl on his face.

“Just shut the fuck up, and clean my damn closet.” He said pointing at one side of his closet. “Sort everything out here. I want my shirts in one place and my pants in another. And anything else that doesn’t seem to fit, find a place for it.”

"Just shut the fuck up and clean my damn closet.” I imitated him in an annoyingly girly voice before saying, “Whatever.”

As I walked past him, he roughly grabbed my arm slamming me against the wall, pinning me there with one arm. “You’re fucking pissing me off!” He growled in a low angry voice. He grabbed my chin in his left hand, holding it tightly. He pulled my face up so I was staring straight into his angry blazing eyes. He then slid his hand down to my neck applying pressure there, showing me just how strong he was and how he could snap my neck in just a few seconds. “If one more annoying word comes out of your fucking mouth, I will not hesitate in snapping your neck.” He threatened me, his eyes glowing in anger.

I was scared, very scared. I knew he wouldn’t hesitate in snapping my neck and so I nodded my head, even though I didn’t want to. He then left me alone, leaving me to clean his closet. I could feel tears prick my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I instead immediately got to cleaning.

As I cleaned his closet, I found a picture hidden behind some clothes. There was a man and a woman sitting on either side of an adorable little boy, both of them kissing the little boys’ cheeks. The boy sat in the middle, grinning widely at the camera. The man looked familiar. Very familiar. Then I realized that the man looked like Dimitri and that he was most likely Dimitri’s dad. The woman was obviously Dimitri’s mom and the little boy was Dimitri.

Dimitri was so cute when he was a little kid and he looked so carefree and happy in the picture. It was hard to imagine the Dimitri now, smiling and looking as happy as he did in the picture.

I decided I would ask Dimitri where to put the picture. I’m sure he’d want to put the picture up somewhere. I set the picture on a shelf and decided I’d ask him when Dimitri wasn’t being a complete asshole. Because I really didn’t want to talk to him.

By the time I was done with his closet, it was time for dinner. Dinner. The next thing on the list.

I walked out of Dimitri’s room and walking down the hallway I saw Pam with Thomas. I smiled running to catch up to them. “Hey guys.” I smiled and Thomas immediately gave me a huge hug, telling me how much he missed me.

“I missed you too Tommy. So so much!” I exclaimed, kissing his cheek before grabbing onto his hand. I then turned towards Pam.

“Thank you for taking care of Thomas. I really appreciate it.” I said smiling at her.

“Thomas is an amazing little boy. I’d love to take care of him anytime your busy. He’s so sweet and adorable.” She said grinning down at Thomas. Thomas smiled back.

I really liked Pam. She was very nice and I loved how friendly she was towards Thomas. “So what are we having for dinner?” I asked her since she did work in the kitchen.

“Oh lots of yummy stuff. Roasted chicken, lasagna, shrimp pasta, this really yummy greek salad I made which I am very proud of. And a bunch of other stuff.” She said looking genuinely happy. I got really happy too since I absolutely love all those things and I was glad that today I actually had time to eat dinner.

“Do you like your job?” I asked her and she nodded her head, smiling widely.

“I love it! It doesn’t even feel like a job. More like a fun hobby I get to do everyday since I absolutely love anything to do with cooking.” She explained and I smiled at her enthusiasm. I’m glad she at least gets to do something she loves. “What about you?” She asks me.

“I hate it! I hate everything! And most of all I hate Dimitri!” I exclaimed and then I went into how horrible everything has been the past week and Pam listened intently. By the time I was done, I had tears in my eyes and Pam immediately pulled me into a tight hug.

“Dimitri is horrible. I have to agree with you. But I know you’re a strong person. I can see it so much in you. And I know you can survive this Isabella. I know you can show Dimitri that he can’t bring you down no matter how hard he tries.” She said as she pulled away. She gave me a small sympathetic smile which I returned.

“You’re right Pam. I can do this. And I will show Dimitri that I’m not one to give up easily. Thank you Pam.” I said as we entered the dining room. Pam went to her seat and Thomas went with her since we all had the same seats as our first day eating here.

I unfortunately had my seat beside Dimitri and Shauna. I noticed Dimitri already there with Shauna sitting in his lap, straddling him. I, avoiding looking at them, made my way to my seat and instead focused my attention on Pam and Thomas.

I could hear the disgusting noises of Dimitri and Shauna kissing beside me but tried to block them out as much as I could. Like were they serious? Why the hell would you kiss at a dinner table when everyone was slowly coming? And even Thomas was here. But thankfully, Thomas was busy talking with Pam to notice the crazed lip action going on like right beside me.

Thankfully, they soon stopped and Shauna got off his lap. Shauna sent me a glare when she noticed me. She was probably annoyed that I was sitting between her and Dimitri. “If you want to switch seats with me, you can.” I said to her with a bored look on my face.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She exclaimed smiling widely. I was in the middle of getting up when Dimitri said no.

“What?” Both Shauna and I said to him, at practically the same time.

“I said no. No one is switching seats.” He stated causing me to roll my eyes and sit back down.

“But babe, we’ll be closer.” Shauna said as she walked up to Dimitri. Babe? Seriously?

“Shauna, go to your seat.” He ordered and she huffed but thankfully went back to her seat without making too much of a fuss.

The food was soon delivered and it was absolutely delicious. It was amazing. I tried some of Pam’s Greek Salad and it was amazing and I don’t typically like salads. I sent her an approving grin and she grinned back.

Throughout the entire dinner, I felt Dimitri’s eyes fixed on my face. It was starting to get really annoying and I couldn’t ignore him any longer. “What do you want?” I hissed finally meeting his gaze.

“Nothing.” He mumbled, his gaze landing on my left hand instead. He suddenly reached for it but I pulled my hand away before he could touch me. He then looked up at me and glared. He rested his hand out on the table near me wiggling his fingers in a ‘give me your hand’ motion. “Now.” He demanded and I hesitantly put my hand in his.

He flipped my hand so the palm was facing up and I could see him grimace slightly at the sight before him. Even I was grimacing. The skin was ripped in certain places and there were so many blisters and scratches. All the work I had to do 24/7 wrecked my hands. Especially since my hands weren’t used to the constant hard work.

“I saw you flinching whenever you grabbed the glass of water.” He muttered as he gently ran his thumb over the blisters. “Can’t believe I didn’t notice this before.”

I shrugged. It was painful but I had learned to deal with it.

“Your other hand.” He said and I rolled my eyes, placing my other hand in front of him. He looked at both my hands for a while before letting them go.

I just gave him an annoyed look before eating my dinner. Once I was done, I didn’t even bother to be dismissed, I just got up and started leaving. I really didn’t want to eat ice cream with him so I quickly strode off, hoping he’d forget about it. “Isabella!” His voice boomed behind me causing me to stop.

I wanted to ignore him and walk off but he’s threatened me twice today so I didn’t want to risk getting threatened more. “Turn around.” He said and I slowly turned around, looking down at the ground. I didn’t want to look at him. I wished I never had to look at him ever again. But that wasn’t possible unless I completely gouged my eyes out which I wasn’t willing to do.

I kept staring down at the ground but he wouldn’t say anything. I soon figured it was because he was walking towards me. I then looked up at him, meeting his fiery gaze. “Were you dismissed?” He asked and I shook my head no. “Then why did you leave?” He asked.

“Maybe I left,” I started, “Because I wanted too! Does my precious little King have a problem with that?” I said, trying to belittle him. I knew I was playing with fire but I didn’t care.

To my surprise he didn’t look angry, just exhausted of my stupid sarcastic retorts. Instead of yelling or arguing with me, he grabbed my wrist in a tight hold and dragged me back to my seat. “Sit.” He demanded and then went back to his own seat. “Do not get up until I tell you to.”

I quietly sat at my seat in annoyance watching everyone finish their dinner. Every time a girl was finished, she’d ask Dimitri if she was dismissed and he’d nod his head at them. Slowly every one left, including Pam and Thomas and Shauna, leaving me alone with Dimitri. “Isabella-”

“Am I dismissed?” I asked not bothering to look at him or wait for him to finish his sentence.

“No.” He said but I got up anyways. “Isabella-”

“I don’t feel like eating ice cream.” I said as I started to walk away.

“I never asked you, I specifically said it was an order and you will eat ice cream with me. Whether you like it or not.” He stated but I shook my head.

“No. You’ll make something as enjoyable as eating ice cream, seem like hell. You’re just going to threaten me the entire time. I’d rather eat it with either Pam and Thomas or Devon or Kenneth. But not with you.” I said before I started to walk off again.

I suddenly felt him grab onto my wrist pulling me back hard. My back pressed up against him and he wrapped his arms around me, almost as if he was hugging me from behind. I felt his lips near my right ear. “Please Izzie, just this once.” The way he said my name sounded almost like an endearment, and it was the first time he had said my name as Izzie. Well except for my dreams. In my dreams he always said Izzie. And I was also surprised that he used the word please. It was probably the first time he’s said please. “I promise I won’t threaten you while we eat our ice cream.” He said. The word ‘please’ combined with the way he said my name convinced me in the end to eat ice cream with him as well as his promise to not threaten me.

“Fine.” I said turning around to look at him causing a dazzling smile to stretch across his face.

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