The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 16

That night I went to my room to find Kenneth waiting there for me with Thomas beside him. “Hey!” I said, smiling at both of them. I bent down to give Thomas a hug and a kiss to the cheek, before I asked him how his day went. He happily told me the important parts of the day before I turned towards a smiling Kenneth. “And how was your day?” I asked and he grinned even more widely.

“Well, you see.” He said, wrapping an arm around my waist. “I’m officially dating a very beautiful woman.”

“Really now? I wonder who.” I said winking at him while Thomas looked expectantly up at Kenneth.

“You have a girlfriend?” He asked and Kenneth nodded. “Who?”

“Isabella.” Kenneth replied and Thomas’s mouth dropped open. It was very funny actually.

“Really?” He asked and Kenneth and I both nodded our heads at him. “Then why aren’t you holding hands? You’re supposed to hold hands and say, I love you.”

We both chuckled at Thomas’s words. Thomas was honestly so adorable. “You’re so cute Thomas.” I exclaimed, bending down to kiss his cheek.

“Thanks.” Thomas said causing Kenneth and I to start laughing. We found it so adorable and amusing that he actually said thanks. Kids usually never thank others when they are called cute and adorable.

“So I came here to ask you and Thomas, if you two would like to sleep in my room. I don’t want you two to be staying with Shauna and I don’t want you to sleep on the ground Isabella.” Kenneth said making me smile.

“That’s really sweet of you Kenneth, but we have two problems.” I said, causing him to frown.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Where will Thomas sleep? And I don’t want Dimitri to know about our relationship. He says I’m not allowed to socialize.” I explained and Kenneth smiled.

“Dimitri won’t know. And I have a sofa bed where Thomas will sleep.” He said and I smiled, grateful that I didn’t have to stay in the same room as Shauna and that I didn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.

“Thank you Kenneth.” I said and he took my hand in his. I grabbed Thomas’s hand as well and we all walked to Kenneth’s room. Once we got there, Kenneth showed me that he had already transferred our clothes to his closet. I grabbed a tank top with a pair of shorts and went to the bathroom to change. I brushed my teeth before helping Thomas change his clothes. I then helped him brush his teeth before I helped him to his bed.

I tucked him in the warm comfy blanket, kissing him goodnight. I then turned towards Kenneth and noticed him taking his shirt off, causing me to blush. He then turned to look at me and smiled. “Get in and make yourself comfy.” He said pointing to the bed. I obliged and crawled into his bed. And soon Kenneth came in too, turning the lights off, leaving only one small bedside lamp on.

Kenneth then turned to look at me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me on the forehead and we lay down. “Goodnight, Isabella.” He whispered to me, since Thomas was asleep.

“Goodnight Kenneth.” I whispered back and he turned the lamp off.


The next day, I spent my entire day in the library. I had completed all my tasks since I didn’t have very many. I was trying to look for books on the Shadows, but there was nothing I could find. I didn’t want to ask the librarian in case she freaked out if I mentioned the Shadows.

Kenneth soon came looking for me. “What are you doing?” He asked and I told him how I was looking for books.

“Books on what? Maybe I can help you find them.” He said and I was a little hesitant to say it since Dimitri had gotten really angry and scared. So I wasn’t sure how Kenneth would respond.

“The Shadows.” I said and an almost confused look crossed Kenneth’s face.

“Why do you want a book on the Shadows?” He asked and I told him that I was just curious.

“All books on the Shadows were burnt a long time ago. If you want to know stuff about the Shadows, I’ll tell you from what I know.” He said and I eagerly nodded my head. We both sat down onto a couch and he began telling me what he knew.

“The Shadows are a species, that used to be the demons and humans biggest enemies. They were horrible creatures, full of evil. Their goal was to take over demons and humans and rule the world. Many, many centuries ago, humans and demons joined forces to destroy the Shadows and they succeeded. How they succeeded, I have no idea. It was very long ago and the Shadows have since gone extinct, since they were all destroyed by us demons and you humans. No one wants to remember those horrible creatures and those books are not needed anymore so they have all been burnt.” Kenneth explained to me which would have put my mind to ease if the old woman hadn’t have told me that the Shadows were coming after me and if Dimitri hadn’t freaked out so much.

“Are you sure they’re extinct?” I asked and Kenneth frowned.

“Yeah they are. Why would you think otherwise? We haven’t had any trouble with them for the past five centuries. They’re all gone.” He said and I nodded my head, more confused than I ever thought I’d be.

But then again, Kenneth might just not know. He could just think they’re all extinct because that’s just what he might have been told.

I needed to find that old woman again. I had so many questions for her. “Kenneth, do you know anyone by the name, Esther?” I asked, remembering that one of the demons called her that.

“Esther? The crazy, insane old woman? Yeah. Everyone knows her. She’s notoriously famous for her so called crazy fortunes. Why?” He asked, looking at me curiously.

“I just heard some people talking about her. And she seemed like an interesting person so I thought maybe I could go meet her sometime. It would be cool to meet someone like her.” I lied, not wanting him to know that I actually believed the old woman.


Later on in the evening, I heard piercing screams and realized that Dimitri was torturing and killing more humans. I tried to block out the screams but I couldn’t. I felt horrible at the fact that I was just sitting here and eating dinner while people, innocent people, were being killed.

I immediately jumped out of my seat when I couldn’t handle the screams anymore and ran down the hallway, toward Dimitri’s torturing room. I was going to get Dimitri to stop this, once and for all.

I was hoping the doors weren’t locked and thankfully they weren’t. I opened the door and rushed inside, only for me to let out a scream in horror. I couldn’t even begin to describe the bloody, horrific mess in front of me.

There were parts of people’s body strewn literally everywhere. It was horrendous and I felt like I was going to barf. The stench was absolutely horrible too. It smelled like death and blood and I was having trouble keeping my food down.

I noticed five humans, tied down in chairs, at one side of the wall. My eyes widened in horror when I realized, it was my family. My whole family was there, waiting their turn to be killed. My mom and dad, my sister and brother. They were all there looking back at me with surprise and panic on their faces. They were probably shocked to see me still alive.

The fifth person, I had recognized as an old classmate of mine and she was passed out in her chair, from the fear.

“Isabella, what are you doing here? Leave right now!” Dimitri ordered and I shook my head. My family was here. I couldn’t let him kill my family.

“N-no.” I said, my voice shaking in fear. “P-please don’t do it Dimitri. Please!” I begged, tears escaping my eyes. I was so scared. I wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of my family dying. I needed to save them.

“Isabella leave right now! I don’t want you seeing this.” He exclaimed, as he wiped the blood off his hand, onto his clothes.

“Dimitri, you can’t kill them! They’re my family!” I yelled, but he simply glared at me.

“Leave unless you want me to tie you down so you can watch me torture your family. I’m only giving you this one chance to leave.” He threatened me but I stood my ground. I was not leaving my family to die in the hands of this monster.

“I’m not leaving. Not until you let my family go.” I stated and he growled at me in anger. He stalked towards me and roughly grabbed onto my waist, picking me up.

“Don’t touch me!” I screamed as I thrashed around in his arms. I tried punching him, but it wouldn’t work. “Let me go!” I yelled and then as soon as I got the chance, I kneed him hard in his groin. He groaned, letting go of me, to clutch his private part in pain.

I pushed him, making him fall to the ground before I quickly grabbed some ropes nearby and tied him down. I grinned down at him, once the knots were all secure. This was way easier than I had expected.

I then rushed towards my family and started undoing their ropes, hoping I would be able to send them back to earth through the portal. But before I could fully undo a knot, I felt someone grab me from behind, the suddenness making me stumble back into a warm, hard body. It was Dimitri.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck causing me to gulp in fear. I could tell by his tight grip on me, that he was seriously pissed. “Did you really think it was that easy to defeat me? DID YOU?” He roared into my ear, causing me to tremble in fear. The tears slid down my face. My family and I were both done for. We were officially done. Dimitri was going to torture and kill us all.

“ANSWER ME ISABELLA! DID YOU REALLY THINK IT WAS THAT EASY?” He yelled in pure rage, causing me to flinch and wish for this nightmare to end already. Except this wasn’t a nightmare. It was real. All real.

“I don’t know.” I whimpered out.

“What do you mean you don’t know? I’m the Demon King. You can’t ever win against me, Sweetheart. So nice try.” He said, chuckling at the pathetic mess I had become. I could feel his lips grazing my ear as he laughed, causing me to shiver, and not in a good way.

“Just kill me and get it over with.” I whispered, closing my eyes.

“Who said anything about killing you? Your family is going to die today. Not you. You can sit here.” He said, throwing me down into a chair and tied me down. “And suffer, while you watch them die.” He said, kneeling in front of me and grinning.

“And you ask how you’re horrible?” I whimpered, willing the tears to go away, but they wouldn’t. “You’re more than horrible, Dimitri! I hate you!” I was full on sobbing by now, not being able to hold it in.

I watched the grin slowly wash off his face until there was only anger left. He got up and started undoing the knots around my dad’s arms. I started screaming and crying, knowing he was going to kill my dad. He was going to kill my whole family.

But then to my surprise, Dimitri opened up a portal and threw my dad through it. It was a portal to earth. I watched as he undid my mom next and then my brother and sister and lastly my old classmate before throwing them all into the portal to earth.

Once he was done, he faced me with a dark glare. “I hope you’re happy, because you’ve just ruined my life forever!” He spat out, before untying me and leaving me alone in the dark room.

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