The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 17

I followed Dimitri outside into the hallway. “Okay, really? I ruined your life? Me? The helpless human who you’re keeping as your freaking servant while constantly threatening me? I think you’re the one ruining my life! Not the other way around! Like please, no need to be so damn dramatic.” I said causing him to stop and turn around with an annoyed glare on his face. “You kill people all the time, just because you didn’t kill someone one day, doesn’t mean your whole life is ruined.” I continued.

He stalked up to me, grabbing onto my shoulder in an almost painful way. “Don’t talk about something you don’t know.” He hissed in anger, causing me to roll my eyes. “And if you piss me off again, I’ll bring your family back and kill them all, one by one.”

I glared at him, while he glared back at me. We literally stood there for a good two minutes just glaring at each other before he decided to turn around and leave. After that, I went to Kenneth’s room (which was my room now too) and took a shower, to help me erase my memories and get rid of the dirt from that horrible room.

Once I was done, I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to find both Dimitri and Kenneth talking about something. As soon as they saw me, they both abruptly stopped talking and stared back at me. I blushed when I noticed both of their gazes trained on my legs. Kenneth must have then realized Dimitri’s eyes on me since he glared at him. “Get your eyes off my girl!” He growled out before walking to me, and resting a hand on my bare shoulder, directing me to the closet.

I pulled Kenneth inside the closet with me. “Why did you say that in front of him?” I whisper hissed. “Now he’s not going to let us be together. If you’ve forgotten, he’s not allowing me to socialize with anyone.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just get some clothes on, I don’t want to see him looking at you like that.” He said, “Although, feel free to be naked around me. I won’t mind at all.” He winked, before leaving me in the closet. I rolled my eyes with a small smile on my face and grabbed some clothes, putting them on.

I then made my way outside to find Dimitri being the only person in the room. Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything and just stared down at the ground with a scowl on his face. “Where’s Kenneth?” I asked and he looked up at me, pointing towards the door. “He went to get something.”

“Oh ok.” I said as I made my way towards the bed and sat down. There was a very awkward silence in the room which was starting to get more and more awkward by the second.

“So-” Both Dimitri and I started to say before abruptly stopping. It was actually really funny how awkward it suddenly became that I started giggling lightly.

“I don’t get what’s so funny.” Dimitri said and I rolled my eyes at him.

“It’s because you’re a grumpy old grandpa who doesn’t have a sense of humour and are just plain stupid.” I stated with a smirk before he started glaring at me.

“Can’t believe Kenneth wants to date trash.” Dimitri muttered to himself causing me to glare at him instead.

“Yeah you wish Kenneth wanted to date trash but I’m sorry to tell you this Dimitri, but Kenneth’s into females. Sorry bud, maybe you’ll find better luck with someone else because Kenneth’s mine.” I said grinning at him. Dimitri honestly looked like he wanted to strangle me to death, but I wasn’t scared of him. Because let’s be real, if he wanted to kill me, he would have done so a long time ago. Wouldn’t he have?

“Why the hell do you have to be so goddamn annoying!” He exclaimed in anger and annoyance. “Don’t bother begging me to spare your life when I decide to kill you off once and for all. Since you can’t seem to control your damn mouth. And did you forget what I told you? I told you that you aren’t allowed to socialize with anyone, including Kenneth. I don’t care how you guys are going to date with that rule but you aren’t allowed to socialize.”

“I can socialize with anyone I want, excuse you! And especially with Kenneth! You can’t control what I can and can’t do!” I exclaimed in annoyance.

“Oh but I can, my sweet Isabella.” He sneered at me. “I can make you do anything I want. And you will listen to me.”

Just then Kenneth walked into the room with a bunch of papers in his hand and brought them over to Dimitri. “Here. These are all of them.” Dimitri took them from Kenneth and began looking at them before he let out a bark of laughter.

“And they actually believe this?” He asked and Kenneth nodded.

“What is that?” I asked Kenneth.

“Oh it’s the prophecy you humans believe in. The one that’s about stopping Dimitri.” He said and I nodded my head. I looked at the papers and realized it was copied from our books that contain information about the prophecy.

Every single book of ours stated the same thing. That an 18 year old girl will be able to stop the Demon King from his evil ways. How this prophecy came to be, I have no idea. That’s the thing I don’t understand about them. Who writes them? How does whoever write them know exactly what’s going to happen? Well actually, I don’t even know if this prophecy is correct. Since no one has been able to stop Dimitri yet.

I noticed Dimitri staring at me and I looked up and met his bright red eyes. He then looked down at the prophecy before looking up at me again. By the look on his face, it seemed he was contemplating whether I was the one from the prophecy. I could see why he would think that since I technically did stop him from killing five people earlier. But what he probably doesn’t know is that the girl from the prophecy is supposed to kill him. That’s what the prophecy is.

I’m not someone who can accomplish that so I’m not the one from the prophecy.

I don’t even want to try and kill him. That would just make me as bad as him. That would make us all as bad as him.

Dimitri then ripped the prophecy up and threw it in the trashcan before looking up at Kenneth and I. “Kenneth, if you didn’t know, Isabella’s not allowed to socialize with anyone. So I don’t know how you two are going to continue the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but that’s your problem.”

“You can’t do that Dimitri. That’s not fair to me at all.” Kenneth said as he placed his arm around my waist, pulling me towards him.

“Sorry Kenneth, but maybe you shouldn’t be dating trash in the first place. You can do so much better. Like why are you even wasting your time with her?” Dimitri said causing both Kenneth and I to glare at him.

“I’d waste my time any day for her. She’s amazing and pretty and everything I want in a girl.” Kenneth said causing me to smile up at him.

“You’re too sweet, Kenneth.” I said as I reached up and pecked him on his lips. And that’s when I realized that that was our first kiss, even though it was very quick and small. Kenneth smiled down at me and kissed the top of my head.

“She’s not amazing and she’s not pretty. I honestly don’t get what you see in her. She’s simply trash. She belongs in a relationship with that trashcan over there. Not with you.” Dimitri said causing me to scowl.

“Nobody asked for your opinion Dimitri, so I don’t get why you’re even talking. And like can you leave, you’re not wanted here. And honestly, you’re probably just jealous that Kenneth can actually get someone good because we all know you can never get a girl. Other than the bitch, of course. But she doesn’t even count as a person.” I stated, referring to Shauna.

“Yeah I’m totally jealous of trash because I totally want to date trash, too. If I really wanted trash that badly, I would have rummaged through that trash can and found something a billion times better than you.” He said causing Kenneth to glare at him.

“Just shut up Dimitri. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t talk shit about her. I can date whoever I want and I don’t care what you think about that. So just leave us alone.” Kenneth said causing Dimitri to give us one last glare before thankfully deciding to leave the room.

“Finally.” Kenneth whispered before he pulled me towards him. “Now I can finally have you all alone to myself.”


After the intense make out session I had with Kenneth, I asked him if he could show me to Esther. He obliged and took me there which I was very happy about, because I needed answers. I didn’t even know if what she said was real but it wouldn’t hurt to ask questions. Just in case what she said was true.

Kenneth left me in her room and I sat there waiting for her. She soon came out and smiled when she saw me. Her scraggly grey hair was up in a small ponytail and she was wearing a black shawl. “You’re confused, aren’t you child?” She said, as she sat down in front of me.

“Yes, very confused.” I said, smiling back at her. “My name’s Isabella, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Isabella. I am Esther.” She said and we shook hands. “So what would you like to know?”

“Everything. I want to know about everything you told me that day.” I said and she looked confused for a second.

“I’ve met you before?” She asked causing me to look confused now.

“Um... Yeah you did. You told me that the Shadows were coming and that I had to save Dimitri to be able to save everyone else.” I explained and she finally seemed to look like she remembered.

“Of course, of course. I’m sorry child, my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I am quite old. But enough about me, what would you like to know?” She asked and I thought about it for a while. I had a million questions but I had no idea where to start.

“Um... This is kinda hard. I honestly don’t know where to start. I’m just so confused about everything. But I guess I’ll start with the most simplest thing. What are the Shadows?” I asked, I wanted to see if what Kenneth told me was right and if Esther knew a little more about them.

“Child, I think you already know what they are. Ask me something, you don’t know.” She said and I wondered if she meant that I already knew because of what Kenneth told me.

“So they are evil creatures that used to have been the demons and humans enemies?” I asked and she nodded her head. “And the demons and humans paired up together and defeated them?” She nodded her head again.

“But if they’ve been defeated then why did you say they’re coming for me?” I asked and she just stared at me as if the answer was obvious.

“Because they are coming for you.” She said and I was just getting more and more confused.

“But I thought they all went extinct since humans and demons paired up to defeat them.” I said and she shook her head.

“That’s just what everyone believes, but I wouldn’t really say that they’re extinct. They would have been if every single human and every single demon was okay with working with each other. About twenty percent of demons and humans did not believe in working together, which is why not all the Shadows were killed off. Now if everyone wanted to work together, then they would have gone extinct.” She explained to me and I guess things made a teeny tiny bit more sense.

“Why was that? Why did everyone have to work together to defeat them?” I asked and she thought about that for a bit.

“I guess because they’re so hard to defeat and they have so much evil and power inside of them. More power than demons. And us demons do have quite a bit of evil inside of us too, which is why we needed help from the humans. To help us balance the evil inside us. Since humans have a lower percentage of evil inside of them, compared to us. And you can’t really defeat evil with evil. It’s better to defeat evil with goodness, it works faster and more effectively.” She explained and I nodded my head. That was in basically in every single movie or tv show. The good people always defeating the bad. It made sense.

“So what did the demons and humans do to defeat the Shadows?” I asked and she shrugged.

“No one is really sure about that. I’m sure even people who were actually alive at that time don’t know how they did that. But you’ll figure it out. You are our only hope now.” She said and I felt so much pressure put on me. She expected me to be able to fix everything. But I was a measly little human. How was I supposed to fix everything?

“So the Shadows are still here and I need to stop them?” I asked and she nodded her head.

“And only you can stop them.” She said and I sighed, knowing I was going to be a failure to everyone. And I didn’t even know if this was real.

“Come in son.” Esther suddenly said looking behind me and I turned around to look behind me and see Dimitri standing there.

“I think I’ll come later.” He said, looking at me.

“No, no come in now.” She said and Dimitri hesitated a bit before saying no.

“Actually I think I’ll be leaving.” I said as I got up. “Thank you for your time Esther. I might be back soon.” I said smiling at her.

“Do come visit anytime you like child. I do get very lonely sometimes.” She said getting up as well.

“Will do.” I said smiling at her before turning around towards the door. Without sparing Dimitri a glance, I walked past him and out the door.

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