The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 12

Dimitri grabbed onto my arm and I followed him to the couch. Then Dimitri called Mary, the main chef to make us ice cream sundaes.

I was actually kinda excited. My parents loved making ice cream sundaes for us at home and I really missed having their homemade ice cream sundaes. They were absolutely delicious. The thought of my parents brought me great pain which I tried to hide as Dimitri was staring directly at me.

“Can I see your hands again?” He asked softly and I nodded, holding my hands up in front of him. He studied my palms quite intently before letting go of my left one and holding my right one in between both his hands. All of a sudden I felt a searing pain in my right hand causing me to scream out. As each second passed the pain got worse and worse and so did my screams. I tried pulling my hand away from Dimitri because I knew he was causing the pain but I couldn’t. The more I tried to resist the more it hurt. It felt like someone set my hand on fire while they continuously stabbed it with a knife.

“Dimitri! Please stop!” I cried out not being able to scream anymore. Tears completely blurred my eyes so I couldn’t see anything. And then the pain slowly ebbed away. Once it was completely gone, Dimitri let go of my hand. Before I could do anything he grabbed my other hand and the burning pain caused me to scream out again.

This was torture. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Was this how it felt when Dimitri tortured and killed all those other humans? Was he trying to kill me?

The pain ended up draining out my energy so fast that I passed out.


I woke up to someone stroking my hair. I opened my eyes to see Dimitri above me, staring down at me. I realized I was laying on his lap and immediately jumped off, a wave of fear hitting me.

He tried to hurt me. He tried to kill me. That was the only thing going through my mind at the moment.

“Isabella.” Dimitri started as he got up and took a step towards me. I backed up in fear, looking around me for a way to escape him. “I didn’t mean to cause you pain.”

“Yes you did! You tried to kill me! You never wanted to eat ice cream with me, you just wanted to kill me. You were going to break our deal!” I yelled at him. “You’re planning on killing us all, aren’t you? I don’t even know why I bothered to make a deal with you. I don’t get why I thought you would ever keep your side of the deal. Your a monster! And I hate you! Just kill me right now and get it over with. Kill all the girls right now and get it over with! I don’t want them to live in fear knowing your going to come for them at one point. So just kill us all right now!” Hot tears slid down my face.

Dimitri looked more than pissed now. He walked up to me in long strides and roughly grabbed my arm. “You know what, I should actually kill you! I should get rid of you forever! I don’t need someone as annoying as you around. I don’t need an ungrateful bitch like you, tainting my castle! You’re so fucking annoying, coming to stupid ass conclusions. I thought you were smarter than that! And you know what, I hate you too! More than the rest of them!”

He grabbed my chin, pulling my face up so I would look into his deadly eyes. “Then kill me Dimitri! Do it! Right now! Kill the ungrateful bitch that I apparently am! I’m definitely ungrateful for being kept here as your fucking slave. I’m definitely ungrateful for being threatened to be killed everyday. I’m definitely ungrateful for the pain you just caused me. I’m definitely ungrateful for-”

“SHUT UP!” He roared out so loud, I was expecting his whole castle to collapse. I could practically feel everyone in the castle freeze. I knew everyone heard him.

He looked so angry and frustrated. He was seething in rage and I could practically see the steam escaping his ears. “Goddamnit! You have no fucking idea all the things I want to do to you right now!” He growled out, his right hand clenched tight into a fist.

“I want to strangle you to death right now!” He yelled and I opened my mouth to say something but he yelled at me to not say anything. He closed his eyes trying to calm himself down. I could see him taking deep breaths in and out before he opened his eyes and dragged me toward the couch, making me sit down.

“Isabella, I wasn’t trying to kill you. Killing you was not my intention at all. It didn’t even cross my mind until you accused me of it, since you love to jump to conclusions.” He said in a surprisingly calm voice. I was about to protest and say I didn’t love to jump to conclusions, but one glare from him shut me up completely. I instead let him continue. “I didn’t mean to cause you any pain. I was just trying to heal your hands. And it worked.” He said lifting both my hands up in front of us. I looked down shocked to see my hands completely healed. There was no trace of damage left at all to be seen. “I would have warned you about the pain if I knew it was going to hurt. I’ve healed demons before and it doesn’t ever hurt them. But I guess it’s different for humans. Humans are probably sensitive to demonic powers.” He said looking me straight in the eyes. “If I wanted to kill you, I would have done so, so many times before. I could have done it when you passed out. Or when you disobeyed me so many times before. You broke our deal many times because you seem to like to disobey my orders, all the fricken time. But not once did I attempt to kill you. Threaten you, yes. But killing you, I didn’t, when I should have. When I had the right to. So yes, you are an ungrateful bitch. I’m the one who’s kept our deal, not you. So you have no right to be angry at me.”

Just then, Mary cautiously approached us with the ice cream sundaes. “I don’t want to eat ice cream anymore, Mary. Return my bowl back to the kitchen. Let her eat her ice cream if she still wants to eat some.” He said before turning away from both of us and walking away.

Mary glared at me once he left. “He was right. You are an ungrateful bitch. He chose you out of everyone to eat ice cream with and you decided to ruin it. Dimitri never willingly spends time with anyone other than Devon, let alone a girl. A human girl like you. In fact he’s not very nice to anyone. He’s rude to almost everyone. But he treats you better than anyone other than Devon.” She said and I was kind of surprised. I was treated better than pretty much everyone? I could have burst out laughing at that. In fact I would have if I didn’t feel so guilty for dropping to conclusions so fast. I shouldn’t have felt guilty. Dimitri didn’t deserve my guilt. But I felt it anyway. Because he was right. I did disobey him many times. I was the one who broke our deal more than once. But he didn’t kill me, like our deal said he would.

Mary started to walk away with Dimitri’s bowl of ice cream when I stopped her. “Give me the bowl.” I said holding my hand out.

“Why?” She asked curiously.

“I’m going to try and get Dimitri to eat it with me.” I said and she handed the bowl over to me, muttering a good luck. I thanked her and walked towards the stairs that would take me to the top floor where Dimitri’s bedroom was located.

I reached his room in a few minutes and hesitated outside his closed door. Should I do this?

I called out his name before I changed my mind. I got no reply but I knew he was in there. I could hear noises. “Dimitri.” I called a little louder. He didn’t respond again. I called one more time before setting the bowls of ice cream down on the ground. I then grabbed the door handle and opened it.

My eyes widened in surprise and annoyance. Dimitri had a half naked Shauna pressed up against the wall. The two were heatedly making out, causing me to look away in anger. I was really pissed at seeing the bitch with Dimitri. I felt great envy at seeing Dimitri feeling Shauna up, at watching his perfectly shaped lips molded against hers. It reminded me of my dreams and the way Dimitri had kissed me in them.

I shook those thoughts away from my head and walked out of his room to grab his bowl of ice cream. I then walked back into his room. Dimitri and Shauna still went at each other, not seeming to know I was there. I raised the bowl up above my head, before flinging it as hard as I could. The bowl of ice cream flew high up into the air with force and hit the wall beside Dimitri and Shauna. The loud crashing noise caused Dimitri to pull away from Shauna and to turn around to look at me. “Enjoy your ice cream.” I said sweetly before walking out of his room, not bothering to pick up my bowl of ice cream from the ground.

I felt like crying but I didn’t get why. I felt envious of Shauna but I didn’t get that either. I don’t like Dimitri. I don’t have any feelings for him. So why did I feel so upset and annoyed at seeing Dimitri with Shauna?

Maybe it was because of the dream Dimitri. I liked the dream Dimitri a lot. He was perfect.

But the real Dimitri was different. He was way different. Dream Dimitri liked me, maybe even loved me. But the real Dimitri didn’t. The dream Dimitri saved me from the Demon King. The real Dimitri was the Demon King himself. They were both completely different. So why did I care?

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