The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 2

Shauna did not shut up for the next two hours we had been locked up. I was surprised I hadn’t punched her yet because I really felt the urge to knock her out. And I could tell many of the other girls felt that way too. I probably would have knocked her out if I didn’t have Thomas laying asleep on my lap. I wouldn’t want to wake the poor kid up.

I gently ran my fingers through his soft brown strands. The poor kid had lost his entire family and I couldn’t even begin to imagine how he felt. Losing your family, especially at such a young age, is absolute torture. Emotional torture.

“Hey, how is he doing?” I heard someone ask. I turned to look and watched as Pam settled down beside me. It seemed as if I was going to make good friends with Pam. She seemed to dislike Shauna just as much as I did.

“Truthfully, I don’t know. He’s asleep right now so I guess that’s good. For now.” I stated as my gaze fell once again on Thomas. I couldn’t help but feel grief for him. He was just so young and innocent and he shouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing his entire family.

“Poor kid.” Pam muttered before she closed her eyes and rested her head against the cold cell wall.

“Why do you care so much about the stupid kid? You all have the same fate as him.” Shauna said as she sneered down at Thomas.

My hands clenched into tight fists at what she said. I didn’t think it possible to hate her more than I already do but I guess I was wrong. How heartless was she? This poor kid has lost his entire family to the hands of the Demon King and she’s asking us why we care so much about him. I know we have the same fate as him but at least we didn’t lose our entire family like he did. And not to mention how much older and more emotionally capable we are of handling things unlike him who’s only the age of five. He should be living a happy life, being loved by his family and learning new things in a safe environment. He should be out exploring this world of ours and making new friends along the way. Not being stuck here in Rovana, having his entire family killed by the Demon King. He shouldn’t be here, awaiting his own death.

“I’m honestly done with you.” Pam got up and stalked over to Shauna but before she could do anything, we heard the cell door being opened.

All of us turned to look at the door. Most of us gasped and moved away from the door once we saw the demons on the other side. I gasped too. There were three demons and I couldn’t even begin to explain how frightening they looked.

They were really big first off. Taller than any human you’d see roaming earth, and more muscular than you could imagine. They were simply huge. Their eyes were complete pits of darkness and their teeth looked really sharp. Other than their massive size, their darkness filled eyes and unbelievably sharp teeth, they looked like any other human. They had normal human like hair, ears and noses.

The one with spiky black hair, entered the cell and we all pressed ourselves against the wall and away from him. Except for Shauna, she just stood there with a flirtatious grin on her face. I wanted to smack her a hundred and something times. One of the demons outside payed close attention to Shauna with a grin on his face. The third one just stared down at the ground, waiting.

The spiky-haired demon scanned the entire room with his dark eyes before they landed on me. His gaze lowered down to Thomas. He then proceeded towards me before he reached out to grab Thomas from me.

I screamed and pulled Thomas closer to me. Thomas woke up from my scream and looked around to see what was happening. Once he saw the demon standing in front of us, he clutched onto me tighter and started sobbing. “Please help me Izzie. Please don’t let him take me to the Demon King.” He cried out and I held on to him as tightly as I could.

“The Demon King is going to kill you just like he did to your family.” The demon snarled out before he ripped Thomas out of my hands in one pull.

“No!” I cried out before I ran after the demon. “No! Please don’t take him!”

“You don’t get to make the decisions here girlie!” He roared out before pushing me away. I stumbled down to the ground and the other girls, except Shauna of course, stared at the scene in front of them with a look of horror.

I quickly scrambled to my fight and grabbed onto the demon that had the crying Thomas in his arms and tried to stop him. “Please don’t take Thomas! Please I’m begging! I’ll do anything!” I begged as I pulled on his shirt, making him stop.

“Humans are so freaking annoying.” He grumbled out before he grabbed me by my shirt and dragged me out of the jail cell as well. He pushed me into the arms of another demon. This demon had bright orangey-red hair, almost like the color of fire. He grabbed me by my hair, painfully yanking me up into a standing position. I cried out and the third demon, with bleach blond hair, immediately took me into his arms instead. “Come on Kenneth, be nice to the poor girl.” The blonde-haired demon said to Kenneth, the red-haired demon.

The demon with blonde hair, looked down at me with a pitying smile on his face. And that’s when it really hit me. I was going to die, in the hands of The Demon King along with Thomas. The first day here and I was already going to die. I started struggling to get away but I knew it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

I started sobbing as I realized I couldn’t escape this but most of all I felt hopeless in saving Thomas. “Please help me! Please save me from this!” I begged to the blonde-haired demon. He was the only demon who seemed nice and understanding.

“Oh shut the hell up!” Kenneth yelled as he slapped me across the face.

“Don’t hurt Izzie!” I heard Thomas’s frightened voice yell out. The demon holding him remained silent but Kenneth turned to him with a look of rage.

“Please don’t hurt him! He’s just a little boy!” I cried out, causing Kenneth to start laughing at me.

“Kenneth stop!” The blond-haired demon spoke up causing me to look up at him with a thankful expression on my face when Kenneth listened.

“Please help us.” I quietly whispered to the demon holding me. He stared down at me for a few seconds before looking up at Kenneth and the spiky-haired demon.

“Stark, wait!” He spoke, causing both Kenneth and the spiky haired demon, whose name was Stark I suppose, to stop.

“I want to keep her. As well as the kid.” The blonde-haired demon said as he tightened his grip on me.

“You can’t do that!” Kenneth hissed after a long moment of silence.

“Yes I can! Dimitri himself told us we could take one of the girls and keep her.” He argued back with anger for the first time being seen in his dark eyes. I was guessing Dimitri was the Demon King.

“If you’re doing this to save her, then you’re stupid Devon. Because you can’t save her!” Kenneth yelled back before trying to grab me from Devon’s arms, but Devon quickly side-stepped, preventing Kenneth from touching me.

“Devon, Dimitri said we could each keep one girl for a short period of time, as a means of fun for us to torture or for our manly needs. Not for what you want to keep her for. And he did say that after a certain period of time, we are to give the girl back to him to kill. So you can’t save her, no matter what you do. And you definitely can’t keep Thomas. He only offered us the girls, not Thomas.” Stark spoke up in a calm and collected voice.

“Just give Thomas to me! I’ll deal with Dimitri myself.” Devon said and Kenneth just looked more and more angrier by the second. Stark, after staring blankly back at Devon, for a few minutes, walked up to us and put Thomas down onto the ground in front of us.

“What the hell Stark!” Kenneth yelled in anger and disbelief that Stark listened to Devon so easily. I scrambled out of Devon’s arms and immediately bent down to pick Thomas up. I hugged him tightly as tears slipped down my face. Thomas sobbed frightened tears as well and I gently rubbed his back to soothe him.

“Let him do what he wants. Dimitri will deal with him.” Stark said to a red-faced Kenneth.

“Dimitri’s waiting for the stupid boy right now! What are we supposed to tell him? He’s going to be pissed at us for not bringing the little twat!” Kenneth exclaimed and I wanted to yell at him for insulting poor Thomas, but decided the smart thing to do would be to keep quiet.

“That’s for Devon to deal with.” Stark said before dragging an angry Kenneth away from us. When they all left, I turned towards Devon.

“Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate what you just did.” I exclaimed as I rubbed Thomas’s back in a soothing way.

“No problem, but we need to get you both to my room. If Dimitri finds out I didn’t bring you two to him, he’ll be really pissed off. So follow me.” Devon said as he started walking down the hall. I quickly followed him, having many questions to ask him.

“What’s going to happen to Thomas? Won’t the Demon King be mad that he didn’t get Thomas?” I quietly asked as we turned left and continued walking down.

“Yes he will be mad. Very mad in fact. What he’ll do? That I don’t know. But I’ll try my absolute best to protect you both. You two don’t have to worry. Just leave it all to me, I’ll handle it as best as I can.” Devon said as he rested a hand on my shoulder to assure me.

“Will he get really mad at you? What if he hurts you?” I asked concerned for Devon. I know he’s a demon but he’s being awfully nice to us and I wouldn’t wish anything horrible to happen to him, just because he was helping Thomas and I.

Devon laughed at what I said. “Dimitri would never hurt me. He’s my best friend. That’s why I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either. He will be pissed but it’s nothing I haven’t dealt with. So don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you or Thomas.”

I was kind of really surprised. If Devon was Dimitri’s best friend, then why was he helping us? Instead of asking that, I asked something more important. “Can you help all the other girl’s too? Please.” I knew I was asking for too much and I should be satisfied with him helping Thomas and I, but how selfish would I be if I didn’t at least try to save the other girl’s. Even Shauna, no matter how much I disliked her.

Devon frowned at what I said. “That’s kind of a lot of pressure on me. But I’ll see what I can do.”

I grinned at what he said and felt so much relief and happiness. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re so nice! I owe you big time!” I exclaimed. I didn’t even know Devon but I loved him already. He was so nice. How could a demon be so nice? It wasn’t in their nature at all. I would have hugged him if I wasn’t holding Thomas in my arms.

Devon chuckled at my happiness. He led us outside and I followed him out onto the scary, dark streets of Rovana. I turned around to look at where we exited from and gasped. It was a castle. And it was big, bigger than any building I’ve ever seen. It seemed to stretch on and on for miles.

“Yeah that’s Dimitri’s castle. I know, it’s big.” Devon said once he noticed me staring at it.

“It’s so beautiful!” I breathed out as I took in the beauty of the Victorian style castle. I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful it was. I never expected the Demon King to be living in a castle as beautiful as this.

“I know. The castle’s a wondrous place. I hope you don’t mind staying at my house though. Because that’s the only place you’ll be safe, for now.” Devon said as we walked past the gates.

“Oh no, definitely not.” I said as I shot him a smile. We continued walking on before we soon reached a house and I soon realized it as Devon’s house. It was big too, bigger than any normal house you’d see on earth.

“I know my house is small but that’s just how my parents and I prefer it.” Devon said shrugging, causing both Thomas and I to gape at him in shock.

“Your house is huge!” Thomas exclaimed causing me to giggle at how cute he was.

“What he says is true. Your house is huge, way bigger than any house you’d see on earth.” I said to Devon.

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