The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 23

Maybe because he spared my life as well as my family’s. Maybe because he wasn’t as horrible as he seems. Maybe because he seemed so lonely. Who knows?

And Devon is best friend’s with him, so Dimitri must be some sort of a good person to be friends with someone like Devon. Their friendship seems to be very strong and they seem to care a lot about each other. Especially seeing how Devon reacted just now earlier. So this means that Dimitri must have some very redeeming qualities to him, which I guess I could say I’ve seen some of.

Devon soon appeared with Esther behind him. “See, Esther. He’s completely passed out. He’s going to get himself killed! Please help us!” Devon exclaimed.

Esther sent Devon and I an assuring smile, before she walked up to Dimitri. She looked down at him seeming to be thinking hard about something. She then rested her hand over his head and closed her eyes. Devon and I both glanced at each other in question, before our gazes returned to Esther and Dimitri.

She then slowly removed her hand, still keeping her eyes closed. After about a minute, she opened her eyes and turned to look at Devon and I. She smiled at us both. “He will get himself killed.” She started. “But it can be prevented. Let him do what he’s doing, don’t let him do what he’s doing. That’s for you to decide.” She said, causing confused expressions to cross both our faces.

“Esther, you said that I had to save Dimitri before he succumbs. So does that mean, we shouldn’t let him do whatever he’s doing?” I ask hoping I’d get a straight answer.

“Do whatever you think is right, child.” She said smiling at me.

“Wait. Wait a minute.” Devon started. “Did you say Isabella has to save Dimitri before he succumbs to the...”

Esther smiled at him. “She doesn’t have to. She can, if she wants to. Now I’ll be retiring to my room, it’s quite late for me. I suggest you stay with Dimitri and keep an eye on him. Make sure you’re awake for when he wakes up. It’s important that one of you is there.” She said and we both nodded our head.

“Good luck and good night.” She said before turning to leave.

“Good night.” Devon and I said back before turning to look at each other.

“I’ll watch over him.” Devon said, yawning. He looked so tired. His eyes were drooping shut as he tried hard to keep them open.

“Devon, I think I’ll watch over him. You look like you’ll pass out in a few minutes. So I’ll stay. I’m used to staying up really late anyways, so I’ll be okay doing it.” I said and Devon started to protest. “Devon, it’s okay. It takes me forever to fall asleep anyways. I think I’ll be fine. Go get some sleep.”

“Fine, but wake me up when you feel like going to sleep.” He said and I nodded my head.

“Goodnight.” I said and he said goodnight back to me as well, before leaving me alone with Dimitri.

I walked up to Dimitri, grabbing more tissues to clean up any remaining blood on his face. I had to wet the tissue to get some of the dried blood off. Once I was done with that, I noticed his shirt stained with blood. I decided I would take his dirty shirt off for him, because if I were him, I wouldn’t want to sleep in a bloody shirt.

It took a good five minutes for me to take it off. It was a struggle but I did it eventually. Once his shirt was off, I was having a hard time trying not to ogle him but I eventually managed. As well as I could. Which was actually not very well at all but whatever.

I turned away, and grabbed a blanket pulling it up over him, before climbing on top his bed and settling down beside him. I sighed knowing this was going to be a long night. A very long worrisome night. I just hoped he would be fine and that Devon and I could prevent him from getting himself killed.

I was still so confused and I kept getting more and more confused as the days went on. And now I had one more thing to be confused about and it was why I even bothered caring about him. I should be happy that he’ll be getting himself killed. I should be happy that the girls and Thomas and I will be able to return to earth once he dies. Wasn’t that the main goal? To kill him.

But instead, I’m sitting here watching over him, hoping he’ll be fine, and ready to do what I have to, to prevent his death. If everyone on earth knew, they’d be highly disappointed with me. They’d be hating on me. They’d probably hate me even more than they hate demons. Because I, one of them, is willing to help a demon, and not just any demon but the Demon King himself. It sounds insane to me too.

I’d like to say that I was friends with Dimitri to justify my caring towards him. But we’re not. We both mutually dislike each other.

Then I’d like to say that I’m returning him a favor. He did spare my family and that means a lot. I do owe him big time. So I guess I’ll leave it at that.

I looked down at him. He looked so... Innocent. As if he’s never done anything wrong in his life. He looked like he did in my dreams. Calm, nice, kind-hearted. When he looked like that, I wanted to help him, which was stupid of me.

Since I had the whole night to do whatever I wanted, I decided to take some time to really take in Dimitri. He honestly was very handsome, his features crafted so perfectly. I loved how his dark hair always fell on his forehead in this certain way. It was cute.

I bitterly laughed to myself at how stupid I was. I had slept beside Dimitri, basically cheating on Kenneth. And then I begged Kenneth to take me back and he did, even though I didn’t deserve it at all. And now I’m back in Dimitri’s room, but this time, not only am I spending the night in his room but ogling him as well, admiring how good looking he is. What kind of a person was I? I was a horrible person and an even more horrible girlfriend. First, I let everyone on earth down and all the people who have died because of Dimitri, including Thomas’s family, and now I’m letting Kenneth down.

I felt horribly guilty. How could I do that? I felt pathetic and horrible. I was letting everyone down by siding with the person who deserved nothing but bad to happen to him. But that was the thing. Did he really deserve loneliness and sadness? Does he really not deserve to be happy? What does he deserve?

I sighed pushing the thought away. It was the middle of the night and I was overthinking everything and confusing myself about everything. My brain really wasn’t functioning properly at the moment.

I stayed up, watching over Dimitri until about 7:30 AM before completely passing out from sleep and exhaustion.

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